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Binary Informer Review

Binary Informer is a piece of software created by Sean Walker or trading binary options. Binary Informer claims to be linked directly to banks servers which enables it to offer a strike rate of 96%

What does the product offer?

The product is supplied as a software that Mr. Walker claims will accurately predict trends allowing profitable trading of binary options. Also supplied is a “detailed user guide” that teaches users everything about trading binary options.

How does the product work?

At the centre of Binary Informer is the somewhat outlandish claim that the software is “connected directly to the major banks’ servers”. There is no further information provided about this but it is a claim that is frequently repeated. It is claimed using this information the software is the first to spot trends allowing you to make the correct call on the direction and profiting.

What is the initial investment?

The product appears to be free but offers a 60 day money back guarantee. This suggests that there is some upselling at a later date.

What is the rate of return?

The claimed rate of return, as is quite often the case with these sales pitches, changes quite frequently. The biggest claim is perhaps that you can make just short of $200,000 in 6 months. There is also the claim that you can make as much as $2407 in 5 minutes.


The majority of the claims made by Mr. Walker are nothing new for this kind of product. The elephant in the room though has to be the claim that the software connects to the servers of banks. This doesn’t seem to be substantiated anywhere and is precisely that no bank would allow. Furthermore the claim that this process is entirely legal leads me to believe that there is some massive exaggeration on Mr. Walker’s behalf.

Even if we ignore the incredulous nature of the claim the product does not offer enough evidence of working for my liking. The claim of accessing banks servers alone though is enough to cast doubt on the rest of the product and I am of the opinion that this is something to avoid.



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From: Simon Roberts