Betfan Group VIP Ultimate Review

Betfan Group VIP Ultimate presents subscribers with an opportunity to sign up for all of Betfan and their associated company’s tipster services for one monthly subscription cost.

What does the product offer?

Betfan Group VIP Ultimate is exactly what it says it is. It is the ultimate in Betfan’s tipster services in so much as it ultimately gives users access to all of their services. This is a pretty big shout to make and the copy for Betfan Group VIP Ultimate reflects the fact that this is a service that is clearly aimed at very serious bettors. In terms of what you get, there are multiple packages available which provide selections for a collective Betfan Group package or you can also select selections just from a single subsidiary.

As well as providing access to all current services, Betfan Group VIP Ultimate also provides you with access to any future services that Betfan add to their portfolio including any “one off” services which provide tips for a certain festival or occasion.

In terms of the numbers etc., they are far too difficult to break down however in the main, the services should ultimately prove profitable or else they wouldn’t be part of the wider group.

How does the product work?

It is obviously impossible to break down how each of the different services that Betfan Group VIP Ultimate provides you with access to works however I can say having looked at most of them that they are generally statistics based, are reliant on informants or a combination of the two.

In terms of how Betfan Group VIP Ultimate as a whole “works”, by drawing on such a hugely diverse number of systems, you should hypothetically always be winning and with the right staking, Betfan Group VIP Ultimate claims that you could be winning very big.

What is the initial investment?

Given the fact that a typical Betfan service will set you back around £40-£50, it should be very apparent that Betfan Group VIP Ultimate isn’t going to be cheap. There are actually 5 different subscription packages offered with 4 of these being the option to sign up for all tips from one arm of the Betfan Group.

This means Betfan, Bet Kudos, Tipster Tv and Winning Information Network. All of these are priced at £177 per month. If you want to sign up to the full service where you receive selections for all 4 services, then you can expect to pay £497.

What is the rate of return?

If you were to look solely at the top 20 performing tipsters over the last 6 months, then Betfan Group VIP Ultimate would have made an astonishing 6,487.89 points profit. Keeping in mind that this is only the top 20 of more than 70 tipsters and you get some idea of the potential.


Betfan Group VIP Ultimate is a big move from Betfan and as you would expect, it requires some very big investment.

It is very far from cheap, for example on top of the subscription costs I can imagine around 100 bets per day being placed at up to 5 points each. Using just £10 stakes this could mean in excess of £5,000 being staked. When Betfan Group VIP Ultimate works out though (and I do think that it probably will) the profits that are there are huge.

If you have the bank and the balls to follow Betfan Group VIP Ultimate you can probably make a lot of money but this will require monumental consistency and work.



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From: Simon Roberts