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Betting Bank Builder is a new to market sports betting tipster service which has been launched by the conveniently named James Banks. The income claims he makes are quite spectacular.

Introduction to Betting Bank Builder

Whilst there can be massively differing ways of measuring the success of a tipster service, there are some things that I think we can all agree on. One of those things is that seeing a 3,200% increase in your betting bank would be a good thing. And yet, that number just doesn’t seem like something that is possible does it? Maybe you disagree. What about if I said you could expect this result in just 3 weeks?

Well, that is pretty much what James Banks is claiming his tipster service, Betting Bank Builder, can deliver. Those are of course some massive profits. The question that really exists here is whether or not they can realistically be obtained by betting on top flight European football right now. Personally, I have a lot of thoughts on this., and I will talk about those over the course of this. But they aren’t necessarily positive.

With that said, I will at least try and keep as open a mind as I can when it comes to Betting Bank Builder. Just because I have a lot of  (very reasonable) doubts about James Banks and what he can deliver, that shouldn’t cloud my judgement too much. After all, I could turn out to be pleasantly surprised. So, keeping all of this in mind, let’s dive right into this.

What Does Betting Bank Builder Offer?

One of the big questions that hangs over Betting Bank Builder is just what exactly you are getting. Because the fact of the matter is that James Banks doesn’t really provide…well anything in terms of information. What that doesn’t stop me from doing is looking at what is available and painting a picture of what you can expect.

So, what exactly are you getting into with Betting Bank Builder? Well, first things first, this is a football tipster service. And this comes with certain connotations. Namely, you won’t necessarily be betting every day. With that said though, James Banks has made a very clear statement of intent that he will be betting as much as is humanly possible.

The whole sales pitch for the service revolves around the fact that over the next few weeks, top flight European football is due to restart. This includes the English Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A. Of course, the Bundesliga has already restarted and  has been entertaining football fans for a bit.

All of this means, according to James Banks, that “there will be fixtures coming thick and fast”. Except, that is all a bit of an unknown at the moment. We may well have the dates for those first few fixtures (rock on Friday 19th of June!), but really, these aren’t anything more than a trial run. We can make an educated guess, but I’m not convinced that Betting Bank Builder is built on quite the rock solid foundations that is implied.

Now as much as it sounds like it could be, I wouldn’t expect to see selections on a daily basis if you are following Betting Bank Builder. But I can’t help but feel that this has more to do with limits that come from the sport rather than James Banks.

You see, I want to break my usual approach here by talking about the results a little bit here. Namely, that 3.200% increase in profits. In order to realistically attain this, you have to be betting a lot. Which is of course what James Banks seems to be doing here. Now I will openly admit that at the time of writing this, Betting Bank Builder is still very new. But what I have seen suggests this will be the case.

Just sticking with those logistical elements, we are told a few additional points about Betting Bank Builder and what to expect. First things first, this is an email based service, as you would probably expect. And these emails will land either the night before kick off, or on the day (depending on the time).

Unfortunately, the quality of these emails is pretty lacking. Sure, you will get the information required to place your bets, but honestly, it seems that this is about it. As such, you will probably want to take advantage of an odds comparison website if you are following Betting Bank Builder, just to make sure you get the best possible value. James Banks meanwhile says that he “personally opt[s] for Bet365 and Betfair”.

Moving on from this, I want to touch on the bets themselves. I will admit that I am working with a small sample of data at this point, but there does seem to be some variety here. Which is even more justification for making sure you are getting the best possible odds.

Now, one of the ways that the profit target is supposed to be achieved is through a staking plan. Not at all surprisingly to me, James Banks doesn’t share details of this until you sign up for Betting Bank Builder. And because of that, I won’t be sharing the details here. Honestly, whilst I will happily share my thoughts on a service, I don’t think it’s fair to simply give their system away for free.

What I will say is that it is a very aggressive compounding plan. To the point where honestly, I don’t really see how you can really consider this to be managed risk of any sort. In fact, I will say that I’ve seen a lot of services that take a similar approach fail very quickly. Does this mean that it will happen with Betting Bank Builder? Of course not, but you should keep it in mind.

Especially because as a final note, there is no real discussion of a strike rate or anything. This is despite the fact that James Banks claims that he last saw the claimed returns in January. So, there is data that could be drawn on. Notably, nor is there any proofing provided for that period either. Which honestly strikes me as a bit questionable.

How Does Betting Bank Builder Work?

Surely, you may find yourself saying, if James Banks is going to go so far out of his way to not tell you about what Betting Bank Builder entails, he can tell you a little bit about how it works? And probably not surprisingly, there isn’t any information in this regard either.

This is very problematic for me due to the nature of Betting Bank Builder. Let’s not forget that it’s been a good few months since any of the teams that will be playing have stepped on a pitch. Pretty much everything that has happened in top flight football so far has to be ignored because the landscape is so different.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t make educated assumptions. Will Liverpool beat Everton on their return? Probably. But there is always the fact that you have two teams who are well rested and lacking match fitness. So, anything could happen. And that is why it is so important to have a process for finding winning bets and value. If James Banks does have this, he certainly doesn’t demonstrate it anywhere.

It isn’t even like you can look at any real evidence for Betting Bank Builder and get an idea of what to expect. Not to belabour the point, but that lack of proofing creates another situation where really, you’re just taking James Banks’s word for it that he has everything in hand.

About the closest thing that there actually is to a strategy is the staking plan. This is something that is leaned on heavily. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean squat without a solid understanding of how to bet on the right things. As I have often said before now, a staking plan does not a betting system make.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to Betting Bank Builder, there is just one option available at the time of writing. This is a one time payment of £34 (plus VAT) for which you get full access to James Banks’s selections during this time. We are however told that this is a limited time offer and the price will increase if you don’t get in on this round of entry.

It is probably worth noting that Betting Bank Builder does come with a full 60 day money back guarantee. This is backed up by Clickbank who process the payment. Generally speaking you shouldn’t have any problems with them, so long as you aren’t a serial refunder.

What is the Rate of Return?

I know I’ve really banged on about the profit for Betting Bank Builder sitting at 3,200%, but what does this really mean? Well, ultimately, James Banks is saying that you can start out with just £100 and turn this into £3,300. This is all in the time that remains for the football seasons. This means that this incredible feat should be achieved in just a few short months.  

Conclusion for Betting Bank Builder

 It is very clear what the key appeal to Betting Bank Builder is. And that is the promise of turning a small amount of money into a very substantial amount of money. That is ultimately what most people who are involved in with betting are looking for. But the real questions here are whether or not James Banks can deliver on this.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe that he can. And there are a lot of reasons for this, some of which are undoubtedly more apparent than others. First of all, let’s start with something that is very obvious. Namely that there isn’t a shred of evidence that Betting Bank Builder can work as claimed. There is no substance here other than James Banks’s words.

This is particularly unforgivable because it isn’t even like this is a brand new service. James Banks claims that he achieved the same feat that he uses to sell Betting Bank Builder in January. So where is the evidence of that? Information on the results, proofing, testimonials. There is absolutely nothing.

Immediately this presents itself as a problem to me. Because you are taking the word of the one man who, no matter what, stands to make money from you buying into Betting Bank Builder. That for me just doesn’t seem like a good starting point for a service. There isn’t even basic information like what is involved with selections etc.

On top of this, there doesn’t even seem to be an understanding of football demonstrated. Not a single thing that James Banks says explains how he is able to get any kind of edge in what are the most volatile football betting markets we will likely ever see. Even if you don’t want to given information, anything in this regard seems like a pretty straightforward thing to explain (so long as you are genuine, of course).  

All of this is very disconcerting to me, especially in light of the fact that it isn’t even necessarily like the claims add up. The fact is that in my mind, everything related to Betting Bank Builder seems to be just too good to be true. Unless of course, you are able to somehow work miracles.

And here’s why I don’t think that James Banks can actually deliver on that. You see, the vendor who is selling Betting Bank Builder through  Clickbank is one who is relatively well known to me. They aren’t perhaps as prolific as some vendors, but they have put out a fair few betting systems and services. None of which are available anymore, conveniently.

The really concerning thing though stems from the fact that this particular vendor started out having nothing to do with betting. They made their name putting out Forex products and seemed to have made this pivot, seemingly because there is simply a larger and hungrier audience for these kinds of products. It certainly doesn’t seem to be because they have actually nailed betting systems down.

So, keeping all of that in mind, I simply cannot recommend enough giving Betting Bank Builder a miss. I will admit that there is an incredibly slim chance that James Banks will deliver (if he’s even anything more than a pen name). But that just seems incredibly unlikely. The other services the vendor have put out haven’t succeeded and I see little reason to believe that this will either.


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