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Betting Bounty Review

Betting Bounty is a tipster service by Michael Wilding that shows users how to increase their profit by taking advantage of bonuses that bookmakers provide.

What does the product offer?

Betting Bounty is a twofold service. First of all it teaches users how to utilise the different bonuses that bookies provide for online betting to maximise your betting bank. Secondly it teaches you methods that enable you to use these bonuses to your advantage. Creator Michael Wilding provides one example of these methods whereby you use your free bet to back a football team. You then lay that same team on Betfair so you are almost guaranteed a win. This is just an example though and Michael Wilding says that Betting Bounty will teach you other methods.

How does the product work?

According to Michael Wilding he was once a member of an American betting syndicate during which time he learned the betting methods that he employs in Betting Bounty. He also says that because UK bookies can legally offer bonuses this provides him with additional opportunities to make money. Selections are uploaded to a special member’s area where users can get access to the day’s bets.

What is the initial investment?

Subscribing to Betting Bounty cost just £1 for the first 10 days then an additional £17 every 30 days. Michael Wilding offers a money back guarantee saying that you will get your initial £17 refunded plus an additional £17 if you have not profited (proof of this is required).

What is the rate of return?

According to Michael Wilding you can expect to make a minimum of £200 per month using Betting Bounty.


On the surface Betting Bounty is a great thing but there are a few little niggling concerns that I have. For example in the copywriting there is a part that states “Which is why I’m going to help you make the same money as [name from the top], every month”. This suggests to me that this is a copy and paste job that the author has slipped up on. I often have doubts as to any product associated with this kind of thing and that surfaces again when looking at Betting Bounty. Furthermore, there is a lack of proofing that I would expect from any system that claims to offer betting selections.



Comments (2)

This is a copy of Mike Crusihanks Profit Maximiser albeit a poor attempt.

Over £200 per year for Betting Bounty or £97 for Profit Maximiser which covers more methods.

I’m getting plenty of affiliate spam about this product 🙁

Hi anyone who is reading this. After lavish praise from Michael Wilding I decided to try this service, what can go wrong with a service claiming to make about 200 points a month profit, or so the claim goes.

I signed up on the 1st of the month so my bets should mimic exactly those claimed on the site to Betfair SP, well they don’t the results on the site shows a small profit while I am about 10 points in the red, not the end of the world after a few weeks but neither does it mirror the results shown on their website. The problem seems to occur when a bet loses the profit and loss column stays the same but increases when the bet wins Hmm, kind of hard to show a loss in these circumstances. At present 5 loses in a row sees the balance sheet remain at 7.95pts in profit without the drop of a single 10th of a point! This seems to happen repeatedly so is not a glitch in the system. Tonight I noticed that one result which was a loss showed a 3pt increase on the balance sheet. It could be a simple error but all these little errors soon add up.

I feel like I have been absolutely conned with this and advise caution with this service. The axiom, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is, springs to mind. Be Warned folks

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From: Simon Roberts