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Betfair Trading Community Review

Betfair Trading Community is a website that allows Betfair traders to sign up and share advice and information on trading.

What does the product offer?

Betfair Trading Community claim to offer a number of benefits on joining their website. This includes a variety of things ranging from Video Tutorials to Strategies through to Competitions. Betfair Trading Community is quick to point out it is not a tipping service but says that you can learn a lot through peer support. The traders on Betfair Trading Community seem to cover a large variety of sports such as horse racing, football or tennis.

How does the product work?

As mentioned above most of the work in Betfair Trading Community is carried out by members. It essentially seems to be a forum with peer support and advice. The fundamental idea appears to be that as more users join the pool of knowledge increases and the system improves accordingly.

What is the initial investment?

Betfair Trading Community cost £3 for the first month and £7 per month after that. There is no mention of any money back but the creators point out that there is no contract so you can cancel any time you want.

What is the rate of return?

There is no quoted rate of return and due to the nature of Betfair Trading Community it is unlikely that you will ever be able to monetise what you get back. Because it is essentially a forum and the advice is coming from other people there are too many variables to even make an educated guess.


Betfair Trading Community is a good idea in theory, but I am left questioning who exactly is going to join. The big players in Betfair trading are unlikely to want to share their secrets and if they do it would surely be preferable for them to sell their methods as a complete product. Without any big fish in the pond something like this seems doomed from the start as without somebody who knows the market inside and out you are left with a lot of people who don’t necessarily know what they are doing trying to offer one another advice. I personally just don’t see what Betfair Trading Community can bring to the table that doesn’t already exist in the Betfair forums.



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Comments (5)

Thank you for the review of my service over the last few months we have undergone a great addition to the forum I think it would be wise if you were to have a look as we have added some more pro traders to the site and they are freely sharing their trades some of which are making a very large profit.

I would also like to add that as a pro trader for over 5 years I can offer guidance to everybody on the forum, there is also caan berry on the group as well.

As a member of BTC I have to disagree, many pro-traders like myself enjoy helping and sharing with each other. I see what you are saying but your issues with the site are more speculative, it may be worth seeing how your predictions fared given that the site has 117 members now.
Perhaps you should do a new review now that the site has been online for a year, I think you will be surprised at just how well it runs, it is a social network of a variety of traders with some brilliant tips/trades and info being shared. I for one love the place and would not do without it! It has helped my trading ten-fold.

having just recently been scammed by this site I really don`t know how the people above have the nerve to post those comments I really am sick to death of sites like Betfair Trading Community making all these big claims then doing a runner with the money you have paid them, £3 is nothing to me but I don`t like being taken for a fool by these people… my advice stay away from them.

This site and Facebook group is a complete joke and a waste of time.
I signed up as it was advertised as being a community of pro Traders and I had found it to be the complete opposite!
After spending a couple of weeks answering questions, giving ideas and links to the most obvious sites most Traders use I began to think what did I pay for and why I am not the on being paid !
Most the time I found I had someone pretending to know what they are talking about and having to back up any advice I had given with references and links etc.
The two guys that call them selves “pros” hardly answer questions and when they do I end up scratching my head in disbelief.
The last time I answered a simple question I was met with a guy called Zak who didn’t just disagree but continued to swear and insult me through out. The question was “whats the best Trading software” I answered that in My opinion and the most advanced was Betangel who do free trials and is fine for newbies and also it had been voted the best many times by reviewers etc but then…
Zak had to jump in again and was aloud to continue with his non-sense of “it’s to complicated for beginners and too many settings etc etc”
After giving a link to back up my point he sent me private abusive messages so I reported him again and nothing was done even though earlier in the day they had to remove a post from him as it was very offensive.
At this point and after contacting the guy in charge who failed to remove this Zak I just left.
There are no “pros” just newbies asking a lot of questions that you answer to be helpful and are either challenged by a know it all or are not even thanked for your time spent.
All “systems” can be found on forums and the new “rating system thing” is just the same as Forbet but made to look more complicated.
All the info they have is widely available on the web and now I wish I hadn’t waisted so much of my time although I do enjoy helping people I am not willing to accept abuse by anyone.

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