Bet Sage Review

Bet Sage is a horse racing tipster service which is being offered through the Bethub stable of tipsters. They claim some very impressive profit potential for the service.

Introduction to Bet Sage

I don’t really shy away from the fact that I believe that horse racing carries some inherent restrictions as a method of betting. Something that mostly comes down to the lack of betting markets that are available really. The fact of the matter is that when you really break it down, you can back a horse to win, back it to place, or you can lay the bet. Everything else is just complications, one way or another, of this approach. However, that is also one of the strengths of the sports too. It’s hard to get bogged down in questionable “value” markets.

Alternatively, you can do what Bethub are doing with Bet Sage. That is to say, clever use of accumulators to provide some seemingly quite substantial additional profit. Whilst the fundamentals are definitely on those more straight forward bets, it is hard to overlook some of the profits that come in from these bets. They are honestly impressive, and with a long term track record backing this up, it is a very attractive package.

Of course this isn’t necessarily the be all and end all. Make no mistake that the costs can rack up quite quickly when it comes to Bet Sage. Especially once you encounter a bit of a losing streak. And these can happen. Whilst they aren’t necessarily significant, the stakes can make them look much more intimidating. As such, what Bethub are doing here does require a little bit of nerve to make things work. So, let’s dive into it and see whether or not it is all worth it in the end.  

What Does Bet Sage Offer?

As far as tipster services go, there is ultimately quite a lot to unpack with Bet Sage. The fact of the matter is that this isn’t a particularly “typical” tipster service. And whilst this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is complicated either, it does mean that there is just a bit more work involved in terms of day to day things.

First things first, I want to talk about the logistics of the service. This is an area where, if I’m honest, Bethub don’t really put a foot wrong. As you would expect from any given tipster service in this day and age, selections are sent out directly via email. There is also a member’s area where you can see tips for Bet Sage online and at your leisure.

By far and away the best option in my opinion is the Bethub Pro App. This carries the advantage of providing you selections directly to your phone via push notifications. Something that pays off when it means no missing out on tips because you’ve not seen an email (something that I have done myself before).

 The quality of the bets is in line with what you would expect from a professional tipster operation. There is, of course, the information that you need in order to get the bets placed. Also welcome is the inclusion of odds and information on the stakes. These might sound like things that you’d just expect to be available with a tipster service, but surprisingly, they aren’t always. All of which helps put Bet Sage a step above some of its peers.

One thing that is very important to keep in mind is that tips can be sent out quite late. Typically speaking, it is the day of racing, and on occasion, Bethub may be sending out selections as late as an hour before the off. This is something very important to consider when looking at Bet Sage, as it will inevitably mean that some people miss out on those betting opportunities.

Now, let’s get to those bets. At its core, Bet Sage leans into a healthy combination of win and each way bets. The straight win bets just about edge out in terms of numbers, but the difference is ultimately pretty negligible. What makes all of this a bit special though is when these are combined into doubles, trebles, and even the occasional Yankee. These aren’t a super common occurrence; however, they are a strong source of profit based of Bethub’s proofing.

 I think when you start addressing how accas are brought together, it is very important to talk about the potential returns. A recent each way Yankee advised through Bet Sage saw stakes of 0.1 points return a mind blowing 43.34 points. Of course, this kind of huge return is a bit of an outlier, but Bethub’s proofing shows a huge range of odds. There have been horses winning at a shade over evens going as high as 40/1.

With all of that said, I want to address something that is very surprising to me. When I first looked at the results for Bet Sage, I was fully anticipating a high volume service. However, I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that it isn’t. In actual fact, since December 2019, Bethub’s proofing shows just 539 bets placed. An average of a little over a bet per day.

As well as being manageable, this can also be considered a bit of a blessing given the staking plan involved. Effectively, the more belief there is in a bet, the higher the stakes are. This can culminate in as much as 4 points being staked on a single bet (although, I should point out this is a very uncommon extreme). Generally speaking though, you are looking at around 1.5 3 points, and all of that does add up.

One a longer losing streak, you might be looking at a draw-down in excess of 20 points. A number that I haven’t had to look hard for. And a robust recommended betting bank of 100 points should be plenty to cover this, but it can still be difficult to stick with a tipster who is losing you money.  

Fortunately, the overall strike rate for Bet Sage comes in at a pretty respectable number really. Whilst Bethub don’t publish it themselves, I have calculated a figure of 33% based off their proofing. When you start to combine that kind of strike rate with the odds that you are betting at, it becomes quite apparent that there is some strong profit potential here.

How Does Bet Sage Work?

One of my biggest criticisms with Bet Sage is the simple fact that Bethub really don’t provide a lot of information and insight about the system behind the tips. Something that in my mind, is really quite frustrating. Because, like I always say, as a consumer you should have some sort of idea of what you are getting yourself into.

Here, there is nothing that allows for that kind of insight. Which is really frustrating because even a simple sentence can be enough. If, for example, we were told that Bet Sage is a value based service. You know to not necessarily expect frequent winners and to pursue the best odds. If we are told that a tipster service is based on form, or speed ratings, or untested horses with a good sire. All of those things require a slightly different mental approach, and it is always disappointing having to come in blind.

I am and always will be a strong advocate for consumer rights, and I think a part of that is knowing what you are buying. With Bet Sage, I think it is a stretch to argue that that is the case. Unfortunately, that is pretty much standard for Bethub and I don’t think that is likely to change in the future.

What is commendable however is the proofing for the service. This is in depth and accessible, and it does provide that breakdown of historic performance. Whilst I don’t see this as much more than mitigation on the lack of information, you can at least get an idea of the “ebb and flow” of Bet Sage. Something that is quite important given the stakes and losing streaks.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up for Bet Sage, Bethub have two different options available. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at £33 plus VAT per month. Alternatively, you can sign up on a quarterly basis which is priced at £75 plus VAT every 3 months. Neither option is particularly pricey in my opinion. As well as this, both options come with a 14 day free trial.

Now, when you come to pay for Bet Sage there are two approaches. Firstly, you can choose to process your payment directly through PayPal. Alternatively, you can choose to pay through Clickbank. This option provides you with a full 60 day money back guarantee (as per Clickbank’s terms and conditions), however, Bethub don’t actually mention this in the sales material.  

What is the Rate of Return?

The part that is undoubtedly the most exciting for me when it comes to Bet Sage is that profit potential. Because it is incredibly substantial. Since December 2019, there have been just two losing months, each of which were relatively unsubstantial at about 6 and 11 points. The overall profit for the service, at the time of writing, stands at 749.41.

Given that we’re looking at 16 months of betting, that works out at a monthly average of 46.84 points. In and of itself, that is incredibly impressive. But it is only a part of the bigger picture. Presuming March closes without losing too much profit (which seems unlikely) there will be 3 months with more than 100 points of profit for Bet Sage.  

Conclusion for Bet Sage

It probably goes without saying that Bet Sage is an incredibly impressive tipster service. So much so that it is arguably one of the best looking tipster services I have ever looked at. And that really isn’t something that I tend to say lightly. Which gives a very good idea of where we are starting.

With that said, that doesn’t mean that this is a flawless service that will work for everybody. In actual fact, pretty far from it. Because as incredible as the performance is, it definitely comes a cost for a lot of people. Something that is really down to two key factors.

First and foremost, I want to talk about the stakes. Now, I don’t actually have any objection to the staking plan that Bethub use here. It makes a lot of sense to bet more money when you are more confident about a bet that you’re placing. And because they don’t really get stupid with it, it neither inflates results, or carries any substantial additional risk.

What is arguably a problem for more people though is the short fact that you don’t always have a huge window of time to place bets. I often talk about how even receiving bets later in the day can mean that a service may not be suitable for those who work a 9-5. But Bet Sage takes this to a much further extreme. That lack of notice is something that really can be problematic.

But are these things deal breakers? For my money, absolutely not. The fact remains that purely in terms of profit, Bet Sage has performed exceptionally. Even if the results were half what they are, Bethub would still be onto a winner. And whilst there is definitely an argument to be made about the fact that the actual month by month results aren’t necessarily consistently near that average, I will take a lot of 13.15 points for a winning month, and a high loss of less than 11 points.

One of the things that really makes this look good though is the value for money. What Bethub are asking here is significantly less than some much inferior services are charging. Factor in that you have 14 days to trial the tips and the money back guarantee, and it becomes hard to find argument here.

So, as long as you can work within the few restrictions that Bet Sage has, I think it’s fair to say that you ‘could be’onto a winner here. This is one hell of an undertaking with results that are well above and beyond the norm, all for less than you would expect to pay for the norm. Honestly, this is something that is probably worth some quite serious consideration.  But as with anything, do your due diligence.


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I’m a little surprised at the strong recommendation, although perhaps I’ve just had an unlucky couple of months with some honest mistakes. But taking July 2021 as an example I recorded a loss of -17 points whereas Bet Sage recorded +19.49 points profit. Analysing the results there were a number of results that had been incorrectly recorded as a win instead of a loss, including a 17.5 point winner on the 4th July when the email for that day said it was a no tip day (and the tip is not mentioned in any other emails as an ante-post bet)!

All results on the website are correct and regularly updated. We have a number of Subscribers who would be all over us if results were incorrectly entered. As we know, email can be notoriously flakey, with some emails ending up in spam etc. On this day in question I believe there was a follow-up email with the bet, which happens from time-to-time.

Bet Sage has been exceptional since he joined us and has made regular profits month after month.

There are other very positive reviews from independent sites which back this up.

Any questions at all please contact me directly at BetHub.

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