Bot 4 Us Review

Bot 4 Us is a betting exchange trading robot created by AceBots Software and seemingly offered by Ian Knox and Gleith Sports that will automatically trade for you based on various different betting systems.

What does the product offer?

Bot 4 Us is a Betfair compatible trading robot that has been created with a view to generating a consistent and automated long term profit. Bot 4 Us is designed to fully link up with your Betfair account where it will place trades on your behalf based around the criterion set. The systems that Bot 4 Us provide cover a variety of strategies including both backing and laying and a combination of win and each way betting. Naturally this depends on the specific Bot 4 Us system you choose to use. Looking at the examples that are proofed on Racing Index (which are just 2 examples of the 20 systems available) however show a strike rate of just 14.8% for the backing systems whilst the laying selections are 75%. This is just a small representation however and results published to Twitter show multiple system methods doing much better.

How Does Bot 4 Us work?

The ins and outs of Bot 4 Us aren’t discussed in great detail and as is the case with a lot of bot based betting products it is basically down to choosing systems and going. From here you will probably look to cut and change the systems that you use based around how they are performing. Luckily, Bot 4 Us provide frequent updates about which methods are working best for them through social media and the like.

What is the initial investment?

Bot 4 Us comes with a lifetime free trial which allows you to test out the configurator with your own systems however if you really want to get into using Bot 4 Us you will be buying their betting credits. These allow you to use the systems various systems and costs £49.99 for 20 credits which will allow you to follow 20 systems betting up to £2 per bet. Additional credits can be purchased or you can buy an unlimited amount for £120 per month.

What is the rate of return?

Depending on the systems that you use really depends on how much money you can make. At the time of writing Bot 4 Us is being pushed with a 17 system portfolio that has produced a 577 point profit since February.

Conclusion on Bot 4 Us

Bot 4 Us requires some pretty hefty investment to make it work and that is arguably the biggest downside about the product. As well as the associated monthly costs (which are to be fair in line with most tipster services) there is the volume of bets that could be off putting. With 3121 bets placed in a 3 month period on the aforementioned. This volume is somewhat topped by the profits shown to date however which are commendable. If you are in a position to make a significant investment then I feel that you can definitely do worse than Bot 4 Us however I wouldn’t go straight in with a huge betting bank to start.



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From: Simon Roberts