Bookie Beatings Review

Bookie Beatings is a horse racing tipster service operated by an unnamed tipster team that claims to be able to provide lucrative betting advice for subscribers.

What does the product offer?

The first thing that stands out for me about Bookie Beatings over other tipster services is that it is sold through the Tipstrr platform. This is a website that allows tipsters to both sell their services and also to have everything proofed which means that you can expect to get what you pay for. The question that currently hands over Bookie Beatings, is whether or not it is a service worth that. In terms of what you get, I don’t feel that Bookie Beatings does anything new whatsoever.

We are looking at your typical near daily affair with selections uploaded to the Tipstrr website. As well as receiving standard bets, the Bookie Beatings team also send out the occasional in play bet if they feel it is worthwhile.

I have stated before now that Bookie Beatings is a horse racing tipster service and whilst this is predominantly true in the long term, there are occasions when football tips will be sent out as well. Across both disciplines, Bookie Beatings has attained a strike rate of 20% which across 2515 bets which is an impressive figure.

As this high number does show however (there have been just 7 months of tips), Bookie Beatings can be rather high volume from time to time. The staking plan for Bookie Beatings is rather interesting with bets advised at between 0.1 point and 1 point depending on the type of bet that you are advised to place.

This brings me to the final point about Bookie Beatings which is that the team behind it do use a number of different bet types in order to turn a profit. These range from single win bets to doubles to small accumulators with some each way as well.

How does the product work?

Unfortunately, the team behind Bookie Beatings don’t provide any real insight into what their selection process. This is rather disappointing as their approach to betting seems to be rather all over the place.

For example, on a given day there are 14 bets, almost all of which seem to have no discernible pattern except for having longer odds (with some of the doubles getting into triple figures on odds). In fact, the average odds that Bookie Beatings recommends currently stand at 188.02 points which highlights how extreme this can be.

What is the initial investment?

There are actually a huge number of different subscription types available with Bookie Beatings. These start at a weekly subscription for £10 (that is supposed to offer a flexible method of paying for the service) before moving on to monthly, quarterly, six monthly and annual subscriptions.

Bookie Beatings charges £19, £45, £79 and £140 respectively for these. There is no money back guarantee offered and it is interesting to note that the Bookie Beatings team actually go out of their way to remove any liability from themselves in the event you lose out following their tips.

What is the rate of return?

At the time of writing, Bookie Beatings has produced an overall points profit of 219.37 points which for a 7 month period is respectable enough. This does however amount to an ROI of 17.78% which fares much better than the points profit.

What is interesting to note about these profits however is that almost half of them were made in a particularly successful two week period back in June, something that Bookie Beatings hasn’t been able to replicate since.


There are some things that at first glance stand out as really special when it comes to Bookie Beatings and one of the main things for me, is the ROI.

I have looked at a lot of tipster services and anything that can be maintained in double figures is doing well. The question that lingers for me is just how much of this can be maintained in the future.

Looking at the graph for the results, it is clear that Bookie Beatings still has ome pretty strong upwards terms in it, however the last month or so has seen pretty consistent losses.

In researching x I have seen a lot of criticism levelled at the team for their performance and I have to address this and sy that I feel that some of it is rather unfair.

I wasn’t overly aware of Bookie Beatings before writing this review and so know nothing about the tipsters who run it, but supposedly one has left leaving a decline in results. Personally, I feel that there are simply unrealistic expectations in place.

Any tipster has good and bad days and Bookie Beatings doesn’t seem to be any different. Was there a pretty substantial piece of luck in the summer? Almost definitely.

But the fact is that if you are going to follow a tipster service it should be through the good and the bad. Whilst I can se how the last month has been expensive for some people, especially those that have just joined there may well be a turn around.

Would I personally hang on for this? If I am honest no. I don’t see the point in putting your eggs in a basket whilst you can see that there is a hole in it. That having been said, I also wouldn’t write Bookie Beatings off.

The service is very affordable and if it can find its feet again, could well be worth some serious consideration.

The fact is that there may well be some internal politics that stops this, but good services do have a tendency to recover either way, and if it doesn’t, you haven’t lost anything by keeping an eye on Bookie Beatings.



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From: Simon Roberts