Bet with Baz Review

Bet With Baz is a horse racing tipster service which is currently being operated by Equine Investment Management Ltd. They claim that the service can generate substantial profits for subscribers.

Introduction to Bet with Baz

Equine Investment Management appear to really, really believe in Bet With Baz as a service. I know this because I have received 31 emails from them on the subject in just over a week. These are all very keen on pushing how quick and easy making money has been through this tipster and damn it, if they don’t do a reasonable job of convincing me.

Certainly enough that I have come to the conclusion that Bet With Baz definitely warrants a little bit more investigation than looking at my email address. So with all of this in mind, are Equine Investment Management backing the right proverbial horse?

What Does Bet With Baz Offer?

According to the Equine Investment Management  team, Bet With Baz is a sterling tipster service which is not just producing some fantastic profits, but is also seemingly on offer half the time. It is also selling out apparently, but I will get to all of this.

As a tipster service, Bet With Baz is operated well enough. I happen to know that the guy behind Equine Investment Management is an old hand when it comes to the tipster game (I will get to this in due course as well). This is important as professionalism is a not inconsiderate part of any service.

In terms of the bets that you are getting, Bet With Baz typically advises win bets on a near daily basis to date. The vast majority that I have seen have all been advised at shorter odds and have drifted as the day goes on.

This means two things. First of all, as a service, Bet With Baz is clearly picking the right horses and if you can get best odds, you will do very well. What is not so good however (and is something that Equine Investment Management fail to mention) is that these lengthening odds can mean that you lose out in the end. This can make a huge difference over the course of a month.  

Bet with Baz reviewFor example, Equine Investment Management mention in their marketing that It is also interesting to note that there is the potential to double and even treble up bets from Bet With Baz. This is something that Equine Investment Management talk about extensively in their marketing, however I don’t recall any explicit instruction to do so until after a chance treble.

In terms of the staking plan, Bet With Baz does not follow a points based system. Instead, each bet is advised at between £5 and £100 (typically £10, £20 or £50). Generally speaking, I would expect to see more bets at £100 than £5 however. This can make following Bet With Baz a touch pricey with upwards of £1,000 per week being staked on occasion.

Sticking with the numbers side of things, there is only really the strike rate to talk about at this point.

Unfortunately, Equine Investment Management are not in the habit of publishing much information for their services which is definitely a huge bone of contention in my book. Looking at the few results that have been released and the core concept of Bet With Baz (by which I mean Equine Investment Management does not tend to advise favourites) I don’t believe that this will be a particularly large figure.

How Does Bet With Baz Work?

We are rather unfortunately given no insight whatsoever into the inner workings of Bet With Baz. Equine Investment Management have always been notoriously secretive when it comes to their services which is understandable, but still something of a disappointment. The fact that the odds move so much does suggest that the eponymous “Baz” has a system in place, or at least an eye for picking winners with decent prices.

Either way, I would have liked to have some insight into the process, if only so that if Bet With Baz encounters a particularly long losing run, you know that it can be countered down the line.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are a lot of different price points available for Bet With Baz at the time of writing. It is important to note however that a lot of these are being sold as limited time offers.

The base monthly cost is £29.50 per month however you can currently sign up for 3 months for the price of two (meaning £59 per quarter). I have also seen an offer where you can sign up for Bet With Baz for £177 and receive selections for the year. Honestly though, it seems like Equine Investment Management is running a new offer every other day.

On the subject of Equine Investment Management, they are not in the habit of offering any form of money back guarantee etc. on their products so I wouldn’t buy into Bet With Baz on these grounds.

What is the Rate of Return?

I find it interesting that there are no published long term results for Bet With Baz. This is undoubtedly a problem for a large number of reasons. The immediate results suggest that there is plenty of potential to make money but I am note really sold on the idea that they are necessarily sustainable or long term. One of the key reasons for this is down to the trebles which have been mentioned before now. They are a big part of the marketing, however I don’t recall having seen them before.

Conclusion on Bet with Baz

Equine Investment Management have for a considerable amount of time issued a number of different services however in the case of Bet With Baz, this is arguably the most campaign that I have seen from them. This in and of itself highlights that there are some strong results however short term results are a long way from the be all and end all. There are also a few other factors around this that I want to discuss.

One of the key elements is the involvement of Equine Investment Management. I am very familiar with the company and their past and historically, there has been a lot of focus on launching tipster services and simply quietly disappearing them when they cease performing. In fact, I have reviewed a number of them before now. This time and experience means that whilst Bet With Baz will receive a strong launch and a lot of support now, it doesn’t necessarily bode well for the future.

Unfortunately, and as I have already covered, this also applies to the results. The fact of the matter is that we are simply not given any information about Bet With Baz.

There is no proofing, no real historic results and seemingly, no real system behind it. These are all massive problems for anybody who wants to become successful in the long term. On top of this, one of the main selling points for Bet With Baz which are the massive accumulators appear to be very big ifs, and not even “if that horse had come in”, but “if you had thought to place this bet”.

All of this simply doesn’t make for good business in my book and with this in mind, I don’t think I can reasonably recommend Bet With Baz.


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From: Simon Roberts