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Big Odds Winners Review

Big Odds Winners is a horse racing system and tipster service from Steve Davidson that favours horses with long odds.

What does the product offer?

According to Steve Davidson, Big Odds Winners helps users to bet against “the herds” and in doing so extract the most value from your betting. There are two aspects that make up Big Odds Winners. The first is the system itself in which Steve Davidson teaches you how to bet against the crowd and profit from this, this is actually comprised of 3 different methods. There is also a tipster aspect to Big Odds Winners in which Steve Davidson will send you selections for the day based off the Big Odds Winners system.

How does the product work?

Steve Davidson says that you can use the racing post to get the same results as the Big Odds Winners team which to me suggests that this isn’t going to be anything too revolutionary. Being frank there is a disappointing lack of information on the sales page foe Big Odds Winners which always find questionable The different methods are based around backing horses at different times and based on different odds, and what I can ascertain is that Big Odds Winners seems to be pretty reliant on Betfair.

What is the initial investment?

Big Odds Winners sells for £59.97 which also comes with a 2 month subscription to the tipster side of things if you buy early enough. As with all of Steve Davidson’s products there is no money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

The returns for Big Odds Winners are really dependent on the method that you employ. Method 1 has an ROI of 26% or 674 points, Method 2 has an ROI of 22% or 787 points and Method 3 has an ROI of 29% or 535 points. These results are based off a 14 month period.


Steve Davidson is upfront about the fact that you may lose money in the process of profiting through Big Odds Winners. Something that I find to be concerning. This is of course a potential problem with any money making opportunity but the fact that the creator makes reassurances means one of two things to me. The first is that he is incredibly honest, the second is that the product may not work as well as claimed. I wouldn’t like to speculate one way or another on this so I shall say that Big Odds Winners isn’t for me.

I feel that there are safer horse racing systems out there that offer similar profits with less risk.



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