Binary Pro App Review

Binary Pro App is a free piece of binary options trading software created by Travis Cane. In order to gain access you must use his choice of broker, Option Financial Markets.

What does the product offer?

Binary Pro App is a downloadable piece of software that allegedly allows you to make money, entirely on auto pilot. This is a claim made despite a video that runs before the main presentation parodying these sorts of claims although this irony appears to be lost on Travis Cane. Interestingly Binary Pro App apparently comes with a built in feature that will shut down the bot once you have lost a certain amount of money (that you can set). In order to use Binary Pro App you must make an account with Travis Cane’s chosen broker which rather sets alarm bells ringing for me.

How does the product work?

Allegedly, Binary Pro App draws on the 10 years of trading experience that Travis Cane claims to have, and this is likely the source of most of the trading techniques that it uses although this is somewhat speculative on my behalf. The reality is that there is very little information about how Binary Pro App actually works.

What is the initial investment?

Binary Pro App is advertised as a free piece of software and whilst this is technically true, you do have to make a minimum deposit through Options Financial Market in order to get your copy which will cost $250.

What is the rate of return?

Travis Cane claims that by using Binary Pro App, you can expect to make $10,000 per month and that this is scalable to make as much as $50,000.


There are a lot of bold claims made about Binary Pro App and like most pieces of binary options trading software of this ilk, no evidence to back it up. The most likely situation here is that Travis Cane gets commissions from Options Financial Market in exchange for signing up new users. All in all this kind of software rarely works and Binary Pro App looks to be no different.

I would recommend avoiding this as the most likely outcome is that you will end up out of pocket allowing Binary Pro App to trade automatically.



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From: Simon Roberts