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BleuPage Review

BleuPage is a Facebook marketing tool developed by Dave Guindon and Bobby Walker that allows users to create their own customised Facebook marketing content.

What does the product offer?

BleuPage is a piece of Windows and Mac compatible software that provides a number of different features to Facebook marketers, all of which are fully customisable. For example you can use BleuPage to create Facebook fanpages with a difference. Using a built in creator tool you can customise the look of your page with a simple drag and drop interface. Arguably the most important part of BleuPage lies in the fact that you can create your own custom posts. Dave Guindon and Bobby Walker have created BleuPage so that when you make a post you can post almost whatever you want including things like opt in forms, videos and images. They go on to say that as this can also be used to produce organic viral traffic or build your email list as BleuPage gives you the option to make people share your post or provide an email to view your content. To help you manage this you get full access to analytical data for your posts .

How does the product work?

There are 2 main uses for BleuPage that I have touched upon above. Firstly and arguably the most important to a marketer who doesn’t rely solely on Facebook, you can use it as a method of building a list through the email capture gates and opt in forms. You could also follow Dave Guindon and Bobby Walker’s advice of creating viral traffic for your posts which I feel would be best suited to building numbers on your Facebook fanpage.

What is the initial investment?

You are invited by Dave Guindon and Bobby Walker to try BleuPage for a week with no payment required which is a nice touch. Once this has elapsed you can buy a license to BleuPage for $47 for the year or $9.99 monthly. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee in place although this only seems to be vendor backed.

What is the rate of return?

There is no advertised rate of return and realistically this is a difficult thing to try and gauge. BleuPage is not a direct money making product so much as a tool. In this regard it appears to do everything that it says and works well. With that in mind, there is some potential to grow your business leads however there is no real way of saying how this would translate into a dollar value.


If you use Facebook marketing a lot and perhaps most importantly have a large and trusted following then BleuPage has quite a lot to offer. The main type of marketing that Dave Guindon and Bobby Walker push is the idea of posting on peoples walls and your posts spreading naturally. There is definitely some merit to this but it all depends on how established you are in a niche. If you have even 100 people following you there is definitely potential in this kind of marketing however if you are starting out or aren’t overly reliant on Facebook then BleuPage is ultimately going to be an expensive addition to your tool box that you probably won’t use.



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From: Simon Roberts