Betting Supercharged Review

Betting Supercharged is a new product from Simon Mitchell that the creator says is able to accurately generate horse racing tips that are guaranteed to make a very substantial income.

What does the product offer?

The main sales page for Betting Supercharged definitely makes it sound like you have hit the jackpot with this particular horse racing service. I am rather loathe to define what it is exactly as (outside of a probable scam) as Simon Mitchell himself doesn’t seem to know. Instead we are told respectively that Betting Supercharged is a piece of software as well as a provider of tips.

Simon Mitchell also tries to tell us that Betting Supercharged is requires no real work, can be carried out by anybody and is quick and easy to follow. What Betting Supercharged actually entails is a members area that lists a days selections for users.

Unfortunately, there is very little pattern to these (with one exception that I will explore below) with no typical number of selections or even any details on why the selections have been made.

In terms of numbers, there is no staking plan that is discussed and whilst there is a strike rate of 96% mentioned for Betting Supercharged, there is no proofing to back any of this up.

How does the product work?

If you buy into Simon Mitchell’s story, Betting Supercharged is the fruition of a joint effort between he and an old university room mate who had graduated in applied mathematics.

The pair allegedly put their heads together and created a database that analysed race tips in order to predict which horse should win a race. Again, there are no details in terms of which tipsters are looked at or even what criterion Betting Supercharged users when looking for these.

What is the initial investment?

Betting Supercharged is being sold for an apparent one time cost of £27 at the time of writing.

Fortunately, Simon Mitchell does sell Betting Supercharged through Clickbank which means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place should you find that you aren’t happy with Betting Supercharged.

It is also worth pointing out that Betting Supercharged does request you make a deposit with bookmakers Winner (who have bad reviews in their own rights) in order to get started.

What is the rate of return?

Simon Mitchell makes a pretty big claim when he says that using Betting Supercharged can make you £200,000 per year, guaranteed. With no proofing to back this up or details of staking however, I am very much sceptical of this figure.


Honestly, there isn’t a single thing about Betting Supercharged that strikes me as honest. In fact, the whole set up is suspiciously in line with a number of products that are scams I have looked at before now.

There is the connection with Winner (whom all the questionable tipster services seem to recommend), the ridiculous claims in terms of how much you can make and most importantly of all, the selections seem to be stolen. The tips that I have seen so far all just happen to match up with those issued by free tipster website

With all of this in mind, I certainly wouldn’t pay for Betting Supercharged and frankly, I would give it a very wide berth.


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Thanks very much,
Great article,i was beginning to wonder why all the major bookmakers were still trading with all these vast amounts of money going missing from their satchels
Best wishes

Sir Randeville Flash

…Give it a very wide berth indeed.

Click bank are allowing these vendors to sell rubbish and lies I am totally fed up of buying rubbish and loosing money and clickbank have now told me I cannot buy any more products from them because I ask for a refund under the 60 day refund policy what are we meant to do give these robbing vendors our money and let them keep it to keep them in business to make up more rubbish .

hi paid for supercharged bets but not getting anything

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