Betfan TV Review

Betfan TV is a combined horse racing and football focussed tipster service provided by Betfan and featuring Mark “Couch” Winstanley, Nigel Seeley and Jamie Banks.

What does the product offer?

 Betfan TV is a combined tipster service that provides tips several times a week for a number of different sports. The core of selections are for horse racing and football (which is not surprising given that Mark “Couch” Winstanley and Nigel Seeley are claimed experts in their respective fields). There are also tips offered in other sports courtesy of Jamie Banks with Golf being the most prevalent to date. All bets for Betfan TV are proofed at 4 points each and cover a huge variety of different bets ranging from each way horse racing bets to predicting the score for football games. Across the different services Betfan TV  has ultimately produced a strike rate that sits around the 50% mark.

How does the product work?

Mark “Couch” Winstanley, Nigel Seeley and Jamie Banks are, as touched upon, all alleged experts. Betfan TV say that Mark “Couch” Winstanley has a huge network of informants that exist within all the top training yards in the UK. Nigel Seeley draws on his experience as a “top odds compiler” and Jamie Banks is simply billed as a rising star in the tipping world however the is no real background information on him. This means that selections for Betfan TV comes from a variety of sources depending on the sport that you are betting on with slightly differing selection processes.

What is the initial investment?

Betfan TV is sold on a monthly or quarterly basis with these options costing you “just” £49 per month or alternatively, you can pay £98 per quarter. There is no money back guarantee as such however as with all Betfan products, they say that they will review requests although these are not typically granted.

What is the rate of return?

At the time of writing Betfan TV is showing a points profit of 258.06 with no losing months to date. It is worth noting that these are to 4 point stakes and based off single point staking you would have made around 64 points.


As with many of Betfan’s products, Betfan TV has shown a start that on paper looks very strong. There is a very respectable strike rate and as a service there is profit in place. Whilst this is all well and good, the reality is that if you start assessing Betfan TV based on a 1 point staking system, the profits are substantially lessened and as a result, I feel the appeal is too. Given costs of £50 per month and the fact that Betfan TV is still very much a new system I am not certain that I would be rushing out to buy it. Really the unique selling point of Betfan TV is the people that are involved. If you are the kind of person who is drawn to big names and endorsements then Betfan TV might be worth a look but personally, I am not convinced.



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From: Simon Roberts