Betting Runner Review

Betting Runner is a website that acts as an aggregator of sorts for tipsters from around the world. It allows them to keep a detailed record and reach a wider audience whilst allowing punters to find services that they wouldn’t have otherwise encountered.

Introduction to Betting Runner

The concept of a tipster stable is nothing new to me. I have looked at a lot of products from Betfan and I have followed Betting Gods grow from a new start up to probably one of the more trusted names in the tipster arena. The problem with this is that tipsters appear to often be tied in with certain approaches that suit the stable.

For example, I don’t believe that all of Betfan’s tipsters genuinely want to advise bets to 5 points. But this allows for bigger numbers and so that is how many of them are handled. Betting Runner appears to be almost entirely hands off with its tipsters which opens up a lot of doors to some interesting and potentially lucrative services.

What Does Betting Runner Offer?

There are two sides to Betting Runner. The first is as a tipster and I will say right now that I won’t be looking into this side of things too much. What I am really interested in here is everything that is on offer to me as a punter. To cut a lot of unnecessary fluff, I can say that there is a hell of a lot and there are a number of reasons for this. Over 150,000 to be precise.

I am of course talking about the independent tipsters who make Betting Runner their home.

betting-runner-reviewI have referred to Betting Runner as an aggregator for tipsters and if I am honest, this doesn’t seem quite right, but it is probably the closest term that fits the bill. Essentially, tipsters from around the world are posting their tips to Betting Runner. It is then up to you as a punter to find which of these works for you which is a pretty intimidating thing.

Especially for those who aren’t familiar with tipsters and how they fit within the wider betting industry.

The thing is with so many tipsters around, there is a massive amount of variation in terms of what is available. Betting Runner also impose very few limits which means that you will see a lot of different types of sports being bet on. This ranges from football to hand ball. The thing is, even within the betting markets that are well known, you can expect to back teams in some very niche areas.

Moving away from what you are betting on, there is also the number of bets that are being placed. Put bluntly, there is a lot of variety spread across all disciplines.

Fortunately, Betting Runner is well positioned to support with this. A lot of the tipsters that I have seen have provided details of which bookmaker you should be using in order to get the closest to their odds. This is better than most full tipster services that I have looked at before now.

It goes without saying that different tipsters will have different staking plans, strike rates etc. Fortunately, the UI of Betting Runner makes extrapolating this data easy. Everything is presented in such a way that even at a glance you can see what is and isn’t likely to work for you.

How Does Betting Runner Work?

The premise behind Betting Runner is ultimately very simple. You can only pick the tipsters that are relevant to you.

betting-runner-review-offerWhether this is because they advise bets in a sporting market that you are familiar with or simply that they have produced the most profit. In this regard, it absolutely achieves this and it is one of the things that makes Betting Runner seem worth the effort that you have to put in.

What is the Initial Investment?

Joining up to Betting Runner is entirely free and from here you can instantly start viewing some of the tipsters selections. The majority however do require you to pay the tipsters directly and here, costs can vary hugely. As an example of this, their top rated tipsters charge €59.99 per month and €139.99 per month. Most tipsters offer better value the longer you subscriber for which can bring down costs. You can also find tipsters who are asking just €13.99 and €24.99 per month as well so it is all about finding the right tipster at the right price for you.

It is worth pointing out that Betting Runner offer a money back guarantee on all tipsters which does offer some assurance.

What is the Rate of Return?

Once again, this depends on which tipster you are using. Some of the most profitable tipsters on Betting Runner have made tens of thousands of euros per month, however this is also based on betting potentially hundreds of thousands. There are much more realistic numbers available with other tipsters and it is worth noting that all of these numbers scale down to more manageable figures for most people.

This again highlights how important it is to pick the aspects of Betting Runner that will work for you.

Conclusion on Betting Runner

Betting Runner is a very unique creature and it is difficult to know what to say about it. I find that this is often the case with any aggregator. For me there is one question which really defines Betting Runner and that is whether or not you can have too much choice. If such a thing is real, then Betting Runner is a pretty good example of it.

The fact of the matter however is that the website allows you to find what you are looking for without too much difficulty. This still involves a slog to some degree, in no small part down to the fact that 150,000 tipster services, no matter how you filter them, is still 150,000 people.

I have mentioned that in order to get the best out of Betting Runner you should have an idea what you are looking for and I think that this is probably the ultimate conclusion. For my money, this writes off a fair number of users. As does the rather confusing staking plans and the like which surround some of the tipsters. On reflection, you also need to be savvy. Know what you are looking for and be savvy.

All of this aside, Betting Runner is a good website and there is a lot of content. It is a decent service by and large. The fact is that this is one thing that is so much more than the sum of its parts. Judging Betting Runner is a no brainer, it is a fantastic service. Whether or not it is right for you will depend on what you are looking for.

Because this is a much more varied topic, over the coming months I want to look at some of the independent tipsters from Betting Runner in their own light. I believe that ultimately, this will allow you to get a better picture of what is available.


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