12 Feb: SES Ratings Review

SES Ratings is a product by Mark Andrews that is designed to show bettors what the “true odds” are on a given football game. What does the product offer? SES Ratings provides uses specialist software to create what Mark Andrews refers to as “true odds” for a football game. The odds provided are for a large variety of leagues ranging from the English Premier League through to La Liga and the Bundesliga. There is also information provided for…

12 Feb: Race Advisor Review

Race Advisor is a blogging website operated by Michael Wilding. The website covers a number of different aspects of horse racing and betting systems. What does the product offer? Michael Wilding’s blog, Race Advisor, is the culmination of his many years of studying horse racing and represents the sum of his knowledge. The website covers a variety of topics and the quality of content is exceptional, especially given that there is no charge for access. Although many of…

12 Feb: Automated Tipster Review

Automated Tipster is a piece of software created by Nicholas Firth that collates and analyses tips from a number of services. What does the product offer? Automated Tipster is claimed to be able to produce the best tips possible by scanning and analysing other tipsters tips and looking for certain patterns. Nicholas Firth claims that his software will provide you with fully automated selections and an all in one backing system. The software also comes with a full…

10 Feb: Backlink Commando Review

Backlink Commando is a product provided by Sean Donahoe that uses backlinks to increase a websites search engine rankings. What does the product offer? Backlink Commando is essentially a WordPress plugin that helps users build backlinks to other websites. Using Backlink Commando is claimed to be pretty simple with Sean Donahoe saying that it is a one click product. He claims that you can expect to automate your link building process, provide high quality links and also natural…

10 Feb: Binary Options Cashback Reivew

Binary Options Cashback is a website that offers you cashback when you deposit through their affiliated Binary Brokers. What does the product offer? Binary Options Cashback offers anywhere between $100 and $200 depending on the binary broker that you choose to use. The brokers that you use are restricted to “the six largest binary options brokers in the world and they are all regulated”. The cashback is paid via bank transfer or PayPal 30 days after the deposit…

10 Feb: Forex Abode Review

Forex Abode is a free to access website that covers all aspects of Forex trading. What does the product offer? What doesn’t Forex Abode offer? If it is related to Forex then there is a high chance that somewhere on Forex Abode there is information available on it. The site is massive and every page has something interesting to read. There are fundamentals of trading, information and predictions on currency pairs right through to the psychology of trading….

10 Feb: Cash for Codes Review

Cash for Codes is an affiliate marketing method that uses copy and pasting developed by Thomas Buckman. What does the product offer? Cash for Codes provides users with information on how they can generate income through copying and pasting a single line of code. Thomas Buckman says that his system is ideal for those with no experience in affiliate marketing and that in fact it is beneficial if you approach Cash for Codes with a clear mind.

10 Feb: Winners Down Under Review

Winners Down Under is a tipster service offered by Daley James that offers tips on Australian football games. What does the product offer? Winners Down Under offers users one bet every day usually offering a win, lose or draw selection. These are sent out by email and will usually be with subscribers before 10am. Daley James recommends using bet 365 or Betfair for placing bets but says that his tips can be used at any major betting establishment….

10 Feb: FAPTurbo 2.0 Review

FAPTurbo 2.0 is a Forex trading robot created by Steve Carletti. The software trades a number of currencies as well as Bitcoin. What does the product offer? FAP Turbo 2.0 is a piece of software that users can install on their own PCs or operate on servers hosted by Steve Carletti. The software allegedly automatically trades on Forex markets covering a number of different currencies. It is also specially designed to trade on Bitcoin according to Steve Carletti….

10 Feb: Betting Mole Review

Betting Mole is a tipping service for horse racing offered by Julian Bell. What does the product offer? Betting Mole offers users a number of tips daily via email. The tips are sent out by Julian Bell who is the creator of the system. Unfortunately there is very little information available about Betting Mole with most of the sales page being dedicated to talking about how Betting Mole can bring down the bookies and the other half talking…