Betting Tips 1×2 Review

Betting Tips 1×2 is a seemingly long standing sports betting tipster service which is focused around football betting. The service is positioned as a premium tipster service and makes some very bold claims.

Introduction to Betting Tips 1×2

I don’t think that it’s any real secret that when it comes to the myriad of tipster services on the market that I’m a bit of a cynic. The fact is that I’ve been doing this for a fair old time and you really do get a feel for what is, and what isn’t… Shall we say disingenuous. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a disingenuous tipster is entirely out to rip people off or scam them. Sometimes, it can simply be a question of providing a service at the right price.

Here’s the thing. I’ve looked at expensive tipsters and betting systems and they’ve represented solid value for money. By the same token, I’ve looked at things that will end up costing you just a few quid a month that weren’t even worth that minute investment. And then you get something like Betting Tips 1×2. This is one hell of a thing. And I don’t necessarily mean that in a good way…

The fact is that this is a tipster service where there is a lot to unpack. A hell of a lot, if I’m honest. But does that inherently mean that it’s bad? Well, this is a question that doesn’t necessarily have the most straight forward of answers. So, with that in mind, let’s dive straight into Betting Tips 1×2 and see if it warrants everything that is involved.

What Does Betting Tips 1×2 Offer?

There’s a lot to cover with Betting Tips 1×2. Because in some respects, it could be argued that you’re actually dealing with multiple tipster services in one place. Now, the main focus of all of this will be the “Paid Picks” that are offered. This is what I would refer to as being the core tipster service.

And as far as tipster services go, this element of Betting Tips 1×2 is pretty straight forward. I’ll start by talking about how everything is managed. Really, this is probably what you would expect. Selections are sent out directly via email. Rather interestingly, they are also sent out on a near daily basis.

A big way that Betting Tips 1×2 is seemingly able to do this is by betting on a massive range of different football leagues. As you’d expect, there are a lot of bets that cover the main leagues. Think La Liga, the Premier League, Serie A. But there are also selections that look at a lot of more niche leagues too. Polish, Japanese, and Norwegian football all make appearances.

One of the things that is rather disappointing however is that my understanding is that Betting Tips 1×2 doesn’t really come with high quality emails. It should go without saying, there seems to be enough information to get the bets placed. But that is about the limit of it. And for my money, this is a touch problematic.

Now there are a lot of reasons for this. So, let’s start by talking about the odds involved. By and large, the proofing for Betting Tips 1×2 shows bets being backed at very low odds. Think typically no higher than around 2.5. Of course, this is about standard for football betting. So, fair enough, right?

Except we are also told in their guide to betting that you should stop betting “when none of the odds seem to be promising”. How do you know what kind of odds “are promising”? It’s a very difficult thing to know. After all, I feel like covering this kind of base is why you join a tipster service. To get the work done for you.

With this in mind, I’d probably look to be using an odds comparison site if I were following Betting Tips 1×2. As always this is very much about making sure that you’re getting the best possible returns. Something that is seemingly very important, as we’ve already touched on (although, not important enough to be explored in depth…).  

This should be all very manageable as by and large Betting Tips 1×2 will advise “over 20 VIP Singles” in a single month. That equates to less than one bet per day on average, and seemingly no days where there are more than one bet advised. Honestly, this kind of selectivity is something that I generally welcome, so some credit is due here.

In terms of the bet types, everything involved in Betting Tips 1×2 is very straight forward. You’re usually simply backing a team to win. There are also occasional bets where you’re betting on goals markets.

This leaves a few things to talk about. The first one is the staking plan. At a glance, you are given no instruction from Betting Tips 1×2 about this. However, a deeper dive into the website suggests that you should be staking between 3% and 5% of your total budget. That is a pretty bloody high number in my opinion.

Something that is spurred on by the fact that the daily tips from Betting Tips 1×2 don’t come with a strike rate. Don’t get me wrong, it would appear that the number should be relatively high, but the bets that are advised don’t exactly make this difficult. A topic I will be returning to a little later on.

Now, I’ve talked about a lot here, but these are only the Betting Tips 1×2 “Paid Picks”. There is one other element to this service that I believe is genuinely interesting and definitely deserves a look at its own. You see,  there is an additional service that looks at matches which, according to the sales material are fixed.

This is the kind of thing that you could easily dismiss, but with a 100% strike rate at some very impressive odds (mostly higher than 4.0, and all at 3.0 or above, something that is almost unheard of in football), it is seemingly rather difficult to simply pass this off.

How Does Betting Tips 1×2 Work?

There are a few elements to how Betting Tips 1×2 works. At the core of it all, we’re told that the service is made up of  “dedicated professional soccer analysts” with over 15 years of experience. Whether or not this is true… Who knows, if I’m honest. The blog posts that talk more about insight into betting aren’t great. This either belies the claims made, or it is written by somebody for whom English is a second language.

Outside of this, we’re also told about how Betting Tips 1×2 as a wider service is effectively based around 4 types of bets. The first of these I’ve talked about quite extensively, and those are the fixed matches. Honestly, there isn’t a whole lot more to say about this.

The next type of tip that we’re told about are insider tips. We are told that these are “a prediction with high confidence, justified with very good information and analysis”. Honestly, this doesn’t really tell us a massive amount.

And rather unfortunately, nor do the other descriptions. We are also told that Betting Tips 1×2 is made up of “fixed tips” which are a combination of insider tips and confident predictions, and “betting tips”. These last ones are “a high confident prediction from tipsters which is profitable in long-term use”.

Rounding all of this off is also some pretty comprehensive proofing. This goes all the way back to 2012. Whilst it isn’t the most useful proofing I’ve seen (especially in terms of a lack of charting the profit and loss, but I’ll return to that), it does at least give you an idea of what you can expect in the longer term.  

What is the Initial Investment?

Now we come to the biggest consideration that you will have when it comes to Betting Tips 1×2 and that is the price. Because, and I really will not mince my words here, it s very bloody expensive. If you want to subscribe to the paid tips, there are 3 different options available.

The first of these is a 7 day subscription. This is priced at €129. During this period of time, you’re told that you can expect “over 5 VIP bets. If you want to sign up for a 14 day period, this represents somewhat better value. It is however still very expensive coming in at €199. Finally, you can sign up for a full month at an eyewatering €329.

If you want to receive a selection for a “fixed match”, this also comes at a massive expense. For just a solitary selection, you will be asked to pay €399. That is an absurd amount of money for one tip.

What is particularly noteworthy about all of this is that there is no trial period, nor is there any money back guarantee. If you sign up for Betting Tips 1×2, you’re stuck out of pocket with it. That represents a pretty big risk to me, despite the seemingly positive results.  

What is the Rate of Return?

So, how much can you earn? That’s the big question here isn’t it. If there is enough profit potential, even those insane costs associated with Betting Tips 1×2 can be overlooked. Unfortunately, there aren’t really any claims that are made in terms of the income potential outside of a statement that the service “will guarantee a high success rate and secured profit”.

For some wider context, I’ve taken the liberty of working out what kind of profit you’d have seen over the last 3 months. Betting Tips 1×2 would have taken home 51.45 points of profit based off the odds they’ve proofed to. This means a monthly average of 17.15 points. This means that simply in order to cover your subs, you’d nee to be staking about £20 per point.

Conclusion for Betting Tips 1×2

 Let’s be honest here. From what I have seen, I don’t believe that Betting Tips 1×2 is necessarily the worst betting experience that you can have, at least in theory. There is a lot here that really looks good on paper. But when you start to break things down, I unfortunately become less and less convinced.

First things first, let’s talk about the results. 17.15 points per month as an average isn’t bad. And when it comes to those fixed bets, the potential increases somewhat substantially as there are generally much longer odds involved.

With all of that said, the biggest issues that surround Betting Tips 1×2 are firstly, the value for money. Because however you want to dress it up, it is very bloody expensive. And I’m not talking a bit more expensive than normal, but substantially more than other tipsters. Tipsters that are making a similar amount of money, but cost as much in a year as this is in a month.

The fact is that Betting Tips 1×2 is quite possibly the most expensive tipster service that I’ve looked at before. If you chose to take up the fixed bets as well, at the time of writing you’d have spent €6,153 in 2020. You don’t have to do the math to realise that this is a hell of a lot of money that you need to raise before you even start to take home some profit.

One of the other big elements of Betting Tips 1×2 is how it is how payment is handled. Specifically, it is all managed in house. Combine this with the fact that there isn’t any sort of money back guarantee or anything and it all represents a very big risk that you’re taking on. Now, then you’re dealing with a well known tipster who wants £30 per month, that isn’t so bad.

There isn’t however any information on who runs Betting Tips 1×2. And they want you to just hand over hundreds of euros per month? That just isn’t for me. In fact, there isn’t really anything here that is for me. Let’s be honest, whilst there is some consistency (which is welcome) the profits aren’t exactly worth writing home about. They certainly don’t justify the costs.

And that alone is enough that I wouldn’t look to recommend Betting Tips 1×2. There are services out there that make a similar monthly income, but you’d already be more than £5,000 up because you wouldn’t have paid out those ludicrous expenses. Combine that with the fact that whoever operates Betting Tips 1×2 goes to such lengths to hide their identities… It’s just a big no go in my opinion.


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