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Binary Cash Creator Review

Binary Cash Creator is a piece of software by Daniel Grayson. It provides users with indicators showing when to trade binary options and in which direction.

What does the product offer?

Binary Cash Creator claims to be able to provide users with trade indicators that are almost guaranteed to make profit according to Daniel Grayson. Binary Cash Creator is designed for newbies and a lot of the marketing indicates this with the focus being on how simple Binary Cash Creator is to use and how the interface has been developed to be user friendly. Daniel Grayson claims that Binary Cash Creator is also able to trade on both long term and short term trades.

How does the product work?

Daniel Grayson says that Binary Cash Creator is tapped into a broker (despite that there are 3 that you have to use) and this somehow allows the software to get information on trades before they happen. Outside of this there is actually very little information available on how Binary Cash Creator works which is typical for this kind of product.

What is the initial investment?

Technically Binary Cash Creator is free and is advertised as such but in order to make use of the software you have to open an account with one of 3 binary brokers. These are NRG Binary, Trader XP and Banc de Binary. This will come with a minimum deposit of $200.

What is the rate of return?

Daniel Grayson claims that you can make a minimum of $586.23 every day and that by spending more time at the computer you can scale the income from this.


Binary Cash Creator seems to be a new spin on the usual binary options trading software that offers a fully automated money making system in so much as you have to make the trades yourself. Otherwise the set up is very similar and leads me to believe that the primary purpose of Binary Cash Creator is to get the marketer commissions from the binary brokers that he makes you use.

Whilst there is some evidence presented that Binary Cash Creator works I am skeptical of products of this nature and as such recommend looking elsewhere.



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From: Simon Roberts