BetInfo 24 VIP Service Review

BetInfo 24 VIP Service is a premium horse racing tipster service which is offered through the BetInfo 24 stable of tipsters with selections coming courtesy of tipster Matt. It offers a high strike rate and apparently, rather substantial profits.

Introduction to BetInfo 24 VIP Service

I have looked at a lot of different services in my time, however every now and then something come along that is a bit unique in some way. Most of the  time, this is an interesting staking plan or an algorithm which looks at some unique aspect of racing. In the case of BetInfo 24 VIP Service though… There are a lot of aspects and approaches which I genuinely don’t ever recall having seen from another tipster service.

Whilst they aren’t necessarily peculiar per se, they very much buck the trend on conventional wisdom and have some alarming implications in my opinion. To quote the headline for the service itself, BetInfo 24 VIP Service is “For Serious Punters Boasting High stakes and A High Strike Rate”. Ultimately though, the service is in the black and the bottom line is pretty much all that matters, right?

What Does BetInfo 24 VIP Service Offer?

Pretty much from the get go, BetInfo 24 VIP Service doesn’t work like the majority of tipster services that I look at. Selections are probably best described as selective. There are periods of several days where there are no tips. On the flip side of that, you may then see a run of selections several days in a row, sometimes with multiple bets per day. In once case, these multiple bets were also advised as a double.

Fortunately, Matt does send out BetInfo 24 VIP Service selections the normal way, via email and directly to subscribers as well as being available in the sites member’s area.

I have already highlighted that there was a double bet advised by BetInfo 24 VIP Service however this was used to illustrate a point. The fact of the matter is that this is one of the most straight forward services I have looked at. All bets are advised as win bets and they are mostly odds on. In fact, the longest odds that BetInfo 24 VIP Service has advised were just 2/1.

The lower odds do mean that they are usually attainable without a problem. It also means that Oddschecker is your best friend as every extra bit of profit you can squeeze out matters.

The fact that BetInfo 24 VIP Service is a high stake system isn’t something that is ever shied away from, however it doesn’t have much of a staking system in place. It is advised that all bets are backed to just 1 point. This level staking system is very necessary given that the starting bank is recommended to be just 10 points. Matt recommends that you stake £500 per point on all bets, a phenomenally high number.

As you would probably imagine, the low volume of bets and the odds that are advised do have a positive affect on the strike rate. Since October last year when BetInfo 24 VIP Service launched, Matt has attained a strike rate of 77%. This is a phenomenal result that is also proofed on the BetInfo 24 website. It is probably worth highlighting that despite the high strike rate, there has still been one losing month.

How Does BetInfo 24 VIP Service Work?

BetInfo 24 VIP Service is not the only betting service that Matt offers. He also runs TPS ratings service who specialise in providing tips based off a proprietary ratings system. Apparently, whilst finding bets, Matt identified a series of “highly rated, short priced favs that were producing an exceptional strike rate”.

Having previously provide advice to BetInfo 24, it appears that Matt decided to use them to manage these selections as a fully independent service in the shape of BetInfo 24 VIP Service.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are three different options if you want to subscribe to BetInfo 24 VIP Service. These are Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly. As you would expect, the longer you sign up for, the better value. The different packages are priced at £39.99, £99.99 and £249.99 per respective period.

It is worth noting that BetInfo 24 VIP Service is sold through Clickbank which means that all of these options do come with a full 60 day money back guarantee.

What is the Rate of Return?   

The rate of return for BetInfo 24 VIP Service is a very interesting thing. The service is sold on the back of an incredible £16,028 of profit since October last year. This is only until the end of May though. At the time of writing, June is tracking at £17,051.43. As discussed already though, this is based off £500 stakes. What this actually means is that the profit effectively stands at just 34 points.

Given that we are looking at 8 months of results, this means 4.25 points per month. Interestingly, the ROI is much higher being somewhere around the 25% mark.

Conclusion on BetInfo 24 VIP Service

There is no nice way of putting this, so I shall be blunt. The results from BetInfo 24 VIP Service when condensed down are crap. Anybody who tells me that 4.25 points per month is sustainable is either naïve or is willing and able to bet a small fortune per point.

Obviously BetInfo 24 VIP Service is based around the latter and honestly, it raises some rather interesting questions. Namely the idea of comparing the points profit against the ROI, but I will get to this later.

Here are the facts. Using a monthly subscription, £10 stakes would barely cover your subs. £25 stakes would mean a profit of just £60 per month, and so on. Realistically, you will need to be staking at least £50 per point to make this worth your while. This would mean a profit of around £180 per month. But there are services out there who can make you much more than this, albeit with more money staked on a per day basis.

This brings me to the ROI vs Point Profit thing. If you are looking to make a consistent income through betting, then ROI is massively important and BetInfo 24 VIP Service should suit you down to the ground. 25% is a very strong return. Those who are looking simply for a little additional income without necessarily breaking the bank will want services with a higher points profit.

In spite of all of this, the big thing that I have with BetInfo 24 VIP Service is the value for money.

It isn’t cheap and in a competitive environment, I don’t think that the results are good enough. Unless of course you can afford £500 per point, which to be fair to Matt and BetInfo 24 is what the service is entirely based around. Even using this as a jumping off point however, I can think of other products that with similar stakes would still produce substantially more profit.

Given that profit is the bottom line, I can’t really see a reason to recommend BetInfo 24 VIP Service. The ROI is very good, and there is an argument to be made for buying into the service on those grounds. I just don’t think that the grounds are strong enough to warrant paying £40 per month.

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