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Bob Marley Bets Review – BetInfo24

Bob Marley Bets is a new to market horse racing tipster service which is being operated by the BetInfo 24 stable of tipsters. It has produced some strong and consistent results in its initial run.

Introduction to Bob Marley Bets

Ok, I want to address the elephant in the room to start things off. I have absolutely no idea why Bob Marley Bets is named as it is. I know that the selections aren’t coming from Bob Marley himself, for… well, obvious reason really. And this isn’t something that BetInfo 24 actually explain either. Which is frustrating to say the least

The mystery is only compounded by an image of the outline of the country of Jamaica, boldly emblazoned with their national flag. So… maybe the tipster behind the service is from the Caribbean Island? I don’t know. The worst of it is that it isn’t even pertinent. But I will be honest, now knowing has really got under my skin.

None the less, there are some impressive looking results here, and as such, I will put aside my megalomaniacal desire to know everything. Because what BetInfo 24 are offering in Bob Marley Bets is a very good looking horse racing tipster service that has really delivered based off their historic results. The question is whether this momentum can be maintained.

What Does Bob Marley Bets Offer?

So, despite the enigmatic name, what are you actually getting from Bob Marley Bets? The short answer to this is a pretty straight forward, but seemingly solid looking horse racing tipster service. There is a fair amount of variety to the service (as you will see), but by and large, it doesn’t do anything that over complicates matters.

I want to open by talking about the bets themselves as this nicely highlights my point. By and large, Bob Marley Bets concerns itself with straight win bets, however it is worth noting that there are also a few each way bets that are advised as well. All of this is nice and straight forward, as is the volume of bets. You are typically looking at just two or three bets per day.

Now, where things start to become more interesting is when you look at the odds that BetInfo 24 show in their proofing. With a decent amount of data to draw upon, you can see that odds range from evens, however they go all the way up to quite long odds that are well into double digits. This should allow for a decent mix of steady, and big wins.

Whilst the bets are all straight forward, the logistics of Bob Marley Bets are arguably a little less so. This is mostly down to the fact that there doesn’t appear to be a massive amount of structure to how BetInfo 24 are operating things, particularly in terms of time bets are issued (which if I’m honest, if the tipster behind the service is from Jamaica as I suspect, this would make a lot of sense).

This isn’t strictly speaking a daily tipster service. Whilst selections will be available most days, there have been a few days where BetInfo 24 have advised that there are no tips available. This isn’t really a problem in my book as I’d rather have a day without betting than betting for the sake of it.

As you would expect, on those days where selections are available, they are sent directly to subscribers via email. There is that massive variation in the timing with Bob Marley Bets though. This can mean that one day you can receive tips on the morning of racing. Alternatively, you can receive them relatively early evening the day before.

I personally don’t see this as being a deal breaker, however I will acknowledge that it might not work out for people who have a stricter schedule to keep than I. As such, I think that it is something that definitely bears mentioning and does carry some importance.

One of the things that I really want to talk about is the staking plan for Bob Marley Bets. It is a varied affair which is effectively composed of staking anywhere from one point on a bet (or 0.5 points each way) all the way up to four points on a bet. I will admit that this isn’t necessarily the most extreme staking plan I have seen, however there are some things that stand out.

Mostly, this is down to the fact that whilst you would typically expect to see those higher stakes advised on shorter odds, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Instead, there is seemingly very little in the way of consistency here. In and of itself, I might not see this as a problem, however there are elements of Bob Marley Bets that I find rather worrisome (but I will come to that).

This is especially applicable in my book when you factor in that there is a recommended betting bank of just 50 points with Bob Marley Bets. Whilst this definitely makes it sound affordable, it does mean that during losing periods, you can see your betting bank decimated. A real example of this is a period which saw losses of 30 points in just a few days. 

Finally, I want to discuss the strike rate. BetInfo 24 refer to a “High Strike Rate” which has been produced with a “very impressive level of consistency”. Unfortunately, my research into the actual numbers paints a bit of a different picture. Of 404 bets that were actually placed (there have been some none runners), 288 of them have been losing bets.

This means that over the course of proofing for Bob Marley Bets, the strike rate comes out at just 28.7%. Now, I have seen much worse than this, and I will admit that the numbers are influenced by a particularly bad August, but whilst far ranging, the odds don’t support this low a number in my book.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that in the last month (referring back to that bad August), Bob Marley Bets has encountered some very frequent losing streaks. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that is unique to this month with BetInfo 24’s proofing showing that losing 10 bets in a row can be a relatively frequent occurrence having happened several times historically.

How Does Bob Marley Bets Work?

Now we come to one of my biggest problems with Bob Marley Bets which is the lack of information on what the selection process entails. BetInfo 24 simply don’t say anything about what you can expect here and that is definitely a problem for me. Especially given factors like the lack of a consistent time for selections being issued and some very mixed results.

Sure, there is arguably some mitigating factors here in the fact that BetInfo 24 do provide some very comprehensive proofing. As such, you can look at the results for Bob Marley Bets and get a decent overview of what you can expect, but for my money, that just isn’t enough.

The fact of the matter is that as a consumer, you should have some understanding of what you are getting yourself into. Especially if you are going to sink money into something whilst you wait for it to turn a profit. You wouldn’t leave your savings with a financial advisor who couldn’t tell you why he had invested in stocks, for example.

In the case of Bob Marley Bets, there simply isn’t any information which allows you to do that. Whilst I can appreciate BetInfo 24 are looking to protect their tipsters, they also need to offer some consideration for their customer base as well. And following a tipster through a particularly bad month is something I would only do if I know that there is a decent process underpinning their selections.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two different options available if you want to subscribe to Bob Marley Bets. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced very reasonably at £23.99 per month (plus VAT). It is worth noting that if you choose this option, you get a 14 day trial which will cost you just £3 as an upfront fee.

Representing better value, despite a large outlay, is the quarterly subscription which is offerxzed at £57.99 (again, plus VAT). This represents just £19.33 per month which means a decent saving over the course of a year.

As well as this trial period, BetInfo 24 offer a number of different guarantees for Bob Marley Bets. First things first, there is a full 30 day money back guarantee. This is backed up by the fact that the service is being sold through Clickbank. Secondly, if you take the quarterly option, we are also told that if you don’t make a profit in that period, you will get another 3 months of tips for free.

What is the Rate of Return?

Bob Marley Bets is being sold off the back of a frankly, very good run between March and mid-August. This saw a consistent run of profits culminating in some 240 points. There is no getting around the fact that even with the staking plan that is in place, that isn’t something to be sniffed at. Unfortunately, the story in terms of the income doesn’t stop there.

There has been a very strong downswing in terms of the results which have culminated in BetInfo 24’s proofing demonstrating a profit of 202.36 points at the time of writing. This still isn’t a bad result for 5 months of selections, however the downswing in results is quite substantial. As I will discuss properly shortly, this is far from the be all and end all though.

Conclusion for Bob Marley Bets

Honestly, I am by and large very impressed with what BetInfo 24 are offering in Bob Marley Bets. The results are actually pretty decent and I feel like they do a good enough job of speaking for themselves. 202 points of profit in 5 months isn’t bad at all, even if it does lean on that staking plan a little bit.

There are a number of other positives that I want to talk about with Bob Marley Bets, but I do want to get to the last few weeks of results. When I started skimming through the proofing, I was incredibly disappointed to see the losses mounting up the way that they have. A loss of nearly 40 points in just a few weeks is very substantial, especially with that 50 point betting bank.

With that having been said, I also have to be fair to Bob Marley Bets and say that ups and downs are just a part of the tipster game. Whilst I remain on the hunt for a tipster who can provide a profit month on month, the reality of the situation is that this just isn’t likely to happen. So, how much weight do you put to a few bad weeks when there are months of positives?

Now, I wouldn’t dismiss this kind of run out of hand. The fact of the matter is that BetInfo 24 don’t tell us anything about how these bets are being identified and that is a very definite problem. With understanding of why bets have been selected, I think it is much easier to roll with the punches when a service hits those bad spells.

Personally, I would be inclined to give Bob Marley Bets a few months to see whether or not this is a genuine unfortunate run, or a tipster finally running out of luck with their system (again, that lack of information puts you at the mercy of time and data). A good tipster service can turn themselves around, and in many respects, I see no reason that this shouldn’t be good.

Keeping with some of the positives, what really seals the deal with Bob Marley Bets for me is the pricing that BetInfo 24 have set up. This is not an expensive service and that is a pretty rare thing if I’m honest. Truth be told, at £23 per month, this is a comparative bargain when put against some of the services out there.

So, would I rush out and sign up for Bob Marley Bets right now? Absolutely not. Whilst I acknowledge that there will always be ups and downs with any tipster service, almost burning through a betting bank in a small space of time is a concerning event.

In a few months though, you might have a better picture of what to expect from the results. And ultimately, you may find that Bob Marley Bets looks  like an attractive option, that has fulfilled the promise it has shown in previous months.


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