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Big Profit Raider Review

Big Profit Raider is a product developed by Alex Duran. He claims that it is built on his exact methods for affiliate marketing and making money from this.

What does the product offer?

Big Profit Raider rather disappointingly doesn’t say what is on offer other than it is related to affiliate marketing. Creator Alex Duran provides a rather comprehensive list of what Big Profit Raider isn’t though. He claims that you don’t need a product, website or much in the way of start-up capital. This leaves me somewhat puzzled as to how you are supposed to market affiliate products.

How does the product work?

If I was confused about Big Profit Raider before I am left even more so when looking at the list of things that Big Profit Raider allegedly doesn’t involve. Being honest it doesn’t leave much, but given Alex Duran’s claims that it doesn’t need blogging, social media, Google or complicated SEO, I am left once more stumped as to what the marketing entails.

What is the initial investment?

Alex Duran has chosen to make Big Profit Raider available for a one off payment of $37. There is also a 60 day money back guarantee in place through ClickSure.

What is the rate of return?

Big Profit Raider is apparently able to earn Alex Duran a whopping $42,750 – $85,215 per month although he is rather quick to point out that new users will not likely earn this kind of money from their own endeavours suggesting the much more reasonable sounding $500 per month (although Alex Duran does claim that this is scalable).


There is nothing on the sales page for Big Profit Raider that really shows anything about the product. What you are instead treated to is a series of screenshots showing a profitable enterprise although with no context they could be made up in MS Paint, they are hardly complex affairs. I don’t want to dismiss Big Profit Raider as a fraudulent product because I believe that most marketers genuinely believe in what they are selling. What would have been of massive benefit for Alex Duran in this case would be a little insight into how Big Profit Raider works.



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From: Simon Roberts