Betting Runners – Asen-LV Review

Asen-LV (Asen Vandev) is a tipster who is currently offering their selections exclusively through the Betting Runner platform. Their selections are entirely based around football betting.

Introduction to Asen-LV 

I have reviewed Betting Runner in and of itself before now. I have also looked at one of their tipsters on an individual basis and the results were interesting to say the least. There were one or two other tipsters that I was considering looking at, right up until I saw that Asen-LV has recently moved up to the top of Betting Runner’s tipster ranking overall.

This is a very impressive thing given the number of tipsters who are registered on the site. When I started to have a look at Asen-LV, I also realised that he was offering a very genuine alternative to a lot of the football based tipster services which are offered through some of the more mainstream tipster stables.

What Does Asen-LV Offer?

When I have looked at Betting Runner in the past, I have found myself having to change the way that I look at tipsters. This is because unlike a managed service, things are much less stringent. For example, I know that Betting Gods generally have their tipsters issue selections between predetermined hours.

These are then made available in a variety of ways. Using Asen-LV as an example, we can see the differences. Typically speaking, selections are issued around 4 hours before a game kicks off. Furthermore, this can happen any time between 6am and 10pm. This is a far cry from what I am used to.

In terms of the bets, variety is very much the word of the day. This applies to pretty much all aspects of Asen-LV’s advice. The bets themselves are mostly win bets however each day there are doubles advised as well. The fact that you are backing a team does limit odds somewhat with well over 4/5ths of bets advised at odds of between 1.5 and 2.99. Asen-LV covers a massive array of teams across the world competing in various tournaments.

I feel that the volume of bets for Asen-LV is particularly high with an average of 11 per day.

I mentioned earlier about Betting Runner being much less in control of their tipsters and to a degree, this shows in the stakes. Asen-LV ahs been tipping since December 2015 and since February 2016, the average bet has not been less than £750. Since January 2017, the average stakes haven’t dropped below £830. Naturally these numbers can easily be scaled down, however they are important to keep in mind when considering results.

In terms of the strike rate, the average number that Asen-LV has attained stands at 57.42% which is definitely an impressive sounding number. What really brings home how substantial this figure is however is the fact that since January 2016, Asen-LV has not had a strike rate of less than 50%. Even with the relatively low odds that we are dealing with, that is a phenomenal result.

How Does Asen-LV Work?

I have mentioned before now the fact that Betting Runner keep their tipsters on a long leash and this really shows when you try to glean information n how their selections are generated. For example, in the case of Asen-LV, he says that he has been “involved in such prize games on internet over a 15 years” and that he finishes “among the first at the end of each month”  (Asen Vandev is Bulgarian and so English is clearly not his first language).

In this case, I feel that the most appropriate response is to look at the long history of results as proof that the system works. Honestly though, it remains disappointing to not have some insight into the selection process.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is no getting around the fact that getting access to Asen-LV’s tips is a expensive affair. There are 4 different subscription offerings with value increasing the longer that you are subscribed. These lookA weekly subscription will cost you €69.49. A monthly subscription is €139.99. The 2 monthly subscription barely saves anything at €237.49. Finally, there is the 6 monthly subscription which represents the best value at €599.99 however this is still a lot of money.

There is a refund policy in place with all services sold through Betting Runner however this is massively restricted and applies only to “modification of subscription”. This essentially means any of the following things:

  • The Tipster stopped to deliver his service suddenly
  • The Tipster is guilty of serious transgression in the service
  • There were delays in service delivery
  • The Customer Support considers it appropriate to make some verifications and changes

What is the Rate of Return?

The key appeal behind Asen-LV’s selections lies in the income potential of the service. Over the two and a half years that he has been with Betting Runner, Asen-LV has produced a profit of €1,263,962 which is a huge amount. Obviously this is based around staking around €800 per bet, but none the less, it is a hugely impressive figure. This does however still represent a profit that is in excess of 1,500 points which is a phenomenal figure. The is also pretty impressive at 17%.


Making over €1 million in a few years is a very respectable thing that any business would be pleased with, let alone a tipster. The problem with this number however is that it is massively skewed by stakes that I just can’t see the majority of people affording. Of course, all of this scales down and the numbers still remain pretty decent. You are easily talking about 600 points per year on average and I don’t know many people who would sniff at this. Nor would they the yield.

The real issue that I have with Asen-LV is the value for money side of things. At almost € 140 per month, I am quietly confident I could build a respectable betting portfolio and probably have change left over. Sure, there is slightly better value if you subscribe for longer lengths but you are still paying out €100 per month essentially.

Don’t get me wrong, based off the historic results, you shouldn’t have a problem recuperating this cost, but that is only half the battle. The fact remains that compared to other services, your money could be working a lot harder for you.

With this in mind, I don’t really see how I can recommend Asen-LV’s tips. I don’t think that they are bad. I would even go as far as to say that if you do have a lot of money to throw solely at football betting, you can do a lot worse.

On top of this, the Betting Runner service is all above board and I don’t have a lot of reason to doubt the results. The fact is that the tipster market is more competitive than it has been for a long time and you really have to offer a lot for your money if you are charging what Asen-LV does. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough here for my liking though.


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I would like to warn everyone from using this cr*p/s**m (defamation removed)service.

Based on the review I looked at Bettingrunners to see what services they offer, and I subscribed to the ExpertWinTips, since it on paper delivered good profits at a much more reasonable subscription fee. I soon after received a confirmation that the payment had gone through. I was also informed (on the site) that I would receive some kind of confirmation mail from Bettingrunners – I never got this. When I entered my details I was never asked to fill in a Password, but I need one to lock into the service (which is normal procedure of course), so I pushed the “Forgot Password” link (even if I hadn’t “forgotten” this as such), and I received a mail from them with a link where I could get a new one, I suppose, however this link didn’t work. I have then e-mailed them twice in order to get both the confirmation that I have infact joined the service (which I paid for) and a password. They have not responded to this which is what really annoys me and I find totally unacceptable. Things can go wrong, we all know that, but the lack of response to a frustrated new subscriber is just not OK at all.

Needless to say I am very disappointed with this and will warn everyone off joining this. Obviously I am never going to use them again, unless they somehow redeem themselves. I am just happy that I chose a somewhat “cheap” service rather than the outrageously priced Asen-LV!

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From: Simon Roberts