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Betting Secrets is a new horse racing tipster service which is being offered by tipster Harry Barton. He claims that following his advice can produce some very substantial profits.

Introduction to Betting Secrets

I won’t lie, I always love when I look at a tipster service that has taken the (arguably dubious) decision to sell their service based on a narrative. Sure, numbers and statistics are important, factual, and are the clearest way of demonstrating what a tipster service can do for you. But I’d much rather read about how you were a mechanic who wasn’t happy with his lot in life.

Which incidentally is exactly the marketing approach that Harry Barton has opted for with Betting Secrets. And just on the off chance that you missed it, I was definitely being sarcastic there. The fact of the matter is that I can tell you her and now that if you are looking for actual information on this service, the worst place that you can look is on its own web page.

Now, I’ve been in this line of work long enough that I had a rough idea what to expect from Betting Secrets having simply glanced over the copy. However, as I always say in this kind of scenario, if Harry Barton can deliver even a quarter of what he claims, you will still have a service that could well be a winner. So, let’s jump straight into it, and see if there is really anything of substance on offer here.

What Does Betting Secrets Offer?

Sometimes, tipster services are exciting to read about and engage with. They might do things a bit differently to the norm. Or they might put out reams of data that you can pour over, looking for insight into what you are getting yourself into. Other times, tipster services are seemingly so straight forward as to be dull.

And unfortunately, despite the numerous exciting claims that are made, this appears to be the case with Betting Secrets. This isn’t just me being facetious either. Every single element of Harry Barton’s service just seems to be the most generic and straight forward tipster service. Not inherently a problem, if you can back up your claims, but… Well, I’ll pick that thread up a little later.

So, what are you actually getting yourself into here? The short answer to that is about as typical a tipster service as you can expect. The logistical elements of Betting Secrets are something that I have seen plenty of times before (all from similar looking tipster services, which isn’t surprising to me at all).

This means that if you choose to subscribe to Betting Secrets, you will receive selections from Harry Barton on a daily basis. These are sent directly to subscribers, usually arriving later on in the morning. In theory, that isn’t an inherent problem, but it does have a bit of a knock on effect on two elements.

First of all, it will restrict whether or not Betting Secrets is something that is usable for you. If you are working a typical 9 to 5 job, you will struggle to get those bets on if you are receiving them at 10.30 in the morning.

Secondly, it will impact the odds that are available to you. It is a simple fact that the later in the day you are betting, the more those odds will have drifted. And given that the odds that you are backing horses at with Betting Secrets aren’t exactly prolific anyway, losing even those small returns can make a massive difference in terms of your overall profit and loss.

You see, by and large, you are looking at relatively short to, at best, middling odds. You won’t see any particularly long shots landing with Betting Secrets. This is in no small part why it is difficult getting the bets so late in the day. With this in mind, I would recommend taking full advantage of something like Oddschecker if you are going to follow Harry Barton’s advice.

Moving on to the bets, from everything that I have seen so far, you will exclusively be dealing with straight win bets. At the very least, I can say that Betting Secrets is a very simple affair. You won’t have any problems getting the bets placed with major bookies or even an exchange if you are so inclined.

You also won’t actually receive that many bets per day. You are realistically looking at just a small handful of bets. Once again, this adds to that point that at the very least, Betting Secrets is straightforward.

Less straightforward however is the staking plan involved. Not because Harry Barton uses a particularly convoluted approach though. This all really boils down to the fact that there doesn’t appear to be any staking plan at all in place for Betting Secrets. Something that is hugely problematic in my book for a number of reasons that I will come to later.

What I will say is that if I were personally following Betting Secrets, I would be looking at minimal 1 point stakes. I would also look to utilise a 100 point betting bank. At least that way, you should be able to see out about a month of losses without burning through everything. But all of that is very much a hypothetical.

Whilst we are on the topic of things that are very clearly missing, I want to talk about the strike rate for Betting Secrets, or, once again, the lack thereof. Harry Barton makes no effort to describe what kind of results you can expect from his service. There isn’t even any proofing for the service that we can use to calculate such a figure.

How Does Betting Secrets Work?

If you want to understand how Betting Secrets supposedly works, I really hope that you are prepared to take a lot of claims at face value. Because Harry Barton doesn’t actually talk about what his selection process entails at all.

Instead, we are treated to a long narrative about how Harry Barton started out visiting the track during his job as a mechanic. How he started to rub shoulders with those “people in the know”. Trainers, jockeys, professional punters. All of the usual stuff that you see with this kind of product. And of course, this supposedly started to rub off on him.

From here, we are told about how his betting improved, how he started to supplement his income with £2,000 per month, and a host of other claims. Not at all surprisingly, none of this is in any way verified or backed up by evidence. What you certainly don’t get, is any information non his approach to betting, or in fact, anything that suggests that he has any real understanding.

Combine this with a lack of proofing and it is very difficult to know what you are really getting yourself into with Betting Secrets. That is massively problematic for me as effectively, you are being asked to go off blind trust and unsubstantiated claims. Something that I am strongly against.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is just one option if you want to subscribe to Betting Secrets. This is a one time cost of £29.99 (plus VAT). This seemingly gets you access to Harry Barton’s selections for life, but this isn’t something that is really clarified. What I will say is that based off my own experiences, the life that is implied, is usually the life of the product, and that may well end up being less than 6 months.

What I will say is that Betting Secrets does come with a full 60 day money back guarantee. Whilst there aren’t a lot of good things that I think I can say about the service, I can at least say that Harry Barton advertises this quite clearly in the sales material.

What is the Rate of Return?

Now we finally come to the bottom line, which is how much you can expect to make. The claims that Harry Barton makes are plentiful, including him  making £7,000 per month, you being up more than £1,000 by the end of week one, and of course that headlining figure. Here we are told that the same selections employed by Betting Secrets made “A Whopping £85,445.89” in just one year.

Of course, you should note that none of these numbers are substantiated at all. In fact, the only evidence backing them up is a massively questionable screenshot of a William Hill Betting site with that headlining figure “in the bank”.

This is more than questionable enough in my opinion, but it isn’t the only problem that I have with this supposed income potential. There is also the fact that there is little context for this income due to the lack of a real staking plan. £85,000 could be 85 points of profit to £1,000 stakes, or 8,500 points of profit to £10 stakes. Combine this with the lack of proofing and Betting Secrets does look more than a little questionable in my opinion.  

Conclusion for Betting Secrets

So, what you have with Betting Secrets is a tipster service that is apparently an absolute bargain. Low price, huge profits. That is Harry Barton’s mantra. Except, I don’t believe for a single second that this is the case. The fact of the matter is that in my time and experience with this service, I haven’t seen anything that suggests the results are genuine or actually attainable.

Put bluntly, that isn’t good enough. Paying a small amount for a bad service is still paying for a bad service, and that is ultimately what you are going to end up doing here. I mean, in my opinion at least, Betting Secrets simply doesn’t tick a lot of boxes. And I’m not talking about complicated things either.

I can kind of understand why some tipsters might not want to give away a selection process. I don’t agree with it, but I can see why they may want to protect their intellectual property. But things like proofing are just basic. It’s not even like you can expect brilliant results on paper with something like Betting Secrets.

The results suggest that the historic figures should be incredibly strong. It’s a simple fact. You don’t make £85,000 off the back of bad results. So, with that in mind, I can’t help but wonder how bad past results might actually be. If of course there are in fact any past results on which to draw, which I don’t believe there is.

All of this sort of brings me round to the reason that I don’t believe any of these claims. Sure, they’re ridiculous. And if anybody presented Betting Secrets as it is, I would have the same doubts. But in this case, the service is being sold by a vendor that is well known to me, and historically they have just not been very good.

There is a clear template to their work and I see little reason why Betting Secrets won’t go the same way. By which I mean “Harry Barton” will probably lose money with the occasional bet coming in (because honest, he’s going to turn a corner). And at the end of the 60 day money back guarantee, support will slowly drop off.

I could be wrong. I would love to be proven wrong. Nothing would please me more than Harry Barton demonstrating his profitability and subscribers to make that £85,000 a year. But this isn’t something that tends to happen and if I’m realistic about it, I don’t see Betting Secrets breaking this pattern.

With all of this in mind, it shouldn’t come as any real surprise to learn that I don’t really recommend Betting Secrets. In theory, it sounds pretty good. But a lot of the time, when things sound too good to be true, it’s because they are.


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