Betdog Review

Betdog is a betting accounts tool from Flage Sports Consulting. It allows users to monitor all bets as well as providing statistics about your bets.

What does the product offer?

Betdog is a complete betting tool for anybody who wants to monitor a number of different betting accounts in one place. Developed by Norwegian firm Flage Sports Consulting, it allows users to input details of all their various betting accounts therefore keeping up to date records in one place. As well as this Betdog also calculates things like your win rates, betting patterns and the like. This allows users to spot weaknesses in their systems or even which tipster services aren’t working.

As well as this Betdog monitors your various betting accounts to present a picture of your betting bank and what kids of ROI you have had.
What is the initial investment?

The best part of Betdog is that this software has been made available for free by Flage Sports Consulting. There is an additional premium version that opens up some more advanced options such as the more advanced filters (although this premium version does come with a 14 day free trial). This is available for €19 per month or €168 per annum.


Flage Sports Consulting have created a really valuable tool in Betdog. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t something that will work for everybody but for anyone with a betting portfolio this seems to be a really efficient way of bringing all of that together in a single place. On top of that the fact that you can analyse you performance is a boon to any serious bettor. As Betdog is free, I see very little reason to have a look and give it a go. Even if you don’t ultimately plump for the premium version, there is still a lot on offer for free.



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From: Simon Roberts