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Bet To Be Placed Review

Bet To Be Placed is a horse racing tipster service from an unnamed tipster that claims to offer the best place betting selections with a focus on Irish horse racing.

What does the product offer?

Bet To Be Placed is sold as being an “investment advisory service” however cutting through the pretense, this is a tipster service. The core of Bet To Be Placed is (as mentioned) Irish racing, specifically in large field handicap races. The majority of bets for Bet To Be Placed are place bets however there may be some win bets, and they will be sent out via email the evening before up to midday of race day. This means that an account will generally be required through a betting exchange (although some bookmakers are now also offering place bets however these are the minority). Talking numbers, the quantity of bets advised does vary from day to day but to create some context, January this year had 45 bets whilst May had 95 with staking advised as being anywhere from 1-10 points. So far Bet To Be Placed has achieved an average strike rate of 14.8% for 2015.

How does Bet To Be Placed work?

The selection process for Bet To Be Placed is something that is actually discussed in considerable detail. All races have a large number of runners to maximise the number of  horses that can place in a race. From here, the unnamed tipster says that he bases selections on watching races and replays, form and race times as well as looking at breeders, jockeys and trainers. Finally, some of the selections offered to Bet To Be Placed subscribers are based on “gut instinct from extensive racing knowledge”.

What is the initial investment?

Bet To Be Placed is generally sold on a quarterly, bi-annual and annual subscription which cost £90, £160 and £300 respectively (although if you have subscribed before you get 3 months for £75 instead of £90). There is also a 1 month introductory offer of £35 per month which is only open to new members. There is no money back guarantee mentioned however if your introductory month with Bet To Be Placed is not profitable then you get the next month free.

What is the rate of return?

Average ROI for 2015 is 9.8% per month according to the results that are published on the Bet To Be Placed website however The Racing Index shows a service that is 51 points in the red to advised stakes.

Conclusion on Bet To Be Placed

The contradictory results are by far and away the most concerning aspect of Bet To Be Placed. Having carried out some random checks on results it looks like they match up on bets etc. which makes it even more peculiar. This makes Bet To Be Placed a bit of a risky investment for me as you could be getting a service with decent returns for a fair price, alternatively you could be pouring money down the drain. Personally, if I was interested I would look at betting on paper and see where my results took me.



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From: Simon Roberts