BetTrader Software Review

BetTrader is a piece of software created by Adam Todd that has been designed to streamline the trading process on Betfair for bettors/traders.

What does the product offer?

BetTrader is a downloadable piece of software from Adam Todd who has allegedly been a consistently profitable trader. BetTrader has existed in one form or another since 2005 which makes it probably one of the first Betfair trading platforms. BetTrader has been designed to display the information in a number of ways from Betfair’s standard display to ladder displays which show a large number of available bets per horse. BetTrader has been designed to work on both Macs and Windows PCs.

How does the product work?

BetTrader is linked directly to your Betfair account as part of Betfair’s API programme. This means that bets placed are handled at the same speed, if not faster than betting online. BetTrader is fully customisable and really is more of a tool meaning that it is best suited if you have an existing system that you wish to streamline processes on via things like one click betting.

What is the initial investment?

BetTrader is available on a number of price packages. These are comprised of a massively restricted free system (slower data refreshes and several modes missing), a monthly subscription of £14.99, six monthly for £75 or an annual license for £99. There are also a number of “day packages” where you can purchase a number of full days to be used at your convenience with prices starting from £5.99.

What is the rate of return?

BetTrader isn’t a direct money making product so it’s rather difficult to assess what kind of rate of return to expect. If you are used to trading on Betfair you will definitely see an improvement in response times and therefore profit, but I would ultimately expect BetTrader to produce qualitative results.


There are a number of different products like BetTrader out there from the free platform, Advanced Cymatic Trader to Betfair API’s that cost hundreds of pounds. BetTrader has a lot of solid features and looks to be a very well put together piece of software. It is a blessing for Mac users as off the top of my head this is the first trading software I have looked at that is compatible. All in all, BetTrader is fairly priced for the product and is likely worth a look if you want decent Betfair trading software.



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From: Simon Roberts