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Bet Richard Review

Bet Richard is a horse racing tipster service from Richard (aka Owen) Churchill, a former bookmaker.

What does the product offer?

Bet Richard is a horse racing tipster service operated by Richard Churchill. As a former bookmaker Richard Churchill was found guilty (as Owen Churchill) on 20 charges by the HRA. Since then he claims to have continued to be successfully backing winners and making a living off horse racing as a punter with his selections now being offered in the form of Bet Richard. There is frankly little evidence of this with no statistics or proofing on offer which makes me a little suspicious to say the least, especially given Richard Churchill’s questionable past.

How does the product work?

According to Richard Churchill he has maintained his informant network and still has a number of contacts who feed him information. Whilst he cannot use this for any form of lay betting he claims that he is still able to use it to help in choosing winning horses.

What is the initial investment?

Bet Richard is available on a subscription basis for £27. There is some confusion over the length of this subscription however as on the Bet Richard website it advertises 6 months but the PayPal screen identifies that you are buying a 12 month subscription.

What is the rate of return?

Richard Churchill says that he has become a millionaire through horse racing. As to whether or not this includes his past or is purely based on his bet winnings isn’t explored and with no results one can only speculate.


Bet Richard is something of an oddity in terms of tipster services, namely down the (admittedly open) history of the man behind it. Without results I can’t help but feel that Bet Richard is mainly designed to piggyback on the name and notoriety of the tipster in question. That having been said if you are less cynical than I, the guy has a definite pedigree in the sport and that combined with a low price, especially when compared to other tipster service, may make an attractive package for the risk takers out there.



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The fraudsters behind bet richard who go by the name Richard Owen or Churchill are not genuine tipsters but rather rip off merchants. I have proof that they are copy catting my tips from Bet Alchemist and emailing them to clients as their own selections. Please avoid these snakes who are leeching off another persons hard work and hard earned reputation.

Bet Richards stinks to the highest degree…please spread the word and have them shutdown.


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From: Simon Roberts