Big Boom Tennis Tips Review

Big Boom Tennis Tips is a new to market premium sports betting tipster service which specialises in finding tennis bets. The service supposedly comes from a well established team of bettors.

Introduction to Big Boom Tennis Tips

It feels like nowadays, genuine independent tipsters are few and far between. Sure, there are plenty that you will see touting some unrealistic service through Clickbank, but by and large, that is exactly what they are. Unrealistic. That doesn’t mean that the independent tipster scene is dead however.

In fact, Big Boom Tennis Tips claims to be the real deal however with a team in place who supposedly have a not inconsiderable amount of experience. Furthermore, they say, they have been helping friends and family to make money during the 15 years they have been doing this.

With absolutely no sympathy to Big Boom Tennis Tips and being entirely cynical, there are a number of reasons to doubt these claims. But the fact of the matter is that the service claims to have produced some very strong results and more than anything else, that is what we are here for.  

Combine this with arguably some of the best value on the market currently and Big Boom Tennis Tips becomes worth some pretty serious consideration in my book.

What Does Big Boom Tennis Tips Offer?

First things first, the way the service is run. Big Boom Tennis Tips is pretty far what many would perceive to be a typical affair.

This means that that whilst there are typically bets every day, the arrangement is a long way from simply receiving a straight forward list of bets that you should place, but more about this soon. Selections are sent out directly to Big Boom Tennis Tips subscribers via email, as well as being uploaded to a Member’s Whatsapp group if you are a VIP.

Moving on to the bets themselves, because honestly, this is the crux of Big Boom Tennis Tips. Each day you will receive a tip from the “£25-£1000 Challenge”. These are pretty much what they say on the tin and aim to turn a small initial amount into £1,000. As well as this, you will receive a number of accumulator bets each day.

These can include anything up to an eight fold accumulator, however rather interestingly, the odds remain relatively low. This is likely a reflection of the fact that Big Boom Tennis Tips as a service seems to favour chances of winning over the amount that you can win. The final not on the subject of the bets is that volume wise, you will likely be placing 5 bets per day.

The next thing to talk about is the staking plan that is in place for Big Boom Tennis Tips. This is a big part of the wider service and massively impacts how sustainable you will likely find everything.

All bets are advised with a level of risk ranked from 1 to 5 stars. From here, depending on the level of risk that you personally wish to take on, you are advised to bet a percentage of your betting bank. For example, on the lowest risk, you would stake 1% on a 1 star bet, going all the way up to 5% on a 5 star bet. If you wanted to follow Big Boom Tennis Tips to medium risk, these percentages would be doubled (i.e. 2% on 1 star bets).

For high risk betting, the medium risk stakes would be doubled meaning potentially betting 20% of your bank.

In terms of the strike rate, this is a difficult thing to weigh up as it all depends on the type of bet, and since they are ran separately, it makes it difficult to gauge an “overall” percentage for Big Boom Tennis Tips.

The challenge tips have had relatively mixed results whilst the accumulators have arguably performed better than expected. What I will say is that overall, you will generally win with Big Boom Tennis Tips more often than you lose. The amounts that you win are unlikely to be particularly high however.

How Does Big Boom Tennis Tips Work?

The selection process is something that isn’t really covered with Big Boom Tennis Tips and that is definitely a disappointment for me.

The sales material for Big Boom Tennis Tips says that “for over 15 years we have watched, studied and bet on tennis matches”. We are also told that “Tips are provided through vigorous research, studying players form, scanning statistics and most importantly by continuously watching the beautiful game of tennis”, and as such, you would expect there to be some sort of system.

Unfortunately, if there is, we are never given any information on what this might involve which is frustrating. Especially because I believe that as a consumer, you should have some understanding of what you are getting yourself into.

It isn’t even like the results side of Big Boom Tennis Tips helps to shed any light on things as all results are summarised in an infographic. This is great if you want a rough overview of things but it does make carrying out any form of detailed analysis a difficult process.

Furthermore, it is disappointing that given the team behind Big Boom Tennis Tips have supposedly been running the service for so long privately that we aren’t given any further insight into historic results.

What is the Initial Investment?

When you fist sign up to Big Boom Tennis Tips, you will be given access to a 2 week free trial. Once this has elapsed, there are a few different options and pricing plans available.

The first of these is a Basic service which is priced at £4.99 per month. It is also Pay as You Go and does not feature access to features handled through WhatsApp. For the VIP Pay as You Go Service which does include access to the WhatsApp group, it is just £5.99 per month. Alternatively, you can sign up for the full year for just £40.  

What is the Rate of Return?

The income potential for Big Boom Tennis Tips is something that is rather interesting. There is on outright claim of income potential, instead preferring to list the results as “Biggest Odds, Success Rate, Longest Streak, and Average Odds”, for each of the different bet types. So, for example, November says that 47% of 4 folds landed with average odds of 4.05.

Unfortunately, with no proofing, there is no way of knowing what this means in real world terms. This is one area where Big Boom Tennis Tips really disappoints in my opinion.  

Conclusion on Big Boom Tennis Tips

 Big Boom Tennis Tips is a very interesting tipster service. There are even elements of it that I would consider to be somewhat unique, at least in execution.

The option to manage your staking plan based on how risky you like to be is really quite inspired. That having been said, I would probably not look to bet at the top end there as that can very quickly diminish your betting bank.

Outside of this, the results are quite impressive, although there is some context to be considered. Or perhaps it would be better to phrase it that there is a lack of context. I really think that the results look good.

The high strike rates on the bets that come with longer odds demonstrate to me that mathematically at least, there is profit to be had here. Once again though, it does bring up the issue of not having any form of monetary value in terms of your potential income.

If Big Boom Tennis Tips was priced at even £20 per month, I would be rather wary of recommending it. The low price involved does however go a very long way to making this worthwhile. I cannot imagine how you can’t make £6 profit through this in order to cover your subscription fees, and honestly, even if you can’t, £6 is not a lot to lose.

For me, I will acknowledge that there is a strong possibility that this may not work quite as you would expect, but I do still think that Big Boom Tennis Tips is worth some consideration. Especially if you are looking for a cheap tennis addition to your betting portfolio.

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From: Simon Roberts