Betting Without Bets Review

Betting Without Bets is a new to market horse racing tipster service which is being offered by Martin Taylor. He claims that his approach to betting is unique and can generate very substantial profit.

Introduction to Betting Without Bets

Well, it seems I have been rather wrong about something for a very long time. Whenever I have talked about horse racing betting, I say that there are only really 3 types of bets. A win bet, an each way bet, or a lay bet. And generally speaking accas of these, but that is just lots of different bets in one. Which means that honestly, it is rather embarrassing to be caught with my trousers down by today’s review subject. A tipster service that is built entirely around a new (to me at least) horse racing bet type.

Now, first things first, I want to be very clear about something. Despite the name of the service, Betting Without Bets is indeed a betting service. There are very definitely bets that need to be placed. However, as Martin Taylor points out, he doesn’t back a horse to place, he doesn’t back it each way, and he doesn’t lay it. Honestly, it is all very interesting indeed, however, arguably the most interesting thing about all of this is just how much the service relies on this bet type. This is very much an “all in” kind of affair.

Honestly, I have tried to be somewhat generous with my words so far. Because whilst I can respect what Martin Taylor has done to some degree… Well, there is a lot that hangs over Betting Without Bets, and I don’t really mean in the most positive light. The fact is that I have seen far too many services come and go that simply have a bit of a gimmick. And based off everything that I have actually seen so far, that appears to be all that we are dealing with here. So, let’s do a deep dive into this and see what is what. 

What Does Betting Without Bets Offer?

Before I get into the betting element of Betting Without Bets, which is of course the main and arguably the single most important thing, I want to talk a little bit about the logistical elements. The fact of the matter is that whilst the bets matter a lot here, how Martin Taylor operates the service is equally important. After all, if you have a tipster who can’t manage a system, then that can be a no go straight off the bat.

So, what are you getting into exactly? Well, rather interestingly for this kind of thing, Martin Taylor actually seems to be at least a little bit selective in terms of how he operates his service. Whilst you will bet most days, this isn’t something where day in, day out, you are betting seemingly just for the sake of it.

With that said, much of the rest of Betting Without Bets becomes what you would expect from this kind of service. Selections are sent out to subscribers directly via email, and rather frustratingly they tend to be sent out quite late in the day. Typically speaking, Martin Taylor issues his tips around 11.30 am.

Now, that isn’t a problem in the usual sense. The betting market that Betting Without Bets employs isn’t really available until the morning anyway, it is difficult to easily compare odds with the strategy, and it is quite important to ensure that you have non-runners out of the way. However, it does mean that logistically, it may not be ideal for some people due to that narrow window between bets landing and the first race that you might be betting on. Just a little food for thought.

So, it is inevitable at this point that we must talk about the bets that Betting Without Bets utilises. And this is where things do start to become very interesting. Now, I know that Martin Taylor is very keen to hide what he is about, but ultimately, it is all pretty simple. It is simply a case of getting your head round the bet type and how it works.

First things first, I don’t mind putting the bet type out there. It isn’t like Martin Taylor is actually sat on some top secret information here. You can find the option with most bookies. And what you are dealing with are betting without bets. I will talk a little bit more about what this means when I explore how Betting Without Bets works, but they aren’t quite as mystical as they are made to sound in the sales material.

With that said, what they do is carry the potential to carry better odds than betting in other ways. Now, what I really want you to take away from that statement is that you are getting better odds. However, I also feel it is incredibly important to keep in mind the fact that they aren’t necessarily drastically better than say, backing favourites. This is in contrast to how Martin Taylor portrays Betting Without Bets.

This only really leaves the numbers side of things to talk about. First things first, let’s talk stakes. Now, Martin Taylor suggests that he backs all of his bets to level stakes, and this appears to be just £20 per bet. That all seems reasonable enough. However, it does have a massive impact in terms of the results, as I will explore a little later on.

Building on this, Martin Taylor says that his betting bank for Betting Without Bets is £1,000. Given his £20 stakes, this means that you are looking at an effective bank of just 50 points. That really isn’t a huge number. I typically like to have a bank of 100 points in order to provide a reasonable buffer for any bad runs. Something that is inevitable with almost any tipster service. As such, operating at 50 points is a little bit risky for my tastes.

Finally, I want to discuss the strike rate, or rather the lack thereof. Because Martin Taylor doesn’t actually have a whole lot to say about how often you can expect to win. Something that is quite interesting to me given the fact that he talks about not receiving payment because of a lack of racing due to Covid. This suggests that there should be at least some records somewhere. So, why not share them?

How Does Betting Without Bets Work?

At the core of Betting Without Bets is the bet type. That without bet. Effectively, what this does is removes other horses from the running and recalculates odds based on that. So, if for example you have a race in which there are two clear favourites, you can discount them and bet on which of the remaining horses will finish in the highest position. It is definitely an unconventional bet type that has a demonstrable benefit in certain situations.

And what is really key there is the fact that this is only really of benefit in certain circumstances. Those circumstances can definitely arise, but I am not sold on the fact that they are of benefit for every single race. Which rather begs the question, how is Martin Taylor finding as many races as he does where they are of benefit? And that ties into my second point about Betting Without Bets.

When you are looking at any tipster service, it is only as good as the selection process. No matter what types of bets you are using to gain that edge, if you aren’t picking good horses it just doesn’t count for much. And Martin Taylor doesn’t actually tell us anything about what the selection process for Betting Without Bets entails. At all. All of the focus is on this “secretive” bet type and how great it is.

What is quite concerning about this, in a much broader sense, is that you aren’t even getting any sort of insight into performance or anything. Sure, Martin Taylor makes his claims of income, but there is no proofing, there is no… Well, honestly, there’s nothing outside of just one or two screenshots of winning bets and some highly questionable screenshots of a bank account showing withdrawals that are supposedly from Betfair. Hardly concrete evidence.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up for Betting Without Bets, there is just one option available. And to be fair to Martin Taylor, it seems to be a very good value option. This is a 30 day subscription which is priced at £25 per month plus VAT. Interestingly, this isn’t actually a recurring payment. It does however seem to be a very reasonable cost for a tipster service. Especially when you consider that a lot of the alternatives are often £40-50 per month.

Of note is the fact that Betting Without Bets comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee. This is backed up by the fact that the service is being sold through Clickbank who are generally quite good at honouring this. What is incredibly frustrating and slightly concerning however is that Martin Taylor completely fails to mention this fact.  

What is the Rate of Return?

There are a lot of numbers that are thrown about in terms of the income potential for Betting Without Bets. There are two sets that are interesting to me though. Firstly, let’s go back to those screenshots of a bank account that I mentioned earlier. Here, Martin Taylor shows £2,5478.37, £2,230.82, and £3,290.84. All of which were deposited over 3 month periods.

We are also told that if you are following Betting Without Bets, you can expect to make £1,000 per month. A number that I am quite sceptical of given that doesn’t even line up with the results that Martin Taylor claims to have achieved. But it is more than this, because one of the key factors there is that this number is seemingly based off £20 stakes. This would mean a monthly average of 50 points, or 600 points a year. That is more than twice what most decent tipsters are pulling off.  

Conclusion for Betting Without Bets

I can honestly say that I was very pleased coming into Betting Without Bets to find something… Well, new, if I’m honest. It’s been a while since that has happened, I am especially surprised to see it coming from a service like this. But at the same time, I’m sort of not. Here’s the thing, there have been a lot of tipster services over the last 12 months or so that all claim to be taking advantage of some new niche bet type. It just seems to have been the trend. I suppose the real surprise was simply that I had missed a whole betting market.

And I will admit that the market itself has some merit. What Martin Taylor is doing is theoretically a decent approach to betting. In fact, as soon as I got my heard around the idea that Betting Without Bets is based on, and started really getting into my research, I thought yeah. This is genuinely something that can work.

Which brings me to the question of whether or not it can really work for Betting Without Bets. And here, I am much less convinced, for a number of reasons. First and foremost, whilst I can see the value in betting without, that really doesn’t mean that it is something that will work in every situation. In fact, I think to really get the most out of it, you would need to be betting very situationally.

Something that brings me to the big question of how exactly Martin Taylor is finding bets as frequently as he is. Let’s not forget that there isn’t really a single thing of substance about the selection process. In fact, if I put my hand on my heart, there isn’t really anything full stop. I have just been back and reread everything on Betting Without Bets. There is absolutely no mention of how bets are found.

That is hugely concerning, doubly so in the face of that complete lack of evidence backing up the claimed income. I have been around a fair old time in this line of work, and I can tell you this much. Screenshots are very easily doctored. Am I saying that is categorically the case here? Absolutely not. What I am saying is that I have come to question the value of them as proof that a system works.

Combine all of this with some of the shadier looking tactics and it doesn’t really bode that well for Betting Without Bets. For example, it doesn’t strike me as a coincidence that Martin Taylor says that you just have to make a payment again if you want to resign up after your 30 day membership. Of course, he also fails to mention that there is a 30 day money back guarantee in place as well, and that once your 30 day membership has elapsed, you will struggle to claim a refund from Clickbank.

Is that all a coincidence? It absolutely could be. It could all just be one coincidence after another. But I am not convinced that is the case, because really, there is just too much here that doesn’t add up. Any one thing on its own, maybe I could overlook that as a genuine tipster trying to protect their intellectual properly. But everything at once? It just seems a bit unlikely.  

I can honestly say that I am glad that Betting Without Bets landed on my desk. Because it has opened up my eyes to a new niche betting market. And for that, I am grateful. But would I spend £25 to receive Martin Taylor’s tips for a month based off said bet type? Absolutely not. This is a tipster service that I just cannot see a reason to recommend.


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