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Blueblood Racing Tipster is a horse racing tipster service that is being offered through the Tipsters Empire stable of tipsters. There is a lot here that is incredibly impressive with some strong looking results.

Introduction to Blueblood Racing Tipster

I like to think that it takes quite a lot to impress me when it comes to betting. Now, I’d like to pretend that this has everything to do with having an analytical brain and an innate understanding of the sport. But that would be a lie. The fact of the matter is that whilst I do have an understanding, it has been hard work and comes from a long time of exposure. This is all quite important to keep in mind, because… well, today’s review subject is hugely impressive. There is a lot here that sounds truly incredible. And that is exciting.

You see, Blueblood Racing Tipster delivers in a number of ways. Of course, the results look pretty decent. Tipsters Empire make some strong claims both in terms of the points/cash profit and the ROI. There is also a strike rate that seems to be incredibly good looking for a service with the variety of bets that are involved here. As well as that, the eponymous “Blueblood” provides an incredibly comprehensive service that means ultimately, you will always understand what you are doing and why.

As if all of that isn’t enough, the background of “Blueblood” is immense. There is a lot made of the history of the tipster behind Blueblood Racing Tipster and if it is all above board and genuine, I can see little reason why you wouldn’t want to do this. The pedigree on show here is incredible, and here’s the thing, I see little reason to doubt Tipsters Empire on all of this. I really do believe that it is all what it is claimed to be. So, this should be a nice simple thing, right? A sure recommendation and all that. Well, I’m not quite sure it is that black and white. So let’s look at why.  

What Does Blueblood Racing Tipster Offer?

The first thing to address with Blueblood Racing Tipster is of course what is on offer. And as I’ve already touched upon, this is probably one of the single most complete and impressive services as an offering that I can recall seeing for some time. And it applies in a number of ways, so I will be pointing out all of these positives as I work through the review. But I want to start (as I often do) with the logistics.

You see, when you are dealing with a tipster service, things are usually… well, they’re lacking. Which is an admittedly vague term, but what I mean by this is that tipsters seem to enjoy doing the bare minimum. Unfortunately, this often means that as a punter, you end up with a horse name and a race, and that’s it. Tipsters Empire seem to be aiming for a much higher standard with Blueblood Racing Tipster.

Yes, of course you get the details of the horse that you are supposed to be betting on (wouldn’t be a tip without it).  But you also get so much more. All of the information that you require to place a bet is provided via Blueblood Racing Tipster, including details of the odds you should be aiming for. You might expect that this kind of thing is standard, but it isn’t. And furthermore, whilst I’m on the subject, the odds do actually seem to be attainable as well.

This is all aided by the fact that selections are sent out directly via text to Blueblood Racing Tipster subscribers the evening before racing starts (usually between 5.45pm and 6.30pm). You are often given even more time when there are big festivals on. This gives you plenty of time to get bets placed and ensure you are getting the best odds. Also included is a link to the selections, and this is where things get really good.

Because where Blueblood Racing Tipster really breaks the mould though is in the provision of full write ups on bets. Effectively, the way that Tipsters Empire are operating this, you get a paragraph from “Blueblood” in which they tell you exactly why a horse has been selected. This is what I refer to as the Gold Standard when it comes to tipster services. Unfortunately, not something you get to see all that often.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the bets that you are placing. There is a healthy combination of win and each way bets. As you would expect, the bigger the bet, the more risk that is being taken on, the more likely you are to be backing a bet on an each way basis. This is something that I actually really like to see. It is a sensible approach.

Especially when you look at the odds which, honestly, have a huge amount of range. You might be backing a horse on an each way basis at odds of 41.00 one day, and backing a horse at odds of 2.88 the next (with a reasonable average of 6/1). This eclectic mix strongly links in with the idea that there is a value component to Blueblood Racing Tipster, something that is at least somewhat confirmed when looking at how it works.

Now, as you might expect from a service with a huge range of odds and an eclectic mix of actual bet types, the stakes are an equally eclectic mix. These can range from staking just 0.3 points all the way up to 2 points on a given bet. And whilst Blueblood Racing Tipster is generally quite low volume, you should keep in mind that you can get up to 4 bets on a given day, which can add up.

Finally, I want to mention the strike rate. Tipsters Empire say that this comes in at 40.07%. Of course, this is a massively impressive number, especially considering those average odds. Unfortunately, the nature of Blueblood Racing Tipster is such that there can still be moderate losing streaks. Ultimately, this is part of the betting, however, it is important to me to be clear that you don’t win like clockwork here.

How Does Blueblood Racing Tipster Work?

So, how does Blueblood Racing Tipster “work”. Well, there is the obvious answer to this which comes in the form of those comprehensive writeups that you receive each day. There is no denying that you can’t get any better in terms of information than a tipster literally telling you exactly why they have picked that horse. And given that these tend to be incredibly detailed, it only adds to this as a clear positive.

But there is more to it than this in my opinion. You see, we are told that the eponymous “Blueblood” who is behind this comes from a long and storied past that allows them a lot of insight into horse racing. Tipsters Empire have a huge statement from the tipster on this on the sales page, and I would encourage you to read it. But I will give you the cliff notes here, just so that we can truly understand what we’re getting into.

Effectively, they come from a horse racing family through and through. This includes a Father who had the tipster behind the service reading the small print form to him, to a Mother who came from a mathematical background and had partner ownership in a number of horses. What I like though is that we are outright told that Blueblood Racing Tipster doesn’t just rely on statistics. Whilst this can be a good starting point, it doesn’t have to be the be all and end all. Something that Blueblood Racing Tipster sems to be built on.

All of that is backed up by a strong theme that there should be value in all bets. Something that I wholeheartedly agree with. Importantly, Blueblood Racing Tipster seems to deliver on this. The proofing that Tipsters Empire provide shows bets winning at a range of odds, but importantly, you are rarely dealing with favourites. Where this is a strong positive as a bettor, is you can easily look at this and make an informed decision of what you are actually getting into. Something you can’t say for all tipster services.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to Blueblood Racing Tipster, there are a huge number of options that Tipsters Empire have available. Each of these differ drastically in terms of the value and outlay. First things first, let’s talk about the “full options”. This starts with a monthly subscription which is priced at £34.99 per month. Next, there is a quarterly subscription which is priced at £87.50 every 3 months.

If you want the best value, you do have to sign up to longer subscriptions. This means a 6 month subscription at £157.50 (£26.25 per month) or a 12 month subscription which has an outlay at £279.99 (£23.33 per month).

As a final note, whilst Tipsters Empire do not offer a money back guarantee on their services, it is noteworthy that new customers can try Blueblood Racing Tipster out for 28 days for a one time cost of £2.99. This is a rather generous offering, and in my opinion gives you more than enough time to decide if the service is something that will work for you.

What is the Rate of Return?

At the time of writing this, Blueblood Racing Tipster is sat at a profit of 149.14 points. With proofing starting in late January, this is a very impressive looking number. It certainly means that there is potential for this to be a 300 point year (an exceptionally strong result). The average monthly profit is coming in at just shy of 25 points, and the ROI is an impressive enough 29.27%. Unfortunately, this isn’t the whole picture…

On the 31st of March, Tipsters Empire’s proofing shows that Blueblood Racing Tipster hit a profit of 113.9 points. This means that we’re looking at close to 4 months since then that have seen an increase of 35.24 points. That is a huge drop in results. Don’t get me wrong, there is still consistent growth there (with one minor losing month of 4 points), but if you get into this expecting consistently big months you probably will be disappointed.

Conclusion for Blueblood Racing Tipster

I always talk about long term profits when it comes to betting. And I will die on the hill that ultimately this is what you should always aim for. But contrary to how some tipsters like to try and paint a picture, simply turning a small profit isn’t necessarily enough. Blueblood Racing Tipster is a great example of this, so bear with me and I’ll explain.

Over 4 months, Blueblood Racing Tipster has made an average monthly profit of 8.81 points. This could be down to a bad run of form, it could be simply bad luck. These things do in fact happen. But here’s the thing. Let’s say you are paying your monthly subs of £34.99 and you’re betting to £10 stakes (a number I always use as standard for this kind of calculation as I believe it to be a “reasonable” number). That means you’re actually taking home a shade over £50.

Now, that isn’t necessarily bad. It isn’t, after all, like you have to do a huge amount to make that money. But one of the biggest questions in my mind is a simple one. Could your money be working harder for you elsewhere? It isn’t just a question of whether or not Blueblood Racing Tipster is good enough as an individual thing. Is it good enough compared to the competition?

4 months is a decent period of time, and the blunt truth is that there are plenty of tipsters and systems on the market that have outperformed Blueblood Racing Tipster. What this means is that you do have to look at something like this from a very long term prospect, and the reason I am always keen to point out these trends in form isn’t because I derive pleasure from it, but because I know there are a lot of people who will have bowed out after a few months of minimal profit.

Here’s the bottom line for me. I don’t think Blueblood Racing Tipster is a bad product. Anybody who can turn almost 120 points of profit in a few months, using sensible stakes, isn’t somebody to be written off. Especially not when that tipster is really operating their service to the highest possible standard. Ultimately, I think Tipsters Empire are onto something here.

But investing in it here and now just doesn’t seem like a prudent move to me. Don’t get me wrong, I would absolutely want to keep an eye on this. I believe that “Blueblood” really does have an understanding of horse racing. But the truth is this isn’t the only service that at the time of writing hasn’t quite performed. So, when (or if) that turnaround happens, then this will be worth some consideration.  


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