Betting in the Know Review

Betting in the Know is a long standing independent horse racing tipster service. It is operated by “The Man in The Know” and appears to offer a consistently profitable betting experience.

What does the product offer?

As the tipping industry continues to grow and increasingly, becomes dominated by large stables of tipsters it is hard to find decent independent tipsters. Most of the things that I see that supposedly operated by independents are actually internet marketers who are looking for a quick buck. I try my best however not to let this skew my opinion because for every 20 “guaranteed 6 figure betting solution” I come across, there is something like Betting in the Know.

So who is The Man in the Know and how do they square up? The blunt and short answer is surprisingly well. Betting in the Know is a well put together and very well executed tipster service. Selections for Betting in the Know are almost daily with The Man in the Know saying that there will only be the occasional “no tip days” and these are when he can’t find anything that is worth tipping as well as a few days off through the year (something that is nice to see addressed as this information is often missing from a service).

Selections are issued via the usual channels of email as well as being uploaded to the Betting in the Know website with the aim of them going out at 7.30pm the night before racing. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible and so The Man in the Know says that on busy days and some Saturdays, tips may be sent around 9.30am with members being notified if there is a change. Betting in the Know also provide a text notification service to ensure that you don’t miss emails.

The bets that are advised through Betting in the Know are varied and can range from straight forward win bets to each way and even the occasional small accumulator (usually Trixie bets) thrown in. One of the important factors with Betting in the Know is that bets are advised with stakes and as such, The Man in the Know says that it is very important to ensure that you have accounts open with as many bookmakers as possible, preferably BOG. Again, this kind of honesty is refreshing as many tipsters would rather suggest that their service is easy to follow rather than requiring any real work.

With the logistics out of the way, I can move onto the numbers side of Betting in the Know. Perhaps not surprisingly, these are as solid as the work that The Man in the Know puts into running his service. Stakes are advised on a points basis with anywhere from 1-5 points recommended per bet. It is worth pointing out however that The Man in the Know does advise some compounding to build the value of your stakes up. It is recommended that you start with a minimum bank of 200 points. I won’t go into the details of compounding that are recommended for Betting in the Know as they aren’t anything particularly new.

This only leaves the strike rate to look at which is unfortunately the one element of Betting in the Know that isn’t discussed. The Man in the Know does have some thoughts on winning and losing however saying that all services have good runs and bad runs, their own service being no exception. From looking at the historic results however, there are more good runs than bad with Betting in the Know as the service has had just 7 losing months since March 2014, 2 of which were losses of less than 5 points.

How does the product work?

Quite how The Man in the Know makes his selections isn’t something that is discussed in any detail which is disappointing, however there is enough that it isn’t a deal breaker. Especially considering that Betting in the Know has produced some fantastic results. The only thing that I can surmise is that the selection process for Betting in the Know involves good old fashioned hard work and isn’t based on a gimmick or “system”.

Specifically, there is reference to spending 8 hours a day “immersed in form annuals and horse racing databases”. There are also mention of a number of factors which The Man in the Know feels should be considered when looking at horse racing including obvious things like the form, going and trainer stats but also things like biases of courses, jockey ability at a given track and general trends.

What is the initial investment?

Fundamentally there are two options for those who wish to sign up for Betting in the Know. These are VIP and VIP+. Both offer all selections; the only difference is that VIP+ members receive text tip notifications. Both of these options come with a 30 day trial at £9.99 after which you move onto a monthly payment plan. For the VIP subscription, this is £34.99 per month whilst the VIP+ is £39.99. There is also option to sign up for both of these on a 6 month subscription at a cost of £150 and £180 respectively.

What is the rate of return?

Since it went live in March 2014, Betting in the Know has produced an overall profit of 1,500.23 points which is a decent number for this period of time. Over the last 12 months, the average ROI has been 19.54% which I feel gives a better idea of what you can expect. Honestly, it is difficult to create any kind of real context for Betting in the Know because of the duration of time it has been operational, however since March this year the service has made 104.12 points which is actually a historic low however there are still several months to go.


It has been a long time since I have looked at an independent tipster service which has genuinely impressed me. Betting in the Know however manages to do just that and there are a number of reasons why. Perhaps the best place to start is with the fact that The Man in the Know has guided his service to a consistent profit since 2014. This is no easy feat, and the profits themselves have  been decent.

This brings me onto the second point which is the profit itself. To £10 stakes, you’d have made 15 grand since 2014. This isn’t bad at all. Stake £25 per point (which I don’t feel is an unreasonable amount) and you’d have made and average of around  £12,000 per annum off Betting in the Know. This starts to take you into the realm of making a living wage from betting. There aren’t many services that I can say that about with a straight face.

One of the things that really stands out for me is that Betting in the Know represents fantastic value for money. Not just is this one of the better quality products that I have looked at for some time, what The Man in the Know is asking I genuinely feel is a more than reasonable price with much worse services being sold for more. All of this makes for a product that is amongst the best, if not the best independent tipster on the market and as such, it is well worth your consideration.


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From: Simon Roberts