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Bookies Secret is a relatively new to market horse racing tipster service which is operated by Max Dixon. The service is managed by the Best System Bets team who boast some very impressive wins.

Introduction to Bookies Secret

Let’s be perfectly clear about something here before I get a bit… Ranty, shall we say. I genuinely do believe that there is a lot of inside information that is used in horse racing to leverage profit. It is also factual that whilst there isn’t out and out race fixing, certain horses will be trained for certain races, held back to avoid handicaps, etc. What I don’t believe for a single second however is that there is any sort of shadowy cabal behind all of this, nor do I believe that having access to inside information is the only way to make money through betting.

OK, with that out of the way, let’s talk about Bookies Secret. A tipster service that leans very heavily on the idea that you have to have access to inside information in order to turn a decent profit. Fortunately, Max Dixon is on hand to provide exactly that information according to Best System Bets. So, acknowledging that insider information is something that really can be profitable, and looking at the profits that are claimed, this should be a no brainer.

But the fact is that whilst there are a lot of apparent positives to the service, there are also a lot of elements that I find to be a bit… Well, questionable. So, whilst Bookies Secret does look like a really solid option (and Best System Bets really do work hard at presenting it as such), and Max Dixon really is supposed to be privy to some very high level information, I just have doubts about this. So, let’s get to it, and see what is what.

What Does Bookies Secret Offer?

I want to open by talking about one of the elements of Bookies Secret that I actually find to be a very good thing, and that is how the service is managed. I’ll admit that sometimes I find Best System Bets products are a bit over the place, but when it comes to this one, there is a clear structure that means you know exactly what you are getting into. That is a good thing.

But it isn’t just about the clear structure, so much as, how much it makes sense. I’ll talk more about the wider nature of Bookies Secret in a bit, but I can tell you here and now that this kind of tipster service does need a disciplined approach. And that is what is championed. Something that you don’t actually see that often.

Ultimately, what you are getting access to here is a daily horse racing tipster service. And a lot of what Max Dixon and Best System Bets are doing is exactly what you would expect. Selections are issued directly via email, they are sent out on the day or racing, usually in the late morning (between 10am and 11am usually). This is all stuff that I’ve seen many times before.

Now, to muddy the waters a little bit here, it is worth noting that whilst you get a decent amount of information on what bets you are placing etc. this is a service that will really benefit from an odds comparison site. I know that I drag this out all the time, but you won’t be winning often with Bookies Secret, and because of the longer odds involved, you can somewhat drastically increase your winnings if a bet does come in.

And it can be worthwhile doing this because this isn’t a high volume tipster service. Unlike some tipsters, Max Dixon aims to provide just 1-3 bets per day. I’ll be honest, you can go to Oddschecker and see what the best odds are for those 3 races in just a few minutes. It really doesn’t take a lot of time and effort.

So, why is this so important exactly? The kinds of horses that Max Dixon recommends typically have odds of between 3/1 and 33/1. A fair old range. Now, picking a random race out that has run, I see a horse in that odds range won. The lowest odds were 6.7 at the off. The highest odds were 9.5. Even higher on a betting exchange. That means an extra 2.8 points, all for taking the time to check.

Where this really starts to become important as well is that the focus is on each way betting with Bookies Secret. An extra few points can be the difference between a negligible and a reasonable return. Using the odds above as an example with £20 per point stakes, a horse placing would net you an extra £5.60. Just for shopping around for the better odds.

On the subject of stakes, this is another area where Bookies Secret is disciplined. Max Dixon and Best System Bets recommend level stakes of juts 1 point per bet. Now, that does only mean half a point going each way but that really isn’t a bad thing. What you are getting there is a very manageable approach that should stop you running your betting bank into the ground.  

Keeping in mind that a betting bank of just 100 points is recommended for Bookies Secret, I think it is quite apparent why this is necessary. If you were betting 1 point each way, you’d be looking at just 50 bets to wipe out your betting bank. And the nature of this leads me to believe that wouldn’t necessarily be off the cards.

Which all brings me to my final point of discussion and one of the more frustrating elements of Bookies Secret. That is a lack of a strike rate. Nor is there any proofing from which one could calculate such a number. This is quite important to me because the sales material suggests that you can expect a decent amount of winners, but looking at everything else, that just seems a touch unlikely to me.  

How Does Bookies Secret Work?

You’ll have to stick with me here, because the copy from Best System Bets is a bit… well, rambling. Basically,  Max Dixon claims that he had worked as a bookie in Park Lane where he’d frequently take bets “From Gordon Ramsey to Jeffrey Archer and a whole host of MP’s and even Royals you wouldn’t even imagine had a punt!”. More importantly through, he also says that he took “regularly took 5 and 6 figure bets from punters who were clearly in the know.”.

This supposedly included trainers, “others [sic] yard and stable connections”, whilst some were these aforementioned celebrity types who happened to be acquainted with those in the know. From here, we’re told that Max Dixon noticed patterns emerging, and that by combining them with his training in employment as a bookmaker, he has been able to refine his method and become a professional bettor.

You may notice that this doesn’t actually tell you a solitary thing about what the selection process for Bookies Secret entails. Really, all that we are being told is that Max Dixon leverages some previous experience and… Well, that’s about it. This is greatly concerning to me as there is simply no way of gaining actual insight into what is involved. Especially when you also factor in that at the start of everything, whatever the system may be, it was built around inside information.

It isn’t even like there is really proofing for Bookies Secret. All that you get from Best System Bets are a long list of bets that have supposedly won or placed. Now, as a visual, it looks very impressive. However, it also ends at the start of August. For my money, this casts some doubt. Doubt that not even a myriad of screenshots of betting slips can allay.

What is the Initial Investment?

When it comes to costs for Bookies Secret, there are a massive number of options. Each of these come with varying degrees of value, depending on how long you are willing to commit and what your initial outlay is.

It is noteworthy that this is a Best System Bets product and as such, you have to sign up through their own proprietary payment platform. This definitely helps to keep the costs down, which isn’t a bad thing. Unfortunately, your purchases are hugely restricted if you aren’t happy with the end result.

With that said, let’s get down to the business end of things. The first subscription option for Bookies Secret is to get your first 30 days for just £7 (plus VAT). One this has elapsed; you can expect to pay £19.95 (plus VAT) per month. As well as this, there is an option for a quarterly subscription which is priced at just £29.95 every 3 months (again, plus VAT).

If you are looking for a longer subscription than this, then Max Dixon offers a few options for Bookies Secret on an annual subscription at a cost of £59.95 (plus VAT). Finally, there is a lifetime license which Max Dixon offers. This allows you to sign up, for life, for a one time cost of £99 (again, plus VAT) however this is advertised as a limited time offer.

It is noteworthy that none of these options come with any money back guarantee or refund period. As such, you should be very willing to commit to Bookies Secret. Especially if you are signing up for those longer subscription lengths. With that said, you are told that you can cancel your subscription when you want.

What is the Rate of Return?

The income potential for Bookies Secret is actually apparently very substantial. The sales material shows a chart that demonstrates £1,451.57 between June and August. Given that this is based off staking £10 each way, I think it’s reasonable to calculate the results using £20 as 1 point. This means that the profit would stand at 72.57 points in just 2 months.

That is a very substantial monthly profit of some 36 points. If that were sustained across a year, you’d be looking at more than 430 points. The fact of the matter though is that I don’t believe that this kind of result is sustainable over that longer term. I’ve seen a lot of genuine tipsters in my time, and whilst many have got to this kind of result before, but it really is only for the odd month or two.  

Conclusion for Bookies Secret

Bookies Secret is the kind of service that almost feels like it has been created with the explicit intention of sounding appealing. A statement that sounds self evident. After all, shouldn’t every tipster service sound appealing? Otherwise, it just wouldn’t sell. In fact, it shouldn’t even be on the market if it doesn’t sound appealing, because it probably means that it’s just a bit crap.

So, what exactly do I mean by this? Well, it’s simply a question of looking at the claims that are made. What Max Dixon says sounds good. The ex-bookie turned tipster is something that I’ve seen claimed many times. Dealing with celebrity bets at Park Lane however is something that is new to me though. And it is also something that I find to be highly doubtful.

The reason that I say this pretty much boils down to one name in the betting world, and that is Fitzdares. Fitzdares are amongst the most prestigious bookmakers in the UK. They are also the kind of place that celebrities, MPs and Royals are likely to go and place bets. I mean, they are the only bookies that I’ve seen that when you sign up offer Sir, Lord, and Lady as default titles.

And the reason that they are in this position is because they offer nothing but discretion to their customers. It is the kind of bookmakers that offer those customers one to one telephone service where those all important high profile clientele can be on a first name basis with their odds compiler. Especially those that they perceive to be high rollers (all of which those aforementioned people are likely to fall into the category of).

So, as impressive as a bookie in Park Lane sounds, and as fancy as the area may be, you’re mostly still just dealing with William Hill, Coral, and Ladbrokes. Can you really picture Jeffrey Archer nipping into his local William Hill to drop £100,000 on the 14.40 at Chepstow?

Now, the reason that I’m going in so hard on Bookies Secret here is simple. The whole premise of the selection process for the service is ultimately based on this highly improbable scenario. And as somebody who sees betting as an investment as much as a gamble, that isn’t a situation that I’d like to put my money on. And if I’m frank, even as a gamble I wouldn’t want to do that.

Honestly, even some basic insight into the selection process would have done more to sell me on Bookies Secret. And I’m not talking about Max Dixon giving everything away either. But… Well, just anything that talks about how he’s finding such good value winners so consistently. Because it’s all just a bit suspicious.

Sure, the results look very good, but what Max Dixon and Best System Bets provide is not comprehensive proofing. It’s a list of supposedly winning bets. It isn’t even like they have actually been maintained past the launch of the service. As such, you are back in that position where you’re simply taking their word that this is a service that will work for you. And when they are the only people who are guaranteed to take something away from you signing up to Bookies Secret… Well, it’s just a bit iffy in my opinion.

So, if you asked me if I would recommend Bookies Secret, the answer would be no. With that said, I will also conceded that I tend to be on the prudent side. I can see how some people may see this as being worth a bit of a punt, especially because you can trial Max Dixon’s tips for 30 days for £8.40. I mean, I could be wrong. But for my money, and based off my experience with this kind of service, there are far too many red flags there to warrant even that minimal investment.


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