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Bookie Blowout Review – Mike Cruickshank

Bookie Blowout is a new offering from the very popular Mike Cruickshank. Mike has been making his members money for many years, and is well know for his products – and the results.

What does the product offer?

This is all based around emails that Mike will send you on a daily basis, where between 30% – 150% profit can be made on the information provided. This is guaranteed, or your money back, and based on previous products offered by the vendor, this is very highly recommended. If you are looking to make profits quickly, using a tried and tested source, then we advise this product without hesitation.

We will be compiling a complete review of this product very soon,

What does the product offer?

This is a 12 month membership to Mike’s new programme, where members will receive emails per day with the exact advise you need to follow to make profitable selections.

In Mike’s own words:
“I’ve developed a statistically proven system that allows my clients to virtually print money on demand – IF they follow my simple instructions!

Statistically proven – It means it doesn’t matter who wins or loses.”

Here is a testimonial from one of Mikes Customers:

Bookie Blowout Review
Bookie Blowout Review

How does the product work?

As mentioned, Mike will send his members a set amount of emails containing the exact bets you need to place, which will gain profits between 30-150%, using a system he has created where value is extracted from the market.

Mike states that you’re statistically guaranteed to make money all day long, providing you follow all the instructions, and the advise.

What is the initial investment?

The cost of this membership is £97+VAT for a full year’s worth of profitable bets. Providing you follow the instructions you will make profit, or Mike will give you all your money back, which is a perfect guarantee. There have already been claims of members making their year’s investment back on the very first day.

What is the rate of return?

The return is a guaranteed profit when using Bookie Blowout, or you will receive a full refund. The return is up to 150% profit on every single bet placed.


The conclusion is that Bookie Blowout seems to do what it advertises. Mike’s products always prove profitable for his customers. Although Bookie Blowout is a limited membership.

Am excellent system, which our own members are having very good success with can be found on the following link:


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Hi everyone this is a great product the best I have used for some easy money.

Chrimbo is coming soon too, it’ll be very useful then 🙂

Easily one of the best out there for making a few quid

subscribed bookieblowout 22/7/17 for 2nd year unable to connect to product for not subscibing as stated

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From: Simon Roberts