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Betting Kings is a brand new horse racing tipster service which is operated by independent tipster Chris Burns. He claims that the profit potential of the system is incredibly high, all with little risk.

Introduction to Betting Kings

I will often talk about how products which are being pushed through the usual affiliate channels can be a red flag in and of itself. Not always mind, but sometimes. I have also discussed before now how certain marketing techniques can also be a red flag.

One such example (that is highly entertaining when viewed with the right amount of scepticism i.e. a lot) is a method that is best described as “No BS”, and Betting Kings delivers this almost literally, in its first headline.:

“This Page Is For Anyone That Is SICK Of Being RIPPED OFF and Sucked In By BULLSH*T Schemes That Just Don’t Work…” claims Chris Burns rather boldly.

Plus this:

betting-kings-reviewWell, I have looked at a lot of products that appear to do just that, and surely Betting Kings wouldn’t be another example of it hiding behind marketing. Would it?

What Does Betting Kings Offer?

So, let’s get straight down to business here. What exactly do you get from Chris Burns? The short answer is a daily horse racing tipster service. The logistics of Betting Kings are almost exactly what you would expect from this kind of independent tipster service, namely selections being issued directly to subscribers via email.

These usually go out the morning of bets. As is so often the case with products of this nature, you are told that all that you have to do is place the relevant bets and collect your cash.

In terms of the bets themselves, Chris Burns doesn’t talk too much about them in the sales material. As such, I don’t believe that it is my place to give Betting Kings away. What I will do is quote Chris Burns where he says “I provide you just 1 bet per day. This bet contains 3 selections”.

Figuring things out from here shouldn’t be too hard. There is some variation in terms of the odds side of Betting Kings, however the majority of bets are middling in this regard. As has already been touched upon, this is not a high volume service.

Now, we are told in the sales material that Betting Kings doesn’t require huge stakes to get started. Unfortunately, we aren’t really given any other information in terms of a staking plan either.

This is a massive issue for me, in no small reason down to the fact that all of Chris Burns’s claims for the income potential for Betting Kings are in pounds and pence. As such, these results have little in the way of context.

Finally, I want to talk about how often you will win.

This is yet another area of Betting Kings where Chris Burns simply isn’t forthcoming with information. As is the case with large amounts of the marketing however, there is a vague inference. For example,  Chris Burns says that there are no long losing streaks.

It also says that Betting Kings will provide you with “steady streams of winning bets”, but there are no numbers to back this up. Nor is there (not at all surprisingly) any proofing for the service either.

How Does Betting Kings Work?

At this point, you may well be questioning how exactly Chris Burns finds his selections for Betting Kings. The answer to this is entirely unknown, however he is quick to point out that it isn’t some “BOGUS “magic software”… that will infact NEVER make you a single penny!”. Nor does it involve lay betting.

We are told that Chris Burns has a “SIMPLE but VERY PROFITABLE method”, but this isn’t explored.

Truth be told, a lot of the marketing material for Betting Kings seems to be more concerned with selling other tipster services short than it ever does with demonstrating its own capabilities.

For example, Chris Burns dismisses lame rags to riches stories, or so called experts showing you a fancy video “The ones with super cars and footballer style mansions”.

It is very important to me that I quoted that part because I take great relish in an image slightly further down in the sales material which shows and Aston Martin and the kind of house that a Premiership Footballer would probably live in.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is only one option if you want to subscribe to Betting Kings and that is a one time payment of £29.95. For this, you get 30 days of access with the implication being that future months will also cost you this amount as well. Despite this, the service isn’t sold on an automatically renewing subscription basis.

It is worth noting that Betting Kings is sold through Clickbank which means that should you find that you are unhappy with the end result, there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the Rate of Return?

Chris Burns makes various claims in relation to how much you can expect to make through Betting Kings. The first of these is contained within the headline and says that you can expect to turn £10 bets into £370 per day. Elsewhere, there are references made to generating a profit of “over £1,129 every week”.

To back these claims up, we are shown a highly dubious screenshot of a Betfair account which shows an account balance of £4,895.90, supposedly earned within a month.


The above screenshot means absolutely NOTHING. As he could have just deposited that money into his Betfair account. It does NOT indicate those are winnings.

Conclusion on Betting Kings

There isn’t a whole lot that I can really say that is positive about Betting Kings. In fact, I would go as far as to say that it is one of the most transparent pieces of pandering marketing that I have seen for some time.

This is apparent in almost everything from Chris Burns’s complete lack of evidence or even information on how his bets are successful, right through to ridiculous claims of income that aren’t really supported by anything.

What really makes this stand out as a piece of lazy marketing for me though is the way that Chris Burns talks about other tipsters. I get it, nobody wants to be seen to be selling the competition over your own service. To do so would be counter intuitive. But the exact things that Chris Burns slags them off for, he is more than guilty of in his own marketing.

Whether this is making unsubstantiated claims about income, to presenting an easy wealth lifestyle, or simply talking crap about how a system works (he is quick to slate products that talk about software or systems, whilst all the while refusing to actually talk about his own methods. These are on a pretty equal footing in my book).

Honestly, it isn’t even like Betting Kings is cheap. £30 per month will pay for a pretty respectable horse racing tipster service through any of the major stables. Now, you might not make £5,000 per month through them, but being realistic, you weren’t ever going to make this kind of money through Betting Kings either.

If anything, my gut feeling is that this is a tipster service that would haemorrhage money. One to avoid I think!


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I joined this service 25/11/18, on the 29/11/18 Chris hit a treble with odds of 20-1, on 1/12/18 Chris hit a double (from a treble tip, 1 non runner) with odds 4-1. I then got an email to join up for a further 6 months at half price. That seemed like a good deal so I did it. It is now 28/3/19 he has not had a winner since 1/12/18. He has tried to recover by advising to bet on trebles with odds over 400-1.

Avoid at all costs

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Hi John,

Thank you for sharing your experience with Betting Kings,



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