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Bitcoin Millionaire

Bitcoin Millionaire is a piece of Bitcoin trading and mining software created by Jason Ducker.

What does the product offer?

Bitcoin Millionaire is a piece of trading software that Jason Ducker claims making Bitcoin trading easy, simple and profitable. The software is claimed to produce rapid fire profits with an easy simple installation process that should make it ideal for newbies.

How does the product work?

Jason Ducker says that Bitcoin Millionaire uses both trading and mining of Bitcoin. For those who aren’t aware of how Bitcoin works, it is a virtual currency that has a value determined by the amount it trades for on the market. Mining bitcoins involves solving mathematical problems with the end result being an amount of bitcoins being distributed to the people who crack it. Jason Ducker claims that Bitcoin Millionaire is the first piece of software to combine both of these practices.

What is the initial investment?

Bitcoin Millionaire is available for just $7 although this price is allegedly limited to the first hundred buyers. After this, Jason Ducker says that he will raise the price to $297 with a view to removing it from the market once he has sold 1000 copies. There is a money back guarantee in place with Jason Ducker saying that if you are unhappy with the product you will receive a refund of $14.

What is the rate of return?

Jason Ducker claims that you can earn as much as $23,432.22 per day using Bitcoin Millionaire.


I don’t believe for one minute that Bitcoin Millionaire does what it advertises. Bitcoin is something I have followed with a casual interest since its inception back in 2009. The idea that his software can help you mine bitcoins is to be frank, ludicrous. Even a basic mining rig will cost you upwards of $500 and that is essentially a PC custom built to deal with the mathematical problems that are generated. Groups who make a living from mining will often have server racks full, all working in air-conditioned rooms to maximise efficiency. Compare that to even the most powerful desktop computers and you see why that claim can be easily debunked. In terms of trading Bitcoin as a whole is currently experiencing some massive fluctuations and at present doesn’t represent a stable investment.

This information combined with the flagrant lack of information provided by Jason Ducker makes Bitcoin Millionaire a product that I would look to avoid.



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From: Simon Roberts