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Bonus Accumulator is a new to market complete betting system from the team behind Profit Accumulator. This new service aims to make a profit by taking advantage of offers from bookmakers for casinos.

Introduction to Bonus Accumulator

There is simply no ignoring the fact that matched betting is a potentially phenomenal way of making money. For many people, it is one of the few tried and tested ways of beating the bookie on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, with less sport available (because of the pandemic) and bookies just generally starting to clamp down on things, what do you do? The claim here, is that you turn to casino betting.

This seems like a risky business. After all, casino betting online is a sure fire way of losing money in the long term. But what about if you built a strategy that was designed from the ground up to help you win? And what about if it utilised many of the same strategies as matched betting? And this brings me to today’s subject, Bonus Accumulator. Now I’ll hold my hands up and say that all of a sudden, this sounds quite exciting.

Honestly, if the team behind Bonus Accumulator are able to deliver similar result to their Profit Accumulator service (which was a more traditional matched betting option), then it will be a winner. The big problem with casinos though is that there just aren’t guarantees. You can’t lay a slot machine somewhere. So how do you get round this? Let’s jump right in and see.  

What Does Bonus Accumulator Offer?

What Bonus Accumulator sets out to tackle is, frankly, a bloody minefield. Casino betting online in and of itself is generally a pretty terrible idea. There are so many people who claim to have found a way to beat the system, but few of them have. I know this to be true because I’ve looked at a lot of those systems.

The thing is, I actually believe that this may be the first product to market that may help you to gain that edge. Now there are a lot of reasons for this, and few of them actually pertain to making online casino betting in any way fairer. But there is a clear process that I want to look at.

So, first things first, when you sign up to Bonus Accumulator, you get access to a number of online guides. This is a very important place to start because if you actually want to make this work for you, you do need to have a very specific approach.


These guides are well presented and informative, and in taking a step by step approach are easy to follow. What this means is that when you come to the parts where you are actually risking your money, you know what to expect. It sounds incredibly obvious, but this is a key step to understanding how to make the service work for you.

Now, there are a number of tools that I want to talk about, but I think that I should probably start with what is ultimately the single most important element. That is the available offers. Bonus Accumulator provides a comprehensive breakdown of what is available to take advantage of.

There are potentially hundreds of offers available at a given time with varying degrees of risk. And if you have followed along with the video tutorials, you can look at those and ascertain what you need to do. One of the things that is interesting about all of this is that because of the nature of Bonus Accumulator, there are offers provided that you likely won’t see elsewhere.

So, how exactly do you engage with these offers in a way that is profitable? Well, ultimately, and probably not surprisingly, it all depends on the offer. You may have an offer that is exclusively based around free spins on a slot machine, it may be that you have to play blackjack, or it might simply be increasing your deposit.

Depending on what you have to do, Bonus Accumulator provides tools to help you to win. Now there are a few of these that are of note. First of all, there are a number of strategy calculators. These are something that you can find in a number of places online, but they are massively helpful anyway.

They will tell you, for example, whether to hit or stand on a certain hand in blackjack. This means that from a mathematical standpoint, you’re always making the best possible play. Now it may seem obvious to those who don’t play these kinds of games, but it is surprising how often the best move is opposite to what you may think.

As well as this, there is a comprehensive database of slots that details things like their average RTP (return to player) and the variance involved. This means that you are always picking the right slots for your offer.

The real star of the show though, is a simulator that Bonus Accumulator run. They say that this simulates millions of slot spins and provides a “highly accurate expected value” for different casino offers. This is a key part of how they are able to find so many offers that other services aren’t able to offer.

As a final note, there are a few other things that you get access to with Bonus Accumulator. The first of these is a forum. This appears to be pretty active and is a good way of building on the core training videos. There is also full access to a customer service team. This seems to be pretty good, although I’d expect that given the previous experience with Profit Accumulator.

How Does Bonus Accumulator Work?

The core premise of how Bonus Accumulator works is honestly, a very simple one. If you are at all familiar with matched betting, you’re already in the right ball park. The idea is that you are taking advantage of offers so that you are betting with as little of your own money as you possibly can.

This is usually a nightmare scenario. Offers often come with a huge number of caveats that ultimately render them impossible. All of this means that more often than not, you might as well just give up your deposit. Because you are shackled by ridiculous conditions like having to bet hundreds of times your deposit.

Now there are a few things that Bonus Accumulator does that help you to combat this. One of the key ones is the fact that offers are simulated. It should go without saying that this doesn’t necessarily mean that the results are guaranteed, but it gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect.

But really, when it all boils down to it, what makes this work is the volume of bets that are available to you. Bonus Accumulator is very much a numbers game and the more that you are engaging with the available offers, the more profitable your time with this will be. Obviously, all the offers carry their own challenges, but I feel like you should be well prepared for this by the time you actually start to use this properly.  

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to Bonus Accumulator, there are two options available. The first of these is a monthly subscription. This will set you back £17.99 per month (inclusive of VAT). Alternatively, if you are looking for better value you can sign up for the yearly subscription. This is priced at £150 per year (again, inclusive of VAT).


Now it is worth noting that there is no refund policy in place for Bonus Accumulator which I do feel makes that annual option look a bit intimidating. What we are told however is that you can cancel your subscription when you want.  

What is the Rate of Return?

The sales material for Bonus Accumulator says that there is an expected initial value for the service of “more than £3600”. Furthermore, we are told that there are reload offers with expected values of £650+ per month. Both of these numbers are hypothetically possible, however, they are based around you depositing the max amounts etc.

Realistically, I think that there is serious potential to make money here, however, how much you make will very much depend on how much you invest. This doesn’t just apply in terms of the money side of things, but also the time element. Much of Bonus Accumulator seems to be a “volume” game and as such, to make it really worthwhile you have to be doing quite a lot.

Conclusion for Bonus Accumulator

As far as betting systems and services go, I think that Bonus Accumulator is probably pretty much unique. I could be wrong, but in all my time doing this, I’ve never seen anything like it. Now in my experience, when something hasn’t been done before, it usually either turns out to be absolutely genius, or it hasn’t been done for a very good reason.

But, every now and then, something comes along that manages to really break the mould. And it somehow manages to be entirely genius, whilst also being incredibly flawed at the same time. And that is where I currently am with Bonus Accumulator.

Here’s the thing… There are two very different sides to the service as a concept. What the team have done is phenomenal. Everything that they have put together simply isn’t like anything else on the market and is in fact very far ahead of a lot of services that also aim to make money through online casinos.

On top of that, I fundamentally believe that this will work and there is money to be made here. The team behind this have done it before with matched betting, and even on their previous Profit Accumulator service, they were recommending casino offers. As such, I don’t think there is anybody else who is better positioned to have launched Bonus Accumulator.

All of those things are strong positives and I want to underline the fact that I trust the product. With that said, I also think that there is just so much more risk involved when you are betting on a casino compared to matched betting. Honestly, if you follow the instructions, it is pretty difficult to mess matched betting up. With Bonus Accumulator, you just need a bad run of luck.

And this brings me to one of the elements of this that I struggle with. Namely, I don’t believe that the casinos are fair. I know, I know, there’s the gambling commission and I’m a conspiracy theorist, and the software has to be fair or it wouldn’t be allowed and so on and so forth.


But there are just too many stories that you see about users of online casinos conveniently hitting an incredibly statistically unlikely losing run, just as they’re doing well. This means that the software that Bonus Accumulator uses to see what works could provide you with a perfect model, but if the casino isn’t “playing ball”, then you’re pretty much done for.

Does this mean that I wouldn’t recommend Bonus Accumulator? Not necessarily. What I think you need to do if you are going to come into this is be fully aware of the risk that is involved. Honestly, I think that the team do undersell this a little bit. But that isn’t down to them. It’s the result of an industry that is designed to take money from people consistently.

Now, if you are willing to look at this with your expectations at a reasonable level, it is a much more attractive proposition. The fact is you aren’t going to make as much as you would with matched betting. You do take on more risk. But this is still a relatively viable option for making money, especially with everything that is going on at the moment.

The real thing that makes this at least somewhat worthwhile is the cost. The fact that Bonus Accumulator is only £18 per month just isn’t a lot of money. Not compared to some tipster services and betting systems that are out there.

So, final thoughts. I don’t think this is a perfect system by any stretch of the imagination. But it’s something that is really worth a bit of a look in. Especially if you are finding that you’re a bit bored with the lack of betting action that is going on at the moment. Because let’s not mince our words here… One of the main reasons casinos are successful is because it is exciting.


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