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BetSence is a brand new horse racing tipster service which is operated by the Betfan stable of tipsters. It claims to be able to generate significant profits through some big winners.

Introduction BetSence

There are a lot of different ways of betting, but I think that it is fair to say that everybody loves a big winner. I don’t care what your overall betting strategy is, when something comes in at 20/1 odds and above, there is always a thrill involved.

Now, chasing that thrill is where a lot of people come unstuck with betting. They lose their discipline and start trying to get £200 wins consistently. The problem with this is that this doesn’t happen on a consistent basis. Does it?

Betfan provide a list of big wins with BetSence going as high 29.00. This is a massive profit for a single bet, and it isn’t the only one. In fact there are a number of examples at odds of higher than 10.00. So whilst chasing big wins is not necessarily a sound strategy, Betfan are suggesting that BetSence is able to deliver on this.

If it can, then there is no doubt that this is a sure fire thing. Big wins on a consistent basis are something that I don’t think any bettor would turn down. But is this the whole picture with BetSence? Let’s take a look.

What Does BetSence Offer?

It is technically early days for BetSence, however it is being sold off the back of a very short proofing run, however there is more than enough to know what to expect. As is the case with almost all products from within the Betfan group, it is a daily horse racing tipster service. Selections are issued directly via email as well as being uploaded to a special members area on the Betfan website.

Honestly, everything is as you would expect from arguably the largest tipster stable in the UK.

Moving on to the bets themselves is where BetSence starts to get interesting to me. As I have already touched upon, the service involves backing horses with longer odds (without looking hard I have found several examples at 50/1and even some at 100/1).

As such, a combination of win and each way bets are utilised. One of the things that simply must be mentioned is the volume of bets. Perusing through the proofing that Betfan provide, there have been quite a few days where BetSence has advised more than 10 bets.

The betting approach that is in place for BetSence does mean that it may prove prohibitive for some people, for a number of reasons. One of these is that the staking can really get up. Now, Betfan demonstrate that so far, all tips have been advised to be backed to 1 point or 2 points.

As such, this is all pretty manageable, even when paired with the higher volume of bets. This is something that I am relieved to see as some products I have seen cut from similar cloth to BetSence have involved staking massive amounts per day.

Lastly, and keeping on with this idea of ensuring that BetSence is manageable, I want to talk about the strike rate. I will hold my hands up and say that when I looked at the odds, I was expecting something shockingly bad.

Whilst the full proofing from Betfan does show that there are some bets at shorter odds, they are more the exception than the rule. In spite of this, BetSence has a strike rate of 19.29% which honestly, is pretty respectable all things considered. Once again though, I should highlight that it is also early days.

How Does BetSence Work?

In terms of what the selection process entails for BetSence, we are given that old Betfan special. By this I mean we are told enough to placate those with a less curious (and arguably cynical mind) than mine, but without actually saying anything. It is said in the sales material that the tipster behind BetSence doesn’t have insider contacts, frequent races mingling with trainers and owners, or a top secret system.

This is all good to hear as it does get tiresome seeing the same BS claims made.

What we are told is that BetSence is the result of full time work. In fact, some days the tipster behind the service will supposedly work up to 14 hours a day. They also claim that they have “the passion, time, experience and the knowledge” that are “essential to success”. Sounds great right? But that doesn’t really say anything.

This is disappointing, however I do feel that the fact Betfan provide full proofing for BetSence goes some way to compensating for this.  

What is the Initial Investment?

There are plenty of subscription options available for BetSence, each of which come with their own pros and cons. First of all, Betfan offer a 7 day subscription which is priced at £15 plus VAT. Next there is a 28 day subscription which is priced at £45 plus VAT.

It is important to note that this subscription option for BetSence will be paid 13 times in a calendar year. Next there is a 90 day subscription which is priced at £126 and finally, offering the best value, you can sign up to BetSence for 6 months at a cost of £214.

As is the case with all products from the Betfan group, there is no real refund policy in place for BetSence. The team do say however that they will review all refund requests.  

What is the Rate of Return?

Since going live in December, BetSence has produced an overall points profit of 411.86 points. At the time of writing, there have effectively been 2 calendar months which makes this a phenomenally strong result and make no mistake.

The ROI is in line with this showing 61.11%. With all of this said, it should be noted that the data sample does not necessarily lend itself to longer term results. As such, there are no guarantees that BetSence will look close to this in 6 months time.

Conclusion on BetSence

It is apparently that time of the year again where Betfan have a new product lined up that has performed well on their Tipster Planet platform. What this typically means is that the service has racked up some phenomenal results and, like anybody would, they aim to capitalise on this. A quick look at the results for BetSence more than confirm this, and hot damn are the results really something else.

I have already given the numbers, but I feel that it is worth bearing in mind what they potentially mean. As of the time of writing this, BetSence has averaged around 200 points per month. That means a potential annual yield of 2,400 points.

Of course, we all know that that is unlikely to happen. But what if BetSence could deliver just half of this? It would still make for some 1,200 points of profit which is more than almost any service can reasonably be expected to make.

I could carry on like this, but I want to take this to its most extreme conclusion. BetSence would have to operate at just 12.5% of the capacity it has shown to date to make a profit of 300 points per year. That is a number that is more than adequate in my opinion.

Now, there is a problem that I have. BetSence is not cheap at all. In my mind, around £30 per month is what I consider to be about average for a tipster service which puts Betfan’s pricing at 50% above that, except for the small fact that there is an additional month at this price. None the less, there is definite potential for BetSence to ultimately produce some very strong profits.

Do I think that BetSence worth it? Here and now, I am not convinced that it is. There is a possibility that this may well more than exceed expectations. But this is based on a small sample of data as it were.

Given the expense, I think that I would personally be inclined to see how BetSence looks 3 months down the line. If it is going to perform well, then it will still be doing so then. If it isn’t, then you may well find yourself paying a lot of money on the chance that it might continue to perform.

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