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BizXpress Review

BizXpress is a WordPress plugin that will allegedly help you to create a successful online business that uses WordPress websites.

What does the product offer?

BizXpress is a combination of different tools and training, bundled together into a WordPress plugin. Very crudely BizXpress is broken down into 10 stages that provide a step by step process for starting to build your business. This covers things like identifying a niche, content generation and monetisation. This is supported by a number of tools that BizXpress provide including Brainstorm It!, a combination brainstorming, niche picking keyword researcher. As well as this BizXpress constantly update based on the latest information and trends. Finally, there is support from other BizXpress users in the BizXpress Forums.

How does the product work?

BizXpress has been designed to streamline the process of starting an online business by breaking everything down into manageable chunks and providing the necessary tools to implement what is taught. This has foundations in an alleged 13 years of experience in building online businesses. Ultimately you will likely use what BizXpress teaches to either launch your own product or perhaps start a business as an affiliate marketer.

What is the initial investment?

BizXpress is on an annual subscription which will cost $149 per year. There is no mention of a money back guarantee so I wouldn’t anticipate there being anything like this in place.

What is the rate of return?

BizXpress doesn’t advertise how much you can expect to make but I feel that a pretty reasonable statement is that as this is a new business opportunity, you will generally get out of it what you choose to invest, particularly in terms of time and effort.


BizXpress has a very well produced website and frankly, this is reassuring. The problem is that I don’t see what is really included in the content that warrants the costs involved. I am pretty certain that you could purchase a training guide and the relevant tools for a similar cost to BizXpress. The difference is that you would then be looking at a product that you only pay for once and (in most cases) allows you to reclaim a refund should you be unhappy with you product.



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From: Simon Roberts