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Bet Sure Review

Bet Sure is a piece of software developed by Paul Kennedy that generates selections for horse races based around a number of factors.

What does the product offer?

Paul Kennedy claims that Bet Sure is a simple to use betting system that allows any punter to bet profitably. The system is coded into an application (Bet Sure) that automatically pulls the selections for you and shows them all in one place. Bet Sure also offers full training on how to use your new betting system.

How does the product work?

Bet Sure apparently uses a “bespoke system” developed by Paul Kennedy. This looks at form, owners/jockeys, odds and finally track and weather conditions. Bet Sure scans the market “quickly and reliably” and selects the bets that provide the best value for money. Interestingly (and not mentioned on the sales page anywhere) you have to make an account with, an online bookmaker.

What is the initial investment?

Bet Sure seems fairly priced at £28 (+VAT if you’re in the EU). Especially so when you consider that Bet Sure comes with a 60 day money back guarantee courtesy of ClickBank .

What is the rate of return?

Paul Kennedy claims varying amounts of income with Bet Sure from £2,800 per week to £800 the day you sign up. There is very little evidence of this aside from a questionable screenshot of a NatWest bank account with £112,026 and some also questionable screenshots of a betting account.


Bet Sure has actually already been around in a similar guise to this before. Earlier this year I looked at Click Bet which actually had the exact same set up. Looking at Click Bet I found the whole set up to be rather on the shady side and Bet Sure doesn’t seem to have done anything to change my opinion. There are a number of attempted upsells to binary options software (something that I am unlikely to ever recommend) as well as an option to receive selections via email as well as from the software. All of this strikes me as evidence of an operation that doesn’t make its money through betting, but instead profits by referring users to a number of different websites and other money making schemes.

I cannot recommend avoiding Bet Sure enough as this seems to be a very cynical attempt to make money off naive people who may not know better.



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From: Simon Roberts