Binary Pro Cloner Review

Binary Pro Cloner is a piece of binary options trading software that the creator, Aaron Green says mimics the exact trades he uses to make his money.

What does the product offer?

Binary Pro Cloner is a piece of binary options trade cloning software. What this translates into is software that creator Aaron Green says will place the same trades for you that he personally makes. Based off his claims this means 30 years of experience and a 91% strike rate. The service is free but does require users to sign up with an approved broker, in this case Amber Brokers.

How does the product work?

Aaron Green claims that Binary Pro Cloner is able to take the trades that he makes and apply them in real time to your broker account. The trades are based on Aaron Green’s claimed experience and knowledge of market trends.

What is the initial investment?

Binary Pro Cloner is free to access but in order to use the software you have to make a minimum deposit with Amber Brokers. Based off what Aaron Green says this is likely to be around $250.

What is the rate of return?

Aaron Green claims that he generates an ROI of 4% daily, and that by employing Binary Pro Cloner you can expect the same results.


Binary Pro Cloner appears to be nothing more than a new spin on an existing generation of products that offer users a way of making money, for free, with a piece of binary trading options software. Historically these have been bots but with the case of Binary Pro Cloner it puts a slightly different spin on things. What it doesn’t address however are the usual issues with a product of this nature such as the complete lack of evidence that it works.

The fact that you have to use a certain broker generally implies that the marketers are getting a referral commission for sending you to the brokers. As always I recommend the avoidance of products like these as I don’t believe that they truly work.



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From: Simon Roberts