Betting Portal UK Review

Betting Portal UK is a tipster service from Craig Parsons that provides users with daily selections for a number of sports as well as horse racing.

What does the product offer?

There is nothing that really stands out in terms of what Betting Portal UK actually offers. The service seems to be relatively standard with selections sent out before 12pm at the latest although this is usually the night before. Craig Parsons provides Betting Portal UK subscribers with selections for both football and horse racing. Selections are typically sent Monday to Saturday with the occasional Sunday bet. Betting Portal UK is claimed to not have a losing month in 36 months. Betting Portal UK is split into two membership packages, the Essential Membership and the Ultimate Membership.

How does the product work?

There is very little about the selection process for Betting Portal UK which is rather disappointing given the fact that Craig Parsons gives selections for both football and horse racing. If pushed I would speculate that there is likely to be some kind of ratings system but there is nothing concrete about this. What I can confirm is that the Ultimate Membership package comes with Platinum tips which allegedly come directly from stables, trainers, jockeys etc.

What is the initial investment?

There are two packages available for Betting Portal UK. The first is the cheaper Essential Membership which costs £10 per month, £25 per quarter or £80 per year. This provides email based selections for both sports. The Ultimate Membership is somewhat costlier and comes in at £25 per month, £60 per quarter or £250 per year.

What is the rate of return?

Since its inception 3 years ago Betting Portal UK has allegedly made over £13,000 to £5 stakes.


The best thing that Betting Portal UK has going for it is the price. In many other aspects it simply doesn’t jump out at me. Whilst ultimately profitable, I don’t believe that Betting Portal UK is necessarily going to be a life changing amount however there does appear to be consistency which is arguably the most important part.

Realistically I think that Betting Portal UK would be best suited as a part of a larger portfolio where the income could be supplemented with other winning products.



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