Betting Mastermind Mike Cruickshank Review

Betting Mastermind is a product that brings together all of famed bettor Mike Cruickshank’s various betting products into one single package.

What does the product offer?

Knowing where to start in terms of what Betting Mastermind offers is a pretty big call. Mike Cruickshank is pretty prolific in the betting world. This is the man who has been taking bookies to the cleaners for a number of years now in a variety of different ways. Betting Mastermind brings all of these together like never before.

I will preface this by saying that I have looked at almost all of Mike Cruickshank’s products before now so if you want detailed reviews, I would suggest going to look at them.

In terms of what you get with Betting Mastermind, you gain access to his Bonus Bagging product as well as Profit Maximiser, both products that put Mike’s name on the map. There is also his newer products, Each Way Sniper and Accumulator Generator as well as Bookie Blowout.

There are also tools included such as a matched betting calculator and a brand new product, exlusive to Betting Mastermind, Betfair Renegade. This focuses on Betfair football markets and exploiting the odds.

How does the product work?

Going into the details of what each product entails could be an article in its own rights so I will say that Betting Mastermind has details of each system on the website. What I will say here is that the focus of any product from Mike Cruickshank is focussed on guaranteed or very low risk income.

With many of his products, there is some combination of back betting and lay betting, although if these terms aren’t ones you are familiar with, there is support in place for you.

What is the initial investment?

It is impossible to beat around the bush on this. Betting Mastermind is not cheap. That having been said, I do feel that Mike Cruickshank offers a fair way of paying for his services.

There is an initial cost of £97 (plus VAT) after which there are 3 monthly payments of £197 (plus VAT) which ultimately buys you a lifetime of access. There is also a 60 day money back guarantee in place should you find that Betting Mastermind isn’t for you.

What is the rate of return?

There aren’t any specific claims made however I can tell you that Mike Cruickshank’s customers all speak highly of him. There are plenty of very genuine testimonials, all of which demonstrate significant earnings to be had if you have the money to invest.


I am a fan of Mike and what he does, and Betting Mastermind is something that is worth getting excited about. It would be remiss of me to not talk about the price as this is no doubt the hurdle that most people will struggle with, however it represents excellent value.

On top of this, there is potential to make the cost of the whole thing back in your first month if you play your cards right. When you compare it to the subscription costs that you would pay for the services individually, it is a positive bargain.

There is plenty about any given product from Mike Cruickshank that I would recommend, and Betting Mastermind is excels my usual praise by bringing together all of his services together in one place.


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From: Simon Roberts