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Brian Stott’s AW System Review

Brian Stott’s AW System is a horse racing betting system that assists users in finding winners for all weather races across the UK.

What does the product offer?

Brian Stott’s AW System comes as a downloadable PDF which outlines the method of the system. Brian Stott’s AW System works for any all weather races in the UK. Because of the system Brian Stott’s AW System does not necessarily generate bets every day however these bets can be as numerous as 6 bets. Staking appears to be advised at 1-2 points depending on the odds (longer shots get a one point stake). To date Brian Stott claims that Brian Stott’s AW System has produced an average strike rate of 45.77%.

How does the product work?

On the sales page Brian Stott doesn’t mention at all what Brian Stott’s AW System involves. Based off previous all weather systems that I have looked at it is likely to be form based. This is only speculative on my behalf but has a basis in the fact that most all weather systems use this as there are a number of variables to take out of the equation.

What is the initial investment?

Brian Stott’s AW System is very reasonably priced at just £10 inclusive of VAT. Furthermore, users can expect a 60 day money back guarantee as the product is sold through ClickBank.

What is the rate of return?

Brian Stott claims to have made 174 points of profit so far with every two selections working out at an average of 1 point of profit.


All weather systems tend to be somewhat simpler to follow as well as being available all year round. There are a huge number on the market, all making the same claims but what I feel helps to set Brian Stott’s AW System is the price. At just £10 there is very little risk in exploring this further and seeing if this service is for you, especially as 60 days to make up your mind is a decent amount of time.



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Been using this system which is really not worth the time and effort. Went 11 races without a win recently. I don’t bother betting with it anymore. Looked promising but really is not

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From: Simon Roberts