19 Feb: Andrew Reynolds Review Cash On Demand Marketing

Andrew Reynolds is an internet marketer most people have heard of, and is well known for his publications. What does the product offer? Andrew Reynolds has offered a variety of different products, although he is probably best known for his Cash On Demand Modules product. The course was offered in monthly modules at a cost of approximately £25 per month. How does the product work? Cash On Demand was aimed at those new to internet marketing, and offered…

19 Feb: AdSense Avalanche Review

AdSense Avalanche is a product by Ron Rule that teaches users how to create made for AdSense websites. What does the product offer? AdSense Avalanche comes in the form of a 33 page PDF ebook that covers setting up a WordPress website and optimising this for AdSense. Ron Rule says that using AdSense Avalanche isn’t complicated and requires no web design or coding, no search engine optimisation or list building. The core of AdSense Avalanche is utilising high…

18 Feb: Oxfordshire Press Review

Oxfordshire Press are a publisher created by Dave Gibson that provides a number of money making solutions. What does the product offer? Oxfordshire Press off a number of different money making solutions. These are based primarily around two different channels. The first are tipster services that are provided through Dave Gibson’s team and Oxfordshire Press’ resident tipster Mr. X. The second main method is through competition services.

18 Feb: Race Ace Select Review

Race Ace Select is a horse racing betting tipster service that says that you don’t need any knowledge of horse racing. What does the product offer? Race Ace Select is a subscription based tipping service with daily emails sent out to subscribers advising on Race Ace Selects selections. These emails are sent out before 10.30am which should allow plenty of time for bets to be placed directly with a bookmaker or online.

18 Feb: Safelist Pirate Review

Safelist Pirate is a piece of software by Stefan Van Der Vlag that automates the process of using safe list websites. What does the product offer? Safelist Pirate comes complete with a PDF training manual, video training and access to a private members area. According to Stefan Van Der Vlag you can expect to be able to send out thousands of emails to hundreds of thousands of people. He claims that using this sales list to make money.

18 Feb: Easy AW Profits Review

Easy AW Profits is an all-weather horse racing betting system devised by Ryan Sunderland. What does the product offer? Easy AW Profits uses Ryan Sunderland’s alleged 10 years of betting and horse racing knowledge to generate profit. The product covers the four all-weather tracks in the UK (Wolverhampton, Southwell, Kempton Park and Lingfield) . Ryan Sunderland claims that Easy AW Profits users only need to follow a few simple rules and steps in order to get their selections….

18 Feb: Instant Site Uploader Review

Instant Site Uploader is a website creation tool and marketing product developed by Aaron Danker. What does the product offer? Instant Site Uploader gives users access to a number of different templates for creating websites as well as a number of products that are made available with resell rights. Creator Aaron Danker claims that Instant Site Uploader streamlines and simplifies the process of creating an online business.

18 Feb: Bitcoin Millionaire

Bitcoin Millionaire is a piece of Bitcoin trading and mining software created by Jason Ducker. What does the product offer? Bitcoin Millionaire is a piece of trading software that Jason Ducker claims making Bitcoin trading easy, simple and profitable. The software is claimed to produce rapid fire profits with an easy simple installation process that should make it ideal for newbies.

18 Feb: Warrior Profits Mastermind Review

Warrior Profits Mastermind is a training guide by Robert Ambos that is designed to teach users how to use the Warrior Forum to market their products. What does the product offer? Warrior Profits Mastermind teaches users how to sell products through the Warrior Forum and the War Room. This comes in the form of a series of 11 training videos hosted by creator Robert Ambos. It is worth noting that many of the screen grabs used are from…

18 Feb: Magnet Marketing System Review

Magnet Marketing System is a training course on marketing developed by Dan Kennedy. What does the product offer? Magnet Marketing System comes over 12 audio CDs as well as providing transcripts of said CDs. Dan Kennedy says that his course will teach users how to generate new leads and sales using his marketing techniques. There are also 3 bonuses provided in the form of a 4 CD set featuring more of Dan Kennedy’s work and techniques, there is…