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Betting Pro Lays Review

Betting Pro Lays is a subscription based lay betting service provided in association with

What does the product offer?

The product is a subscription service with daily emails sent to users. These will contain anywhere from 1-5 tips for the day.

How does the product work?

There is nothing about Betting Pro Lays to suggest that it is any different in methodology to a standard lay betting system. This means that it will be the standards of lay betting i.e. trying to choose a horse that won’t win. The only part of the “system” that differs is that there are set odds against which Betting Pro Lay advises pulling out in order to minimise risk.

What is the initial investment?

There are 3 subscriptions available. A weekly subscription at £6.99, a monthly subscription at £24.99 and an annual subscription at £249.99. The weekly subscription is offered on a trial basis so if you do not make money during that week Betting Pro Lays will refund the subscription fee.

What is the rate of return?

By analysing the full results (which are available on the website) one can ascertain that from November 2012 to September 2013 based on a £500 bank the makers of the system were able to make £1449.81 in profit.


There doesn’t really seem to be anything new laid on the table here to justify the costs involved. The lack of information on where the tips come from is a cause for some concern as well. The simple fact of the matter is there doesn’t seem to be anything displayed by Betting Pro Lays that common sense could not tell you. The scheme does not even seem overly profitable. When you consider the outlay and the size of your betting bank the overall profit would come in at just shy of £1200. It seems to me that there are much easier ways of earning that amount that can also provide increased profit by building on that.



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From: Simon Roberts