Betting Supercharged Review

Betting Supercharged is a brand new piece of software that according to creator Simon Mitchell, is supposedly able to generate substantial profits for users. Furthermore, all of this is done with virtually no risk.

What does the product offer?

Where do you start with something like Betting Supercharged? For me, the answer lies, as is often the case, in the headlines. The first thing that a marketer (and I do believe this to be entirely the work of a marketer, and a questionable one at that) wants you to see is emblazoned across the top of their sales page. In the case of Betting Supercharged, it refers to the “Ground-Breaking Software That Made This Computer Science Graduate £234,089.65!”. A hell of a claim.

If you were to buy into the promotional material for Betting Supercharged, what you are getting access to is something truly revolutionary. Daily selections that are almost guaranteed to win, software created by Simon Mitchell (which is of course the best thing since sliced bread) and frankly, a whole lot of other contradictory data. Truthfully, I don’t think that whoever is actually behind Betting Supercharged knows what they wanted to offer. They just wanted to create something that sounds appealing.

In terms of what you are actually getting, Betting Supercharged operates in a very similar fashion to a tipster service. Each day you simply run the software and receive selections. What you do with them from here is pretty much up to you as not surprisingly, Simon Mitchell give very little away that is actually helpful. All you have to do is “choose your selections and the amount you wish to stake”.

When it comes to the bets themselves, Betting Supercharged is very much on the simple side of things with all bets being advised as a win bets. That having been said, if you buy into Simon Mitchell’s marketing for Betting Supercharged, changing these to each way bets will ensure that you simply don’t lose. Ever. In terms of the volume of bets, these are actually rather high with Betting Supercharged producing between 5 and 8 selections on the majority of days.

Turning to the numbers side of Betting Supercharged, things end up looking exactly as bad as you would expect. There is no specific staking plan in place. Instead, you are simply told to bet as much as you can afford to maximise your winnings. This is bad advice and a dangerous strategy with a service like Betting Supercharged.

The strike rate is something that is highly publicised and clearly one of the main selling points for Betting Supercharged as a product. Simon Mitchell claims that the average strike aret for Betting Supercharged is 96%. This is an outstanding number if I had any reason to believe it. Those few horses that don’t win will supposedly be a close second (hence saying that each way betting should in theory result in a 100% strike rate). It is worth pointing out that there is absolutely no evidence to back up this claimed strike rate. Nor is there any proofing for Betting Supercharged as a product.

How does the product work?

Betting Supercharged is very interesting in so much as it manages to tell you absolutely nothing about how things work, whilst still managing to make a ridiculously large number of claims which may sound impressive, however actually have a less than truthful ring to it. Supposedly whilst working at a call centre, Simon Mitchell simply decided that he was going to create a piece of software that would pick winners for horse races.

Of course, because he has a degree in computer science, Simon Mitchell was able to create Betting Supercharged without any problem. In terms of how it actually works, supposedly Betting Supercharged collates data from other online tipsters. This isn’t explained beyond this however and as such, I am rather sceptical about these claims. The data from these tipsters is then presumably the same numbers that are referred to where Simon Mitchell says that Betting Supercharged has also been worked on by an old university friend with a degree in mathematics.

What is the initial investment?

There is only one option for those who wish to buy into Betting Supercharged which is a one time fee of £27 plus VAT. It is worth pointing out that there is also a money back guarantee included. Unfortunately, Simon Mitchell doesn’t tell you about this. In fact, the only way that you can tell this is that the actual purchased of Betting Supercharged is processed through Clickbank.

What is the rate of return?

The profit potential for Betting Supercharged is the main selling point for the service. With claims that you can pay off debt, spoil your family and quit your job, you would likely expect Simon Mitchell to make some substantial claims and it definitely delivers. In fact, using Betting Supercharged will supposedly net you £234,089.65 over the course of the year. There is also talk of making £4,000 per week with some of the testimonials claiming to make even more than this.


You have probably figured it out by now, but Betting Supercharged is on the naff side. My suspicion is that whoever is behind this service has seen a chance to make an easy buck and the sales material does little to allay this. There are a massive number of concerning elements, none of which I find to be adequately explained.

The first place to start for me is in terms of how Betting Supercharged supposedly works. The idea of collating data from a number of different tipsters is something that I have seen before now. Unfortunately, it didn’t work then and I have very little reason to believe that it will work now either.

There is just so much about Betting Supercharged that doesn’t sit right with me and my instincts on this are rarely wrong. Truthfully, Betting Supercharged just seems to have a focus on how much money you can make, how easy it is to make said money and how low risk all of it is. This would of course all be fantastic with evidence, but outside of one particularly sketchy screenshot of Ladbrokes account, there is simply no evidence whatsoever.

With all of this in mind, I would give Betting Supercharged a very wide berth. Truthfully, there is nothing to make me believe that this is a genuine product. I certainly don’t think that you would really make any profit through Betting Supercharged. Even the fact that Betting Supercharged is apparently inexpensive shouldn’t be taken too much into account. There is only value for money in a service if it does what it claims. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that Betting Supercharged will deliver on this and as such, I can’t recommend enough giving Betting Supercharged a very wide berth.



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From: Simon Roberts