Betfair ATM Review

Betfair ATM is a product from Steve Davidson and Winningmore that teaches you a method of betting on horse racing through a betting exchange, supposedly to generate a pretty substantial profit.

What does the product offer?

As is often the case with products from Winningmore, Betfair ATM comes as a downloadable program for your computer (as well as having an Android App). The fact is however that this is really an ebook. In terms of what you are getting, Betfair ATM is a strategy developed by a colleague of Steve Davidson’s, Michael. The strategy that Betfair ATM employs is based around betting in race on very specific races (I will look at the strategy itself in more detail below).

The number of bets per day can theoretically be as many as you want that match the criteria however you can generally expect there to be around 8-10 per day as a minimum.

It is worth pointing out that Betfair ATM only works for UK based races and Steve Davidson also says that you have to use Betfair in order for things to work “properly”. There isn’t really any published strike rate available however from my research, it would appear that 70% is a (supposedly) attainable figure.

It is worth noting that there are additional upsells to Betfair ATM as well as the full support of Michael (the figure behind Betfair ATM).

How does the product work?

There are very specific criterion that Betfair ATM requires you to look for. First of all, you should be looking out for shorter races. You also need to look for horses that match certain odds (these are laid out in Betfair ATM). Finally (and this is seemingly key to the system), you have to place your bet a certain amount of time into the race.

There is slightly more to it than this, however it wouldn’t be reasonable to release the full details of the system here.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing, Betfair ATM is only available for a one time cost of £87.

This is supposedly limited in terms of the numbers of users with 11 being available at the time of writing.

Steve Davidson doesn’t offer any money back guarantee with Betfair ATM saying that as there isn’t a tangible product being exchanged, there can be no refund on it.

What is the rate of return?

The amounts that you can expect to make with Betfair ATM are a little bit all over the place with Steve Davidson quoting various different numbers. Having looked at all of these however, I have calculated that the average profit based off the examples provided should be around $700 per month.

Personally, I’m not sold on this figure however as there are a number of examples showing very little profit being made as well.


I am not sold at all on Betfair ATM unfortunately. I have always said that Steve Davidson’s products are very hit and miss and this seems to rather firmly fall into the latter category.

This is something that actually snuck past me when it first launched and it is only because it is being remarketed to the Winningmore email list that it has ended up on my radar. The fact is that whilst there is some evidence to suggest that Betfair ATM may be profitable, this is just a few select days and a long way from conclusive.

When this is put together with the fact that there have been no updates in over a year, despite the product being continually marketed is worrying for me. When combined with the price, I simply don’t see Betfair ATM as being a worthwhile system to employ.


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