Betting Runner Tipster – Klemensj Review

Klemensj is one of the many tipsters that currently ply their trade through the Betting Runner platform. They have some very impressive looking figures attached to their name.

Introduction to Klemensj  Tipster

Not too long ago, I reviewed a product, Betting Runner. This provides a platform for tipsters to post their tips to try and reach a wider audience. As a punter, you can then subscribe to these individual tipsters. It is a novel idea and has apparently produced some huge results. I mentioned in that review that I wanted to look at tipsters on an individual basis in the future.

Today I want to look at Klemensj who over the last 3 months has proven to be the best tipster on the site. They are also ranked as the 5th best overall. In spite of this, the tipster has scored a 2 out of 5 star rating on the Betting Runner in house rating system. So with this disparity between results and public opinion, I figure that Klemensj is an interesting place to start out.

What Does Betting Runner Offer?

For those who are mostly familiar with tipsters through the kind of managed affairs that you see through larger stables etc. (think Betfan, Betting Gods and the like), then the approach of a lot of tipsters on Betting Runner will seem somewhat counter intuitive. In the case of Klemensj, selections are issued on a near daily basis, on occasion being sent out through the day.

In fact, on average, Klemensj sends out selections around 9 hours before events however these can be issued anywhere from 4am to 7pm. There is a lot of range here which means that it can be difficult getting on every tip.

This is in no small part down to the average number of tips which stands at 7 per day. The truth however is that over a 7 month period, there have been 1119 tips advised which is not an inconsiderable figure. These cover a number of different sports with Klemensj focussing mostly on Basketball however there are also a large number of rugby and handball tips advised.

Here are the current claimed profits:

betting-runner-klemesj-reviewThis kind of niche betting comes with its own pros and cons although I will get to these later. Rather unfortunately, the average odds are not great however only averaging odds of more than 2.0 on one month to date.

In terms of the staking plan that is in place, it is massively eclectic. Stakes are advised on a scale on one to ten points however the average odds depending on the sport are between 7 and 9.5 points. This does however add up a lot over the course of the month. With April effectively staking 210 points.

Fortunately, in the case of Klemensj the strike rate is very high with an average strike rate of 68.14%.  Frankly, this is an incredibly strong figure which means that even with the shortened odds that Klemensj favours, there is still a lot of profit potential. This is all proofed through Betting Runner as well (although the user interface is disappointingly a bit messy).

How Does Betting Runner Work?

Klemensj provides almost no information about his selection process etc. This is one of the big problems that I have with using Betting Runner over a properly managed service. There is a lot less accountability to tipsters on an individual basis because they are simply 1 of 150,000. We are told that Klemensj runs the account solely for his personal use.

Here are the latest win, or losses (red losses, green wins) and user ratings:

klemesj-resultsFortunately, they have been verified by Betting Runner and hold the title of “Guru” which means that they have to meet certain demands. Personally, I still find tis to all be a little impersonal and would have liked to have seen more from Klemensj.

What is the Initial Investment?

Tipsters on Betting Runner are generally split into tiers when it comes to costs. The better they are, the more expensive they are. Klemensj is definitely towards the more expensive end of this scale. Access to selections are made available on a number of different subscription lengths with all payments processed directly via Paypal.

The first of these is a weekly subscription which is priced at €18.49. This is a good chance to try Klemensj out. Next there is a  monthly subscription at a cost of €59.99. After that there is a is a two monthly option which is priced at €94.99.

In order to get the best value, you can sign up to receive Klemensj’s selections for 6 months at a cost of €239.99. Naturally this is massively increased value however there is no skirting around that this is also a lot of money.

There is a refund policy in place with all services sold through Betting Runner however this is massively restricted and applies only to “modification of subscription”. This essentially means any of the following things:

  • The Tipster stopped to deliver his service suddenly
  • The Tipster is guilty of serious transgression in the service
  • There were delays in service delivery
  • The Customer Support considers it appropriate to make some verifications and changes

What is the Rate of Return?

Betting Runner claims a profit of £296,279 since November 2017. Whilst this sounds good in principle, this is based around some rather extreme stakes. For example, the average stakes over the last 3 months have been a shade over £870.

If you scale this down, then the numbers do fall rather drastically. For example, for April, profits of £91,266 to £870 stakes,  when dropped to £8.70 stakes makes a profit of £912.66. Still a respectable figure, but a lot less than the overall results suggest.

Conclusion on klemesj as a tipster

Taking Klemensj and his tips entirely on face value, it seems like a great thing. I can’t pretend otherwise and looking at those numbers, you would be mad to think otherwise as well. The problem here is the same problem that I find you see all too often when it comes to smaller tipsters. They are able to set their stakes at whatever level they are supposedly betting at.

Like Klemensj says, he is just doing it for fun. But is this actually the case?

You see one issue that I have with Betting Runner as a concept is that whilst bets are proofed, you can fundamentally say whatever you want as a tipster. So whilst this does mean that Klemensj has to make a profit, you can manipulate numbers in order to make it seem much more impressive than it is. For my money, you really need to start scaling things down in order to make a realistic decision.

Now then, with this having been said, there are a few things about Klemensj’s tips that I do like. First of all, the focus on niche betting is a massive positive. I could well be wrong (it has been known to happen from time to time), but I would put a decent bet on that most people reading this do not cover the sports that Klemensj does.

This means that those who are looking to build a portfolio are getting an in on 3 sports that would otherwise be ignored. This is no bad thing.

Using this as a jumping off point, this translates to paying £20 “per sport” per month. This doesn’t seem half bad in my opinion. This does mean that there is potentially some value for money to be had here and that is half the battle. Now, this doesn’t mean that Betting Runner will suit everybody. There is a lot of discipline involved here, especially if you want to take full advantage, but if you can manage this, you should do alright.

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