Bet Spy Review

Bet Spy is a new horse racing tipster service which is operated by one Ryan Price. He makes a number of very significant claims in the sales material, including one that he only backs winners.

Introduction to Bet Spy

I don’t really know where to begin with Bet Spy. Thee is just so much ground to cover and not necessarily for the right reasons. I want to start here though with the marketing which is… Interesting to say the least. The claims made by Bet Spy read almost as if Tom Clancy decided to set a story in the world of horse racing, rather than that of international high stakes spy agencies.

I almost wish I was joking, and the only reason that I say almost is because I was entertained a little. Those of you who are looking for a genuine horse racing tipster service will likely be disappointed however I could be wrong. Ryan Price’s claims could well turn out to be true and this could be the only truly legitimate tipster service on the market! Let’s take a look at Bet Spy and find out if this is the case.

What Does Bet Spy Offer?

Despite all of the talk that surrounds Bet Spy, the service is actually a pretty straight forward horse racing tipster service. Selections are issued to subscribers on a daily basis with Ryan Price saying that you simply have to “Check your email, copy [his] bets and collect your winnings”. This will supposedly take you just minutes. The truth however is that the quality of the emails that you receive from Ryan Price aren’t exactly the greatest. Just one of a number of problems I have with Bet Spy.

bet-spy-reviewAll of the bets that I have seen advised through Bet Spy have been win bets, as well you would expect given the supposed nature of the information. Honestly, I would expect nothing less in the future either. In terms of the odds that are involved, this is a bit of a mixed bags. I am yet to see proper odds on favourites from Ryan Price, however by the same token there are no massive outsiders. This continues with a theme of Bet Spy ultimately turning out to be disconcertingly middle of the road.

In terms of the staking plan for Bet Spy… Well, there doesn’t appear to be one. Instead you are simply left entirely to your own devices. This is particularly disconcerting because all of the income claims that Ryan Price makes are in pounds and pence. This means that whilst the profit may well be £90,000 (which I hugely doubt) this could also represent just 9 points of profit (in theory).

Finally I want to talk about the strike rate. Now again, I have to qualify that in theory, this should be 100%. Ryan Price says that Bet Spy comes directly from communication between various people who are rigging the sport. If this is the case, then surely every bet should win. With this in mind, it is disappointing to note that there are no claims made for Bet Spy and naturally, no proofing.

How Does Bet Spy Work?

According to Ryan Price, all of horse racing is fixed. So much so that the only time that punters ever get a big win is “when the horse has a mind of its own”. All of this supposedly boils down to the supposed fact that the racetracks are in bed with the bookies. I will let that sink in. Bet Spy suggests that racetracks and bookmakers across the UK are conspiring to stop punters winning. In fact, Ryan Price says that you will get the occasional win “to keep you interested”, but that is it.

So, what does all of this have to do with how Bet Spy works? Without regurgitating his story (which I am incredibly sceptical of) too much, Ryan Price came to the realisation that horse racing must be rigged because his Dad was losing his bets.

This ended up with a friend of his who supposedly once joked “I can hack anyone but Bill Gates” intercepting “private emails between jockeys, trainers, the press and most importantly THE BOOKIES”. This lead Ryan Price to make the decision to not go to the media or gambling commission with his evidence, but to bet himself. Access to these emails is supposedly the cornerstone of Bet Spy.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is only one option if you want to subscribe to Bet Spy which is a lifetime membership. This is priced at £29.99 plus VAT. It is however worth noting that this number is supposedly limited to just 25 subscribers. I am however highly doubtful of this claim. Rather fortunately, Ryan Price has chose to sell Bet Spy through Clickbank.

This means that if you are unhappy with the service for any reason, there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place. To offer a little credit to Bet Spy, this is well advertised.

What is the Rate of Return?

Supposedly, using Bet Spy will make you “more than £90,000 this year”.

This claim is then supported by a highly questionable screenshot of a Ladbrokes account which shows a profit of £93,287.12. Elsewhere in the sales material, the testimonials all make claims of generating in excess of £7,500 per month through Bet Spy. Coincidentally, this is the figure that hits Ryan Price’s supposed income. I do however want to refer back to the lack of any staking system. This makes these numbers somewhat abstract in execution.

Conclusion to Bet Spy

I mean, almost every aspect of Bet Spy from start to finish is clearly a lie, isn’t it? Whilst I am certain that somebody thinks that they are being clever in marketing Bet Spy to people by basically saying “you’ve never won cos the bookies cheat”. It speaks to all of us on some primal level and makes you think that yes, it isn’t that you’re unlucky or (being completely harsh) simply a bad bettor. It’s that you were never given an opportunity.

That kind of reassurance really sucks in an audience and I have no doubt at all that that is what Ryan Price and Bet Spy want.

Digging a little deeper even than this, Bet Spy is offered for sale through a vendor who has put out a number of different products related to horse racing or tipping. None of these have been well founded and so naturally, there is little reason to believe that in the future Bet Spy will be any different.

All of this doesn’t even begin to factor in the small matter of their being absolutely zero evidence to back up the ludicrous claims which are made. There are so many problems with Bet Spy that it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that there isn’t a single aspect of this that is worth taking seriously or even considering. With so many genuine tipster services out there, I would leave Bet Spy well alone and focus on them instead.


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From: Simon Roberts