Betting Samurai Review

Betting Samurai is a horse racing betting system created by Trevor Hawkins and marketed by James Talbot that provides a unique formula for making selections.

What does the product offer?

Betting Samurai comes in the form of a PDF guide that shows users how to successfully choose horses to back to win. According to James Talbot Betting Samurai provides users with the same formula that has been developed by him and a close group of friends with a view to beating the bookies. Something that Betting Samurai will help you to do with ease, especially when you consider James Talbot’s claims that Betting Samurai is “100% risk free” as well as a “100% proven formula”.  It is worth noting that Betting Samurai is only open to the first 50 subscribers according to the sales page.

How does the product work?

According to James Talbot, Betting Samurai uses a specially developed algorithm that was discovered via a computer program developed by one Trevor Hawkins (part of the group that were trying to develop a system). This ultimately is the foundation of Betting Samurai.

What is the initial investment?

James Talbot sells Betting Samurai for a flat fee of £29.99 (plus VAT for EU residents). Because it is sold though Clickbank you also gain the benefit of a 60 day money back guarantee should you be unhappy with Betting Samurai.

What is the rate of return?

Betting Samurai has produced a minimum of £4,279 per month for users according to James Talbot however these is unfortunately no proofing.


Betting Samurai talks the talk and the copy is engaging enough that you could believe it. Unfortunately the sales page is the first thing that sends alarm bells ringing as there are pictures of all the usual luxuries that the creator now has in their life. Unfortunately with no substantial evidence and the aforementioned conspicuously absent proofing, my suspicions have definitely been raised.

The fact is that James Talbot provides no real evidence of his system working, nor are there even elementary things like examples of winners, strike rates or any of the things that you would associate with a respectable horse racing system. This combined with the fact that the creator of the system, Trevor Hawkins doesn’t ever seem to discuss his system either which only compounds a product that the best I can say is that there is a money back guarantee in place.



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